'Call Of Duty' Player Crimsix Speaks Out About Gentlemen's Agreements

Activision Blizzard's ATVI "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" has become a best-selling title in the series of first-person shooters — but its entry as an e-sport has shown mixed results.

Players have tried to mitigate some issues internally, but these gentlemen's agreements have left a sour taste for some players.

In a post on Twitter that has since been deleted, Dallas Empire player Ian "Crimsix" Porter took issue with such agreements, stating that the problem with "majority voting for GA's is that everyone wants to win."

This creates an imbalance that can switch up the game's meta and the league's power rankings.

"No one is simply okay with getting a top 8 placing. Anyone who isn't in the Top 4 would rather change the meta than to take the harder/longer path of just simply getting better. Meaning that there is 8 out of 12 teams that are constantly voting to get rid of/add things into the meta to mix gameplay up, which sometimes results in team power rankings also mixing up."

While teams can vote on GAs, sometimes players don't have any choice but to utilize specific weapons in-game. The internal changes still create a dose of controversy.

"I rarely ever see a team in the lower half of the standings voting against a proposed GA," Crimsix added. "This is a huge problem and for the past three months, I've been wondering which gun I'll be running next week. Don't agree to the GA's? Get blacklisted. No practice for you until you agree. No team scrims and no 10s. This puts enormous amounts of pressure on the teams risking potential loss of practice time for something that may/may not change how their team performs."

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