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Fox News Labels Occupy Wall Street Movement "Anti-Capitalist"


Unsurprisingly, Fox News is labeling the Occupy Wall Street protests that are sweeping across the country as "Anti-Capitalist." This is a real bastardization of the movement. Undoubtedly, it does contain some anti-capitalist sympathizers on the far left, but it also shares original Tea Party ideology as well as huge swaths of common ground with the liberty movement.

It is a hell of a lot bigger than just a bunch of socialist kids that are angry with the rich. The primary targets of the demonstrations are the U.S. corporatocracy and the banking cartel led by the Federal Reserve. These grievances embody Tea Party and libertarian ideals and the movement has the support of many citizens who align themselves with them.

The United States is not a capitalist country. Instead it is following a model of central planning and corporate cronyism/socialism. In a true capitalist country, there would have been no Wall Street bailouts and corporate handouts. In a true capitalist country, the Fed would not intervene in the markets on a daily basis in an attempt to prop up the ponzi economy. In a true capitalist country, our money would not be printed out of thin air to subsidize out of control government spending and corporate socialism.

If this country was truly capitalist, the banking elite would not have walked away from the financial crisis with billions of dollars in bonuses and golden parachutes. Capitalism is not "heads I win, tails you lose," but that is exactly what has been happening in Washington D.C. and Wall Street. It would be a major mistake to view these protests through the false, stale, left/right paradigm.

Both political parties have been co-opted by corporate interests, the banking cartel, and the war profiteers. The Occupy Wall Street movement suggests that the false right/left dichotomy is crumbling and that the American people will no longer standby idly as the country is hijacked by the special interests at the expense of the rest of us.

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