Billionaire Mark Cuban Is Betting Big On NFTs, Extends Buy And Hold Strategy

Billionaire Mark Cuban Is Betting Big On NFTs, Extends Buy And Hold Strategy


Many billionaires tracked by both Forbes and Portfolio Insider are famously out of touch with modern blockchain infrastructure.

But not Mark Cuban, the billionaire is all in on blockchain after infamously selling his startup to Yahoo in the first internet boom for $5.7 billion in stock.

After all, Mr. Cuban tells savvy investors that if he were to do it all over again, he would center his business around blockchain technology, smart contracts and NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

And he is putting his money where his mouth is. The host of the TV show ‘Shark Tank' recently doubled down on his investments in NFT’s by initiating multiple stakes in non-fungible token companies.

The billionaire jumped in the NFT space with both feet since the beginning of this year. He bought stakes in NFT platforms like SuperRare, Mintable, Cryptoslam & OpenSea. The NFT market, which stood around $250 million last year, is on pace for record growth.

Blockchain startups like Alchemy have grown 54-fold since August to power $25 billion worth of Ethereum projects, according to Bloomberg and Portfolio Insider. 

Along with investments in NFTs, the billionaire investor has also been snapping up crypto coins:

“Bitcoin is not going to be a currency. It’s not going to be a hedge against fiat and printing too many fiat dollars. It is a store of value that is going to increase in value because it’s scarce.”

Cuban uses a Coinbase wallet for bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital coins portfolio. Good enough, he bought shares of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase on the day of its public debut on Nasdaq.

Along with crypto-assets, NFTs, and non-fungible tokens, he loves to invest in traditional high-growth stocks. Here are some of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s top high-growth stocks:

  1. AMZN, the world’s largest e-commerce giant, has been ace in the hole for Mark Cuban. Last year, he revealed that he started buying Amazon in the range of $500 to $700, and his “buy and hold” strategy is paying off big time.

“I have close to a billion dollars in Amazon stock,” Cuban said last year. “It’s my biggest holding.”

Amazon's stock price rallied 44% in the last twelve months and its shares are up 432% in the past five years -- thanks to a consistent high double-digit revenue and earnings growth.

  1. Netflix NFLX

The world’s largest streaming giant is the second-largest stock holding of the Shark Tank investor. Believe it or not, he holds a stake in Netflix ever since it was trading around $50 a share.

With the shares now at around $500, the stock has been a jackpot with a 1,200% paper gain on Mr. Cuban’s early investment.

Mark Cuban revealed in an interview that he holds more than 50,000 shares of Netflix, and he remains bullish on the streaming stock despite the flood of competitors entering the streaming market.

“Every single new smart TV that has come out has Netflix as an option. When you go to the gym, every smart workout device has Netflix as an option,” Cuban said. “It’s ubiquitous not just here, but it’s becoming more ubiquitous globally as well ... I don’t see the competition negatively impacting that at all.”

With more than 208 million in paid memberships, Netflix raked in a record $7.1 billion in revenue during the March quarter.

He believes Netflix will be able to shake off its disappointing first-quarter subscriber growth figures and projections for the current quarter. He also believes that further post-earnings stock decline could create an opportunity for shareholders like himself.

  1. Twitter TWTR

Mark Cuban is a long-time shareholder in Twitter. And he swooped in to boost his stake last year when Twitter's stock price plummeted to its 52-week low on worries over advertising revenue.

Buying on the dip worked like a charm for Mr. Cuban. The stock price of the social media company rallied 161% in the last twelve months, extending the five-year gains to 284%.

The surge in global internet advertising is among the key catalysts behind Twitter’s stock price rally. Economic reopening and improving fundamentals for the global traveling and tourism industry will fuel growth into advertising revenues in 2021.

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