IBM Reshapes Its Social Network (IBM)

International Business Machines Corp.'s
head of social networking, Alistair Rennie, is trying to
change IBM's social networking programs
so that they will be better suited for smart phones, like the Apple
iPhone, iPad and RIMM's
Blackberry. In a Bloomberg telephone interview, Rennie said that social networking is adding to productivity and it will give IBM a lift if it's able to raise productivity, through social networking. “I had everything I needed,” Rennie said. “It saved me hours. The network isn't at the water cooler anymore." IBM's new software will have an activity feed, relevant news and information about colleagues, Rennie said. IBM's customers will be able to interact by having video conferences, the ability to post blogs and share pictures. Shares of IBM are down 17 cents in pre-market trading to $159.04.
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