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A Look At Some Of Apple's Recent Patent Filings

A Look At Some Of Apple's Recent Patent Filings
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One of the more interesting topics among Wall Street, investors and consumers is what is up Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)'s sleeve.

Many analysts are speculating that the upcoming iPhone 7 is more likely to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. As such, the focus of conversation is shifting to the iPhone 8 and beyond. As noted by a series of tweets from Ophir Gottlieb Thursday, these patents are receiving much attention as of late.

apple1.png apple2.png apple3.png

Browsing through Apple's trove of patent filings (and speculated new product verticals based on emerging trends) may reveal potential features in future iPhone and other iOS devices. Granted, not every patented idea will be built into future devices but it is still nevertheless an exciting way to see what the future holds.

360-Degree Phone

Apple holds the patent to a consumer electronic product with a "flexible display assembly" that is "configured to present visual content at any portion of the transparent housing."

The patent is one of the more recent filings, dated June of this year, and previously covered by Benzinga here.

In other words, a future iPhone device could have a 360-degree display, or be considered a "backless" phone.

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Apple Versus Facebook?

There are few, if any, companies that can dethrone Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB)'s status as a social media leader. If there is one company with the financial resources to give it a try, it's certainly Apple.

Apple filed a patent for a "lifestyle-based social groups" platform.

According to the filing, "A user device can learn movement patterns of the user device. Based on the movement pattern, and a user activity history, a computer system can determine a lifestyle of a user, or a meaning of a location. The system can create a social group based on the lifestyle and the meaning of location."

Augmented Reality

The latest mobile hit game, Pokémon GO, is proof that augmented reality technologies is ready to become mainstream.

Apple holds 39 patent claims in the area of augmented reality but reduced their claims to one single entry just a few weeks ago, according to Patently Apple.

Here is a brief snippet of the patent: "A computer-implemented method for generating and synchronizing interactive Augmented Reality (AR) displays, comprising: capturing live video of a real-world, physical environment on a touch sensitive surface of a device; combining an information layer and the live video in a display of the device."

In other words, Apple's technology will layer information on top of a live 3D view and provide the user with the most relevant information.

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