Democrats Wants New President Candidate In 2024: Here's Why They're Souring On Joe Biden (And It's Not Inflation)

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  • A New York Times poll saw President Joe Biden get low approval ratings, including from his own party.
  • While one of the large reasons for disapproval was inflation, there's another big reason Democrats want someone new in 2024.

A new poll shows that Americans may be seeking out a new president in the 2024 election. Here’s how President Joe Biden fared in the poll and what the key reason was people may want a change.

What Happened: A new poll from the New York Times Co NYT and Siena College shows that Democratic voters would prefer a different candidate to represent the party in the 2024 Presidential Election.

President Joe Biden received a 33% job approval rating in the poll. Among the concerns facing Biden serving a second term as president are inflation and the country being on the wrong track going forward. Thirteen percent of American voters said the country was on the right track, the lowest figure ever for the New York Times poll in more than 10 years.

Democrat voters gave Biden a 70% approval rating. With that being said, only 26% of Democrat voters polled said Biden should be the party's candidate for president in 2024.

While the overall approval rating was led by concerns about the economy and inflation, a different reason jumped to the top of the reasons why Biden shouldn’t be nominated in 2024.

Here are the results with the top reasons among Democrat voters why Biden shouldn’t be the party’s 2024 nominee:

Age: 33%

Job performance: 32%

Someone new needed: 12%

Not progressive enough: 10%

Ability to win the general election: 4%

Metal acuity: 3%

Views on domestic issues: 1%

Other: 3%

Don’t know, didn’t answer: 2%

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Why It’s Important: Biden is 79 years old and is the oldest president in American history. Based on the survey results it appears a younger president is who Democratic voters prefer.

Of those polled that were under the age of 30, 94% said they wanted a different candidate than Biden.

Neither Joe Biden nor former President Donald Trump has officially announced their candidacy for 2024, but both are expected to run in what could be a rematch from 2020.

In the New York Times poll, Biden was given a 44% to 41% edge among those polled over Trump in a hypothetical matchup.

The results of the New York Times poll follow recent studies showing low approval ratings for Biden.

A recent Gallup Poll saw Biden’s confidence score drop 15 percentage points to 23%.

A study from FiveThirtyEight shows that only 39.2% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance.

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