Elon Musk's Efforts To Tackle Twitter Hate Speech Raises Eyebrows After Sprinklr Assessment

Elon Musk‘s Twitter partnered with Sprinklr to independently assess “hate speech” on the platform, but the result has left netizens with more questions than answers. 

What Happened: Twitter Safety account shared the assessment result done by Sprinklr, an American software company that develops a SaaS customer experience management platform, saying, “hate speech on Twitter is even lower than our own model quantified.” 

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The platform said, “To quantify hate speech, Twitter & Sprinklr start with 300 of the most common English-language slurs.” 

Twitter’s “focal metric is hate speech impression,” not the number of “Tweets containing slurs.” 

It also stated that “most slur usage is not hate speech.”  

Musk explained the reason behind this “critical distinction.” 

While Twitter acknowledges that the model is not perfect and will continue to “combat hate speech,” netizens had numerous questions about the methodology of this analysis. 

Why It’s Important: In November last year also, Musk said hate speech impressions on Twitter were significantly lower than pre-spike levels — and netizens weren’t buying it even then. 

Oreo cookie maker Mondelez International previously said after Musk’s takeover of Twitter, hate speech has increased on the site.

In October, it was reported that the use of the N-word on the microblogging site increased by approximately 500% compared to the previous average.

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