Google Boosts Pay, Revamps Employee Promotions To Ease Tensions: CNBC

Google Boosts Pay, Revamps Employee Promotions To Ease Tensions: CNBC
  • Alphabet Inc GOOG GOOGL Google has revamped its performance evaluation process targeting increased salaries to ease tension between employees and management, CNBC reports.
  • The search engine giant is embracing a new process called GRAD, Google Reviews and Development, to streamline the evaluation process, limit reviews to once a year, and put more responsibility in the hands of managers.
  • Google saw most Googlers modeled for higher pay under GRAD than they would under the old Perf system, and the overall amount paid will increase too, according to CNBC.
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  • Google also ditched its lengthy promotion packets, which were long forms employees needed to fill out, including reviews from bosses and co-workers. Managers will make promotion decisions as a group instead of employees having to solicit them separately.
  • Google employees will get a new tool to set expectations for goals, objectives, and key results. 
  • Each quarter, employees will also get "regular check-ins" with their managers to discuss career development.
  • Google introduced a new scale with five different levels for employee ratings.
  • Google's new promotion system will see an employee's manager complete a form assessing whether the person has shown the skills required for elevation.
  • Price Action: GOOG shares closed lower by 1.05% at $2,288.80 on the last check Monday.

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