Door Dash And Shake Shack Launch Dating Site For Chicken Sandwich-Focused Lovers

Love is never comfortable on an empty stomach. To alleviate the double pangs of hunger and hungering for that someone special, DoorDash Inc DASH and Shake Shack Inc SHAK are partnering on a dating site designed for the romantically inclined aficionados of the Shake Shack Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

What Happened: The new “Eat Cute” dating site is designed to help chicken sandwich lovers find their soul mates in the digital realm. According to the companies, participants can upload a selfie to and identify how spicy they like their chicken sandwich.

“Instantaneously begin tapping on the flame icon to find your perfect match, then the rest is history — just like that last fry at the bottom of the bag,” the companies said in their press announcement.

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What Else Happened: As part of this endeavor, those using the “Eat Cute” site will have the opportunity to win prizes ranging from a $5,000 DoorDash gift card to free Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches from Shake Shack.

DoorDash and Shake Shack also partnered with actors and digital comedians Rahul Rai and Courtney Parchman in promoting "Eat Cute."

"This February, Shake Shack wants all our single fans to find love in a hopeless place — online," said Jay Livingston, chief marketing officer at Shake Shack. "By partnering with DoorDash for 'Eat Cute,' we are hoping to use our Buffalo Chicken Sandwich to light the initial spark and help singles everywhere spice up their dating experience."


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