Oprah's Weight Loss Is Weight Watchers Gain

Shares of Weight Watchers International, Inc. WTW gained more than 9 percent ahead of Thursday's market open. The reason for the surge is attributed to a report that major shareholder and board member Oprah Winfrey succeeded in losing over 40 pounds by following the company's weight losing program.

In a new commercial for Weight Watchers, first released to PEOPLE, Winfrey said she was able to continue eating all of her favorite foods in conjunction with the weight loss program.

"I would say to anyone who's thinking of joining Weight Watchers: Take the leap. And get about the business of enjoying a fantastic and full life," Winfrey exclaimed in the commercial.

Winfrey will share her favorite recipes in a new cookbook titled "Food, Health and Happiness," which will also contain personal stories about her experiences with the program.

"I try to do something every day that allows me to feel active, and I don't make myself crazy about it," Winfrey told PEOPLE. "I just know that movement and flexibility, particularly the older you get, is what makes you feel alive. So I don't want to just be alive, I want to feel it."

'Live Fully'

Winfrey's commercial is part of Weight Watchers new campaign "Live Fully" and focuses on helping people "live the life they want, full of the great foods, people and experiences they love, and the energy that comes with good health."

The new campaigned follows last year's evolution in the Weight Watchers program called "Beyond the Scale" which placed a greater emphasis on healthy living to lose weight as opposed to just watching what members eat.

"We've been really pleased with the success of our Beyond the Scale program. It empowers people to eat the foods they love and live the life they want, while losing weight. In fact, our members lost 15% more weight in their first two months than those who followed the previous program," said Stacey Mowbray, President of Americas at Weight Watchers International, Inc. "'Live Fully' is an idea that will extend beyond this campaign because we know how strongly it resonates with those who are looking for a new, more joyful approach to a healthier lifestyle."

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