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Coin Congress USA In Pictures

Coin Congress USA In Pictures

Last week venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, the press and people curious about bitcoin attended Coin Congress USA in San Francisco.

David Smith was there as a mass-adoption panelist and captured the event in pictures.

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  • Jena Lee Mercer Shows Off Her Bitcoin Painting

    Jena Lee Mercer's bitcoin painting
    Jena Lee Mercer shows off her bitcoin painting as part of Bitcoin Beauties.
  • Bitcoin Donations Have Fed 100,000 Homeless People

    Jason King from Sean's Outpost
    Jason King from Sean's Outpost says bitcoin donations have fed 100,000 meals to homeless people.
  • Alan Safahi Says Bitcoin Is Here To Stay.

    Alan Safahi
    During his State of Bitcoin talk Alan Safahi from ZipZap says Bitcoin is the most significant legacy of our generation, and that it is here to stay.
  • Bruce Fenton Says Lawsky's Ideas Have No Merit

    Bruce Fenton Speaks About Regulation
    Bruce Fenton spoke passionately about the regulations proposed in New York, and the potential harm they could cause to New York and America.
  • The Decentralized Revolution Began In 2008

    Alyse Killeen
    Venture Capitalist Alyse Killeen says the ability to transmit micropayments through bitcoin technologies will enable the rise of the sharing economy.
  • Everything That Can Be Decentralized Will be - Johnston's Law

    Bitcoin is Evolving
    While the rest of the world is still trying to figure out what bitcoin is, the industry is moving forward. This panel moderated by Michael Terpin discusses using bitcoin-like technologies to disrupt industries like storage, transportation and finance. Panelists include: Jeremy Kanda, Anthony Di Iorio, Joel Dietz, David Johnston and Craig Sellars.
  • Harry Yeh Gives Advice On Trading Bitcoin

    Harry Yeh
    Harry Yeh with Binary Financial gives bitcoin trading tips.
  • Stop Holding Other People's Coins

    Ryan Singer
    Ryan Singer discusses what it was like to hold millions of dollars' worth of bitcoin. He encourages bitcoin companies to avoid holding other people's money.
  • Mergers And Acquisitions Are Coming To Bitcoin

    Clearstone Venture Partners William Quigley
    Venture capitalist William Quigley with Clearstone Venture Partners says a slew of mergers and acquisitions are coming to the bitcoin space.
  • Tell The Truth And People Will Listen

    ChangeTip's CMO Toni Lane Casserly
    Toni Lane Casserly from ChangeTip says marketing is about conversations.
  • Venture Capitalists See An Asymptotic Reward Profile For Bitcoin

    VC Panelists P. Bart Stephens, James Robinson, Jonathan Teo, and Steve Wate
    Tally Capital founder Matthew Roszak moderates a venture capital panel. Venture capitalists are excited about the bitcoin reward profile. Panelists include P. Bart Stephens, James Robinson, Jonathan Teo and Steve Waterhouse.

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