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July 28, 2023
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Whether you’re launching a new company or expanding your existing one, incorporating your small business as a limited liability company (LLC) is an exciting way to step up your entrepreneurial endeavor. However, from choosing an entity type to filling your Articles of Organization and adhering to federal and state compliance requirements, the entire process can be overwhelming. That’s where Swyft Filings comes in.

Founded in 2015, Swyft Filings has become the go-to business formation service provider for small businesses and entrepreneurs, thanks to its fast turnaround time, personalized support services and flexible pricing structure. Swyft Filings streamlines the formation process for business owners of all types, handling essential steps such as business name verification, filing with relevant authorities, initial IRS paperwork, EIN registration and ensuring compliance with government requirements. These comprehensive services make it easier for entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of forming an LLC or corporation.

Besides business formation, Swyft Filings offers multiple a la carte service options to keep your business running and compliant. Swyft Filings can help you establish an S corporation, C corporation and a nonprofit organization. Unlike most competitors, Swyft Filings does not offer a free trial of their registered agent service, which is instead available as an add-on service. Benzinga spotlights Swyft Filings, breaking down its core offerings, pros, cons, pricing and how it compares with other online incorporation services.

  • Flexible and competitive pricing model
  • Comprehensive business formation services
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Reliable and dependable customer support
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Registered agent service offered only as an add-on
  • Unnecessary add-ons and upsells
  • Frequent reliance on third-party partners

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Swyft Filings Product Offering

Swyft Filings makes registering or starting an LLC or Corporation fast and easy via its comprehensive suites of services encompassing business formation, obtaining an EIN, compliance alerts and more. These services are available through three account packages: Basic, Standard and Premium, providing options to cater to different business needs and requirements. Here's a constructive breakdown of these packages.

The Basic Account

As the name suggests, this package provides essential LLC or business formation services at no cost; you only need to pay the state filing fees. It is ideal if you want to get started with the fundamentals of incorporating your business. You can then subscribe to additional services individually based on your specific needs and preferences. The basic package offers the following.

Company Name Availability Check

Creating a name that reflects your company's identity can be challenging, especially considering that you must confirm the availability of your chosen company name by checking it on the database of your state of incorporation. Swyft Filings helps you to verify the availability or otherwise of your selected business name before submitting your paperwork. If unavailable, Swyft Filings will contact you to choose a different name.

Preparation of Articles of Organization

The Articles of Organization is an important document in the LLC formation process as it legally establishes your company's existence. It outlines essential details such as your business name, address, purpose and management structure. To avoid costly mistakes that can lead to rejection, Swyft Filings assists you in creating or preparing your Articles of Organization required to incorporate your company. All you have to do is provide Swyft Filings with the necessary business information.

Document Filing with the Secretary of State

Once all requisite documents, including your Articles of Organization, are ready, Swyft Filings will help you file them with the Secretary of State or other relevant government agencies to incorporate your business formally. Once the state approves your application, you will receive your official Certificate of Incorporation.

First-Class Shipping and Handling 

On receiving your incorporation documents, Swyft Filings will package and ship them to your address via USPS 1st Class Mail. You'd typically receive it within 4 to 5 business days. Remember, the Basic package involves regular state LLC filing with one to two weeks of processing time. Expedited filing is available for an additional fee, with the cost and processing time varying by state.

Free Statement of Organizer

A Statement of Organizer formally transfers an LLC's control from the organizer to its owners. The organizer is whoever filled out and submitted the Articles of Organization. If the organizer is not an owner, they will draft and sign a Statement of Organizer to officially sever ties with the LLC. Swyft Filings provides a free signed and dated Statement of Organizer that you can submit when opening a business bank account.

ComplianceGuard Company Alerts 

Swyft Filings ComplianceGuard™ is an optional subscription-based feature that helps you stay updated with vital compliance deadlines. It provides timely notifications for essential filing deadlines and offers a free annual report, amendment service, and unlimited organizational minutes to help you maintain regulatory compliance.

Free Domain Name

A company website can serve as a digital storefront, enabling 24/7 accessibility for your customers and providing a platform to showcase your products or services. It helps you to establish credibility, increase brand visibility and reach a broader audience in the online marketplace. In partnership with Squarespace, Swyft Filings provides a complimentary one-year subscription to a domain name of your choice (.com, .net, .biz, etc.), along with vital resources and support to help you establish your online presence and build your website.

Online Document Access and Lifetime Support

Upon completing your LLC formation, Swyft Filings offers round-the-clock access to your incorporation documents online through your account dashboard on its website. You can also seek support at any point in your business journey by contacting one of the company's knowledgeable specialists via phone or email.

The Standard Account

The Swyft Filings Standard costs $199 plus the state filing fees and offers an expanded range of features beyond those included in the basic plan. Processing times are faster for the Standard package than they are for the Basic package (up to 5 day filing time, plus expedited shipping). These additional benefits or features include the following.

Federal Tax ID (EIN)

The Employee Identification Number (EIN) serves as a unique identification code for your company, similar to how a Social Security Number (SSN) identifies an individual. It is vital for specific business necessities, including taxation, banking, recruitment, or hiring. Swyft Filings will handle the necessary paperwork and assist you in obtaining your EIN from the IRS once your LLC formation is completed.

Custom LLC Operating Agreement and Banking Resolution 

While the operating agreement is not a compulsory document for most states, it is advisable to have one, especially if you're starting a multi-member LLC, as it serves as an clear roadmap guiding your operation. Swyft Filings's Standard account includes a customizable operating agreement and banking resolution, which you can download and fine-tune according to your preferences. A banking resolution is a formal document adopted by an LLC that authorizes and specifies the individuals authorized to open bank accounts and conduct financial transactions on behalf of the company. 

Custom Organizational Minutes 

The initial meeting of LLC members is referred to as the Organizational Meeting. While it is not compulsory, it is recommended that you keep organizational meeting documentation. Swyft Filings provides you with custom organizational minutes for such meetings. The Standard account offers instant electronic delivery of your state documents upon formation. 

The Premium Account

The Swyft Filings Premium package is the most expensive at $299 plus state filing fees. However, it offers the most comprehensive option for your LLC formation. This package also has the fastest processing time of all options, with same-day processing for all orders placed before 3 pm Central Time.

Other core features of this package include expedited FedEx shipping (1 to 2 business days) with a tracking number, fastest processing speed, access to over 250 customizable business and legal documents.

In addition to all the fears of the Standard plan, it provides the following:

Customized Digital LLC Kit

Swyft Filings's digital corporate kit encompasses various tools to help your business maintain compliance. These include a digital company seal (bearing the name, formation year and state of incorporation), 20 customized stock certificates each for your company's shareholders and a dedicated ownership ledger to document all of your company's ownership. 

Free Business Website and Domain from Squarespace

While the basic package offers a one-year free domain name, this package goes a step further by providing the tools and resources needed to quickly set up a professional website and e-commerce store for your new business.

Other core features of this package include unlimited access to over 250 customizable, attorney-crafted legal and business documents. This can help you stay prepared, regardless of the business situation or legal requirement you face, enabling you to avoid unexpected costs and inconveniences.

Other Services

Besides business formation, Swyft Filings offers a few other services, including:

Registered Agent Services 

All businesses are mandated to have a registered agent in the state where they operate. The registered agent serves as a point of contact between the state and the company and receives or handles the company's correspondence, including service of process. Swyft Filings's registered agent service relieves you of the burden of compliance, safeguards your privacy and helps you stay organized, providing peace of mind for your business. 

Swyft Filings offer numerous a la carte compliance and legal services to help your business maintain compliance requirements. These include annual reports, business licenses, 501(c)(3) applications, foreign qualification, S Corp election, change of registered agents and more.

Swyft Filings Customer Service

Swyft Filings offers customer support via email, phone and live chat using a team of expert business specialists. On trying out the live chat channel, Benzinga experienced a significant delay in response. However, when connected, the customer service agent demonstrated attentiveness and professionalism by thoroughly understanding and addressing Benzing's concerns based on the specific question and providing a personalized solution. 

The phone channel is the fastest way to connect with the team and resolve complaints. 

Swyft Filings maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, which can serve as an alternative channel to access help. Depending on your specific question, you might also get answers on the FAQ page or by accessing the resource center, which contains blogs, case studies and research for educational purposes. Swyft Filings has an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 6,000 reviewers on Trustpilot, 88% of which gave the company 5-star ratings. The comments were overwhelmingly positive and reflected the depth and quality of its offerings.

Swyft Filings Security

Swyft Filings takes adequate security measures to protect users' personally identifiable information. These measures include implementing SSL certificates and other encryption protocols in line with applicable legal requirements. The company doesn't store or have control over your credit card information. And if your SSN is requested or used at any point during registration, it is immediately deleted afterward. Users' data is strictly used for service improvements, personalized service delivery and marketing. It is not shared or sold to a third party, and users have the absolute right to retrieve, modify and delete the data if necessary.

Swyft Filings Minimum Investment and Pricing

Swyft Filings offers a transparent, affordable and flexible pricing structure. Depending on your financial situation and business model, you can settle for the basics with no cost except the state's filing fees. Subsequently, you have the flexibility to subscribe to add-on services as needed, such as obtaining business licenses and permits for $99, annual reporting for $99 (excluding state fees) and seller's permit for $129. Depending on your business needs, many add-on services are readily available.

At $199 and $299, respectively, the price of the Standard and Premium packages complements the value. If these two packages are not budget-friendly, go for the Basic plans and subscribe to the add-on services when necessary, so you only pay for what you need. However, a registered agent is a mandatory requirement for LLC formation. Unlike most competitors, Swyft Filings offers it as a separate service via a third party at an annual cost of $199.

Swyft Filings User Experience

Swyft Filings provides a user-friendly experience with a sleek and modern website that simplifies ordering services. It offers a step-by-step guide to help you through the process, although you may encounter frequent upsell attempts. Getting started with Swyft Filings’ business formation services is relatively straightforward and takes about 5 minutes. Once you complete the questionnaire, Swyft Filings takes care of the necessary paperwork by preparing and filing it with the Secretary of State. 

It then provides you with your official documents once approved. Swyft Filings prioritizes quick and accurate filing of your paperwork, recognizing the value of your time and ensuring cost-saving efficiency by minimizing errors. It is among the fastest in the industry regarding turnaround time. Additionally, the services provided by partner companies are seamlessly integrated, allowing for easy access and utilization of optional services.

Swyft Filings vs. Competitors

Swyft Filings has a few similar competitors, including ZenBusiness and Incfile. All offer essential LLC formation services at no costs besides the state fees. ZenBusiness and Incfile offer free registered agents for the first year, unlike Swyft Filings. However, Swyft Filings provides a free domain name for one year. Incfile also offers free banking resolution for its basic ($0) package, unlike Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness. Swyft Filings beats these two services in turnaround time and customer support.


Swyft Filings offers a comprehensive range of services for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to incorporate their companies. With a user-friendly website and step-by-step guidance, the platform simplifies the process of business formation. The company provides a variety of packages to meet different needs and budgets, along with additional services that can be customized as required.

Swyft Filings' commitment to timely filing and compliance, combined with responsive customer support, makes it a reliable choice for those seeking professional assistance in starting their business ventures. However, the company offers unnecessary add-on services and uses third parties to deliver most of its services. Unlike other platforms, it provides registered agent services separate from its core packages, meaning you'll have to pay extra to get this service.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Swyft cost?


The cost of Swyft Filings varies depending on the specific services and packages. The pricing for the three packages ranges from $0 for the Basic to $299 for the Premium, and the registered agent service costs $199 annually.


What is the turnaround time for Swyft Filings?


The turnaround time for Swyft Filings depends on the specific service and the state in which the filing is being made, and it can range from a few days to a few weeks.


Do I need an LLC?


Whether or not you need an LLC depends on various factors, such as the nature of your business, your personal liability concerns and your plans for growth and protection. You can consult a legal or financial professional to determine if forming an LLC suits your circumstances.

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