Use Multiple Apple Devices Like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch? A Cool Feature Could Be In The Vine For You

In the future, Apple Inc AAPL devices could feature technology that allows them to be aware of when they are being used as soon as someone picks them up.

What Happened: This could allow a device user to simply pick between different wearables like Watches or even across multiple other devices as long as they are linked to a companion.

Apple has obtained a patent, first noted on Apple Insider, titled “Switching between watches or other accessories” to this end.

The technology is underpinned by Bluetooth and is mainly concerned with switching devices rather than migrating from an older device to a newer one.

If the patent reaches fruition, a user would be able to pick up doing things on a companion device that they left off doing on another. 

As an example, a user with two iPads would have the same information available on one as they do on another as soon as they pick up the chosen device.

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Why It Matters: The devices referred to by Apple span jewelry, shoes, clothing, heart monitor and more but the Watch is referenced the most across the 13,000 words patent.

Apple summarized the working of this technology by giving examples of two Watches. 

“The watches automatically detect a removal of a first watch from a user's wrist and an attachment of a second watch to the user's wrist.”

Screenshot Of The Patent Filed By Apple Inc

The tech giant said “messages from the watches are transmitted to the companion device to allow the companion device to switch the active watch from the first watch to the second watch.”

Recently, Apple filed a patent for an ideal EV charging station, which would allow a user to approach the charger while remaining inside the vehicle without having to plug the vehicle in manually.

Price Action: On Tuesday, Apple shares closed 1.9% lower at $140.36 in the regular session and rose 0.9% in the after-hours trading, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

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