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September 15, 2022
Red Rock Secured
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Retirement investing is always a tricky thing. It requires investors to look deep into the future while investing their money today. This only underscores the importance of having a diverse portfolio. Historically, investing in gold has been a great hedge against market volatility. Red Rock Secured wants to make gold and precious metals investing even easier by offering both gold and silver individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

Best For
  • Retirement investors looking to diversify
  • Investors looking to buy precious metals securely
  • Investors looking for a simple way to buy gold or precious metals
  • Offers investors the chance to diversify retirement with a precious metal IRA
  • Zero maintenance fees
  • Low investment minimums
  • Seven-day price protection policy
  • None noted

Red Rock Secured Ratings at a Glance

Red Rock Secured is an investing service that seeks to simplify the process of investing in precious metals like gold and silver for the long term. Red Rock accomplishes this by offering investors both gold- and silver-backed IRAs, which are eligible for rollover contributions from existing accounts. Additionally, Red Rock Secured has a heavy focus on customer service, investor education and ease of use throughout the process. 

Investing in precious metals like gold and silver has paid off for investors throughout time. Historically, gold and silver are among the rare alternative investment offerings that can hold value and generate returns independently of the stock market’s performance. That’s why investors have long considered them a safe haven from market downturns, corrections and any other economic instability. 

The only real downside to all those benefits is that owning gold has some logistical problems that paper stocks don’t present. Making sure you’re buying investment-grade gold such as bouillon or high-gold-content coins has been difficult for many investors. Many investors find the TV pitches for gold investments are modified bait-and-switch setups that offer gold bouillon but steer investors toward gold coins, many of which are not investment-grade purity. 

Red Rock Secured’s gold IRA is different. Investors can roll some or all of their existing IRA into the Red Rock gold offering in minutes. Red Rock also offers person-to-person consultations with investors, and better still, most Red Rock IRA holders will qualify for a zero-fee account. In most cases, a Red Rock Secured consultant can assist you with the rollover in a matter of minutes.

Plus, Red Rock was included in Fortune’s 2023 Investor’s Recession Guide and sits atop the ranks as the highest rated Gold IRA company on Inc.’s 5000 List. 

Red Rock Secured Customer Service

It’s perfectly natural for investors to be nervous when it comes to preparing for their future. That holds doubly true in times of economic uncertainty like what’s occurring now. However, investors looking to diversify out of traditional investments into gold will be reassured by Red Rock Secured, which has a high commitment to customer service. 

That starts with a free, zero-obligation one-on-one consultation with a Red Rock Secured representative who can walk investors through the risks and rewards of precious metals investing before making a decision. Investors who decide to open a gold IRA with Red Rock Secured will also have the benefit of a Red Rock representative helping them through the process step by step. 

By all accounts, the efforts Red Rock Secured makes to satisfy customers are paying off. It has a five-star rating with Trustpilot and a stack of highly appreciative reviews from the Better Business Bureau. Both the Business Consumer Alliance and ConsumerAffairs have received significant positive feedback from Red Rock Secured clients. Email inquiries are quickly responded to. It’s easy to see how committed the Red Rock Secured team is to its clients. In short, the dedicated customer care team is there for you every step of the way.

Red Rock Secured Pricing +Fees

Fees and pricing are always a concern for investors and for good reason. Every dollar an investment offering or financial adviser charges in fees is less money for the investor. Red Rock Secured has a good and transparent fee structure. There is no cost to roll over funds from your existing IRA or 401(k) into a Red Rock Secured gold or silver IRA. Once you do this, there are no account maintenance fees for qualifying accounts. 

Red Rock Secured clients pay the spot price for their preferred precious metal. That means the price you’ll be charged for the precious metal you buy will be the price it’s selling for on the open market at that given moment. It does not charge additional commission fees or set-up costs. Although the spot price may change from moment to moment or day to day, clients will never pay more than that. 

Red Rock also offers a number of accounts with a “no fee for life” policy. Although not every Red Rock account is eligible for this program, many of them are. Finally, it will cover the cost of insuring and shipping the physical gold or silver its client purchases. Overall, the fee structure is about as investor-friendly as it can be, and you even get low minimums with cash purchases.

Red Rock Secured User Benefits

Red Rock Secured provides its users with a host of significant benefits. First, there are free shipping and insurance on any purchase of physical gold. If there are issues with receipt of your physical gold purchase, such as the shipping truck being robbed, the insurance purchased by Red Rock will cover your losses in full. 

Second, Red Rock has a network of secured storage facilities all over the country where clients can store their precious metals. Ninety percent of Red Rock Secured customers will qualify for free administration and storage of their physical gold for the first 10 years of ownership. Some clients will qualify for an account with no management or administrative fees for the life of their investment (consult the website for eligibility).

Red Rock Secured also offers clients a unique price-protection program. Under this program, if the price of gold (or your chosen precious metal) should decrease within seven days of your original purchase, Red Rock Secured will make up the difference. So, for example, if you bought $50,000 in gold and the price of gold went down by 10% in the next seven days, Red Rock will give you another $5,000 in gold assets. 

That’s not an offer you will find at many competing companies. Investors should note, however, that this pledge only applies to non-Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) gold transactions. In addition to the price-protection program, Red Rock Secured also has a buy-back program. 

Red Rock Secured clients and account holders may sell their gold and silver assets back to the company at the current bid price. However, IRA holders who do this should consult with their custodian because liquidating these assets could come with tax implications. When you add all these benefits to the one-on-one consultations and rollover assistance, you get an impressive service that gives customers a lot of bang for their investment buck. 

User Experience, 5 Stars

Red Rock Secured User Experience

Red Rock’s commitment to customer service and a positive user experience is evident in its generous list of user benefits and features. Its customer service team can walk you through the process of rolling some or all of your existing IRA or 401(k) program funds into its gold or silver IRA in a matter of minutes, although it may take your existing IRA custodian more time to complete the transaction. 

After your transfer is completed and the funds are confirmed, the Red Rock Secured will ship your chosen precious metal to your secured depository of choice within three to five business days. Although there is always a chance that an unforeseen circumstance may delay this process, Red Rock Secured representatives will keep you up to date if this happens. In the case of cash transactions with Red Rock Secured, you’ll have your assets in as little as 24 hours. 

Apart from that, the site itself is very easy to use. Click on the Open a Gold IRA link, and you’ll be transferred to an information screen where you enter all your account particulars. Once that’s done, a Red Rock Secured representative will walk you through the rest of the process. All told, this company provides a very simple and straightforward user experience that will make investors happy. 

With thousands of 5-Star reviews and an A+ Rating from the BBB, Red Rock offers a white glove experience for accounts in excess of $100K, price protection offers an upside benefit and downside shield, 100% free shipping and insurance is included with each purchase and clients enjoy $0 out-of-pocket fees with an established and funded account with a trusted custodian.

Red Rock Secured vs Competitors

Red Rock Secured is certainly not alone in the gold IRA business. It has competitors, but Red Rock stacks up very well against them. Legacy Precious Metals is a platform that offers customer service and a gold IRA opportunity for investors. Like Red Rock Secured, Legacy Precious Metals walks you through important aspects of investing in gold and helps you make the most informed decision possible. 

Red Rock Secured Overall

Red Rock Secured delivers gold investors a thoroughly impressive package. It offers the ability to diversify a retirement portfolio into its gold or silver IRA, but that’s not where it stops. It has an obvious commitment to customer service and user experience. It’s always refreshing when a firm realizes the importance of making prospective clients feel comfortable and reassured about making investment decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. 

The significant array of benefits Red Rock Secured offers, which include free accounts for many clients, covered shipping and insurance and a seven-day price guarantee are all part of why it has so many positive customer reviews. If you’re an investor who is curious about diversifying into a gold IRA, or one who was ready to make that decision, Red Rock would be an excellent place to start or finish your search. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Who owns Red Rock Secured?


Anyone looking at a gold IRA service would naturally be curious about who owns the company. Red Rock Secured is an independently owned, privately held company located in Southern California. Its primary mission is to provide investors with a top-end experience in gold investments through its gold IRA and other premium gold offerings. 


What metals can I get from Red Rock Secured?


Consumers and IRA account holders can get gold and silver through Red Rock Secured via a gold or silver IRA and other premium offerings, including select gold or silver coins and bouillon. Red Rock Secured clients who purchase physical gold can have their product shipped to a secured storage facility usually within 24 hours of purchase. 

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