Can Airpods Be Turned Into Portable Speakers? This Viral TikTok Makes A Bold Claim

Can Airpods Be Turned Into Portable Speakers? This Viral TikTok Makes A Bold Claim

A viral TikTok video about Apple Inc.'s AAPL AirPods has caught the attention of netizens — but is there more to the video than meets the eye?

What Happened: The video shared by a TikTok user, who goes by the name Lokey Howell on the platform, appears to show an AirPods hack that can allow the device to function as a speaker.

In the video, Howell can be heard saying that users need to place their AirPods and the case in such a way that it holds the symmetry of a tripod. After that, just hit play and the device will start operating like a speaker. 

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To save users' time, Benzinga verified TikToker's claim independently and found that this trick or hack doesn't work at all. 

Nonetheless, at the time of writing, the video had received one million likes, while Howell has 1.27K followers on the platform.

Watch the video here: 

@lhowell21 new AirPod hack for your friends #foryou #airpods #lifehack ♬ original sound - Lokey Howell

Why It's Important: In October, it was reported that Twitter and TikTok are the biggest amplifiers of misinformation

Another report by Statista stated that sharing misleading or false information is easy to do and difficult to reverse or control. 

The report read, "With misinformation spreading at the click of a button, tech companies are struggling to regulate it on social media, grappling with public responsibility, definitions of free speech, and identification of such content."

Users are advised to exercise caution while following or believing any information on social media. 

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