Two Great Real Estate Investment Platforms Merge To Create A Passive Income Powerhouse

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In a way, real estate investing platforms are just like any other businesses. If customers come back for seconds, thirds and so on, chances are, the business is doing something right. If they don’t, you better invest in due diligence before you wire a single dollar to the company.

Fund That Flip acquired FlipperForce in 2022, and together, Upright was born, a passive income machine that has distributed $950 million in interest. 
How many times did investors on the platform return to invest one more time? On average, 30 times. Even an ice cream shop with that level of customer loyalty could call itself successful, let alone an investment platform where $1,000 is the minimum. What’s Upright doing to keep its investors happy for so long? 

For starters, the company’s capable team of real estate experts has averaged a gross yield of 10.8% for accredited investors on the platform. Members can also choose from four investment classes with a set of benefits tailored to specific passive income goals.

Pre-Funding Note Fund (PFNF)

Upright has originated loans worth a total of $2.6 billion. PFNF is a line of credit that pre-funds every loan originated, giving  you a way to earn passive income from those loans by opening the door to a diversified portfolio of developers, regions and projects. Up to this point, it has paid 100% of the interest and 100% of the principal on time.

Minimum investment: $1,000

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High-Yield Borrower Dependent Notes (BDN)

After meticulous analysis, Upright issues loans to a selection of the most promising residential real estate projects. Investors on the platform can buy fractional shares of those loans through high-yield borrower-dependent notes. They offer fixed interest and maturity dates as well as returns of up to 13%.

Minimum investment: $5,000

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The Horizon Residential Income Fund (HRIF)

HRIF invests in Upright's short-term residential mortgages by using investment principal to purchase whole loans. It offers instant and revolving diversification. The fund utilizes a subsidiary real estate investment trust (REIT) structure., so it comes with significant tax benefits. It collects money from interest and fees on the loans it holds and pays out earnings to investors every quarter.

Minimum investment: $25,000

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