Sony's SmartWatch Takes on Apple's iWatch Ahead of its Debut (AAPL, SNE)

could be months or years away from releasing the iWatch, an unconfirmed device that could change the world of mobile computing.
Samsung, LG and other tech giants are also reportedly working on high-end devices for users to strap on their wrists. While the "smartwatch" name is used generically to describe these items,
owns the actual trademark for SmartWatch. After failing to put that name (and the
resulting device
) to good use, Sony has decided to bring another SmartWatch to retail.
Editor's note: Article image does not represent actual device.
According to
, the SmartWatch 2 will provide users with notifications from their smartphones. These include the usual batch of phone call and text message alerts, along with e-mail notices. Social media sites will be supported in some regard (for notifications, apparently). Fitness apps will also play a role, which could be bad news for
and other manufacturers of athletic watches. Sony has not yet revealed how much it will charge for the SmartWatch 2. The original sold for $150 and shipped with far fewer features. The new edition (which is being described as a second screen for Android) will include a longer battery life and NFC. SmartWatch 2 can also serve as a remote for newer Walkmans, allowing a user to change songs while the MP3 player rests in his or her pocket. According to
, the SmartWatch 2 is also water-resistant. Will these features be enough to persuade consumers and inspire new sales? "This development of this intelligent, digital watches -- it's a reasonable development, but it's very hard to figure out what, exactly, is innovative in this development," Dr. Oliver Hoffmann, Chairman of the Wristwatch Section at the German Society for Chronometry (DGC) and the Director of the Watch Department at Auctionata,
told Benzinga
. "People already have watches, and one of the most important innovations I mentioned of watches is the prestigious design aspect of the development."
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