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In Colorado, Smoking Pot Legally Is Harder Than You Might Think

In Colorado, Smoking Pot Legally Is Harder Than You Might Think

Although Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, the state is still struggling with laws that prevent people from smoking it in public places.

However, as marijuana tourism grows throughout the state, hotels and bars are considering a new law that would allow patrons to use smokeless forms of the drug in designated areas.

No Place To Smoke

Tourists are flocking to Colorado in order to sample the state's marijuana market, but hotels are struggling to accommodate them as laws prevent customers from smoking on hotel grounds. Patrons who enquire about where they can safely and legally use the drug must be directed to smoke in their cars or in alleys, something hotel chains say isn't safe.

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Designated Smoking Zones

However, a new initiative backed by marijuana enthusiasts and some hotels and clubs would allow certain bars and hotels to create a dedicated place for patrons to use smokeless marijuana vaporizers indoors and smoke pot outside, but on the establishment's grounds. The initiative would take marijuana one step closer to being regulated similarly to alcohol, as it would allow users to congregate in a public place and use the drug together.

Worries About Wording

However, critics say the ballot measure is too broad. While many agree that it would be beneficial to create dedicated pot-use zones, they say the way the measure is written would allow for too much interpretation, and such marijuana use areas could spring up in open fields and parking lots.

On Thursday, the ballot was withdrawn as proponents work together with city officials to come up with a proposal that satisfies both sides.

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