Kids Pushing Parents To Buy Electric Vehicles: Study

Kids Pushing Parents To Buy Electric Vehicles: Study

A new study from French automaker Peugeot shows kids are pushing their parents to consider buying electric vehicles, reports CleanTechnica. Two notable investors and Tesla bears also got pressure from their kids to consider stock in the electric vehicle company.

Study Results: The Peugeot study polled 1,250 kids between the ages of 7 and 13 and their parents.
The study showed that two-thirds of kids believe electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cards are good for the planet.
The survey showed 53% of parents and guardians were pushed by their children to buy electric vehicles.
The same study shows 54% of children also tried to get their parents to focus on reusing and recycling around the house to help with the planet.
Perhaps the most notable thing from the survey is the fact that 72% of parents and guardians surveyed said their children were consulted or directly involved in the selection of the family’s next car.
The survey could be good news for the overall electric vehicle market.
Investors could consider investing in a leader like Tesla Inc. TSLA or an electric vehicle ETF like the Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF DRIV to capture this trend.

Two Bears Turn Bullish: One of the most notable Tesla bears was CNBC host Jim Cramer.
Cramer revealed that it was his daughter who helped turn him into a Tesla owner and bull on the stock.
Cramer’s daughter traded in her Ford Motor Company F vehicle and bought a Tesla Model 3.
Thanks to his daughter’s purchase and love of the vehicle, Cramer eventually test drove a Tesla.
Trader and "Shark Tank" member Kevin O’Leary said he listened to advice from his son on Tesla.
O’Leary told CNBC earlier this year that Tesla was his best performing stock year-to-date.

O’Leary credits his son with convincing him to buy Tesla shares in 2019.
“My son went to work for Tesla as an intern and convinced me that it wasn’t a car company I was investing in, it was a data technology company. Sometimes you have to think out of the box,” he said.

Benzinga’s Take: Cramer pointed out in a recent October show that kids know what’s hot. He credited his daughter for also giving him a tip on the popularity of Snapchat from Snap Inc. SNAP
So asking your kids, nieces and nephews what their favorite brands are, or what they spend their time doing on their phone, could be a way to see what the next hot stocks are.

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