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October 19, 2023
Progressive Pet
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Progressive is a major insurance provider offering a wide selection of insurance products, including insurance for dogs and cats. Although Progressive’s pet insurance options are affordable, consider wellness coverage, but you won’t be able to claim 100% reimbursements on every policy. With easy quotes and accident-only plans, however, Progressive can be an excellent choice for pet owners shopping on a budget.

Best For
  • Bundling with other insurance products
  • Customizable coverage options with the choice to add wellness coverage
  • Quick email quotes make comparisons simple
  • Affordable accident-only policies available
  • Only available for cats and dogs
  • Boarding costs not included in any plan

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If you are a pet owner, you know that your furry friend is much more than a piece of your property — he or she is a valued member of your family. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a pet insurance policy, you could be left with major medical bills if your pet is injured or contracts a serious illness that requires medical tests or attention.

There is a wide range of insurance companies offering pet health insurance that helps compensate for the costs of medical treatment if your pet is injured. Is Progressive’s pet insurance the best pet insurance for your cat or dog? Our guide to Progressive Pet Insurance policy inclusions, exclusions and customer service options will help you choose the best plan for your furry friend. 

Progressive Pet Insurance Coverage Options

Progressive Pet Insurance currently only offers coverage for cats and dogs. Although a wide range of breeds and animal ages qualify for pet coverage through Progressive, you cannot insure any other type of pet through its current policy lineup. This means that if you need to insure a bird, reptile, fish or other exotic pet, you’ll need to choose another pet insurer.  

Progressive offers 3 tiers of pet insurance, each including its unique set of coverages. Each plan is available for both dogs and cats.

BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plan From Progressive Pet Insurance

The BestBenefit plan is Progressive’s most comprehensive and popular pet insurance plan. This plan includes coverages for a wide range of surgeries, emergency care, treatments and other services deemed medically necessary by your veterinarian. Some of the most important coverages that come with this plan include the following:

  • Accident and illness treatment: This inclusion covers any type of veterinarian treatment you receive from a licensed professional to correct a diagnosed illness. Progressive’s coverage includes treatments for small injuries (like allergies) to major, progressive illnesses (like cancer).
  • After-hours emergency care: If you need to take your pet to an emergency treatment center after an accident, Progressive will reimburse you up to your policy inclusions and coverage limits.
  • Behavioral therapy: This covers behavioral training and therapy when the underlying cause is a covered medical condition. It doesn’t cover standard obedience training for puppies or older dogs.
  • Diagnostic testing: This coverage includes compensation for scans like X-rays and MRIs that your veterinarian orders to diagnose an unknown illness.
  • Hospitalization: If your pet needs to stay overnight at a clinic in preparation or recovery from major surgery, your Progressive insurance policy will help cover the care costs.
  • Prescription medications: Though your Progressive insurance policy won’t cover the cost of prescription food, it will help you pay for medications that your veterinarian prescribes.
  • Prosthetics and mobility aids: If your dog or cat loses a limb, this insurance policy will help cover the cost of mobility aids or prosthetics.
  • Surgery: If your pet requires major surgery from a veterinarian, this insurance policy will help you cover the expenses.

The BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plan is Progressive’s most expensive and comprehensive plan option. 

Progressive Accident-Only Plan

The Accident-Only plan is designed for customers on a limited budget — you can expect to pay just $6 to $10 per month for Accident-Only coverage. However, this plan covers only a few perils, including only traumatic injuries like broken bones, snake bites, accidental swallowing and more. It won’t cover long-term illnesses or genetic conditions like hip dysplasia and cancer. 

Progressive Wellness Routine Add-On

The Wellness Routine plan isn’t an individual plan itself but an optional add-on that you can purchase with the Accident-Only plan or the BestBenefit plan for an additional monthly premium. This coverage extends your insurance to include routine care and wellness treatments. Some examples of extras you get with the pet wellness plan include:

  • Wellness exam fee coverage: If you take your pet in for an annual wellness visit with your vet, your wellness coverage extension will help you cover the cost of vet fees.
  • Bloodwork: Bloodwork can help check for illnesses as a part of your annual wellness visit. This policy inclusion helps you cover the cost of bloodwork not connected with an underlying illness or injury.
  • Vaccinations: If your pet is younger, he or she might still need vaccinations. The Wellness Routine add-on includes coverage for regular and necessary vaccinations.
  • Regular dental care: This includes teeth cleanings but not cosmetic dental treatments (like whitening services).
  • Other types of preventive treatments: Depending on the type of pet you own and your location, you might need to apply preventive treatments to avoid fleas, ticks or other infestation. If your veterinarian recommends a treatment, your insurance will help you cover the costs. 

Progressive Pet Insurance Coverage Exclusions

Even the best pet insurance policy won’t offer you coverage for every type of service that your pet might need. Some exclusions you’ll find on your Progressive pet insurance include:

  • Cosmetic services: No pet insurance plan will offer you any type of coverage for medical procedures that are not medically necessary. This means that if you’d like to have your dog’s ears clipped or your cat declawed, you’ll need to cover the costs out-of-pocket.
  • Preexisting condition: A preexisting condition is a disease or illness that your pet has or shows symptoms of before you sign onto your policy. Your Progressive insurance plan will include a waiting period that limits when you can use your benefits to prevent you from signing onto an insurance plan then seeking treatment for a condition that your pet already had. There is usually no waiting period on wellness visits, but policy waiting periods may vary by breed and insurance type.
  • Food: Your insurance won’t cover any of the cost of pet food, even if your veterinarian prescribes a specific diet to your dog or cat to treat an underlying illness (like obesity).
  • Boarding and grooming: No Progressive policy includes pet insurance benefit for any type of boarding or grooming that isn’t directly related to a surgery or medical treatment.

Inclusions and exclusions may vary depending on the type of policy you choose. Be sure to read your policy terms thoroughly before you sign on so you know exactly what’s covered — and what isn’t. 

Progressive Pet Insurance Rates

Getting a quote from this pet insurance company is easy — simply enter a little information about yourself and your pet into the Progressive's online quote request form and receive your quote by email. Your quote will be uniquely calculated based on the details you provide. Some of the factors that will influence how much you’ll pay for pet insurance include:

  • Where you live: The prices of veterinary care vary depending on where you live. For example, if you live in rural Nebraska, you’ll probably pay less for your insurance than someone who lives in San Francisco.
  • Your pet’s age: Older dogs and cats are more likely to run into serious health conditions than younger animals of the same breed. If you have an older pet, you’ll typically pay more for your insurance.
  • Your pet’s breed and size: Certain breeds are more likely to suffer genetic illnesses than others. For example, if you own an Abyssinian cat, you’ll pay more for your cat insurance than someone who owns a Bombay because Abyssinians are statistically more likely to develop retinal atrophy and periodontal disease. If you own a dog, expect your pet insurance costs to increase as your pet’s size increases — larger dogs suffer from heart and hip conditions at higher rates when compared to smaller breed dogs.
  • Your deductible and reimbursement level: When you sign onto a policy from Progressive, you’ll first choose a plan deductible. Your deductible is the minimum amount of money you must spend on your pet’s health in 1 year before your insurance will offer a payout. For example, if you have a $500 deductible and your pet incurs a $1,000 medical bill, you’d be responsible for paying the 1st $500 of this bill out-of-pocket. Choosing a higher deductible lowers your monthly premium.

Your premium will also be influenced by your reimbursement percentage. Progressive allows you to set your own reimbursement percentage between 70% and 90%. Your reimbursement percentage is the percentage of your veterinary bill that Progressive will reimburse you for after meeting your deductible. Choosing a higher reimbursement percentage raises your monthly rate. 

Progressive Pet Insurance Claims Process

Progressive Insurance works with a variety of supplementary insurance providers to offer you a wide range of policies. Pet insurance policies from Progressive are underwritten by Pets Best, which means that you’ll need to file a claim through Pets Best to claim reimbursement.

Start by calling 877-298-0639 to be connected to a Pets Best agent. From there, your agent will guide you through the process of submitting your bill and documentation after you’ve received care. If your plan covers the service you received, you’ll be reimbursed up to your reimbursement percentage after you meet your deductible. 

Progressive Pet Insurance Customer Service

To get in contact with Progressive’s pet insurance representatives, call 877-298-0639. No specific customer service hours are currently available on Progressive’s website. 

Progressive Pet Insurance Overall Rating

If you’re a pet owner shopping on a budget and you’re looking for the most affordable coverage possible, Progressive can be a solid choice. Its Accident-Only plans cost just a few dollars per month, which is significantly more affordable than its competitors. However, if you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage, you’ll need to upgrade to a more inclusive plan — and pay for the add-on wellness plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Does pet insurance pay for surgeries?


Sometimes, pet insurance will pay for surgeries, depending on the parameters of your policy.


Does pet insurance cover teeth cleaning?


Pet insurance might cover teeth cleaning under a wellness plan.


Is pet insurance worth it?


Pet insurance is worth it because it can save you a lot of money. If your pet has to undergo surgery or has an emergency, a pet insurance policy can save a lot on the vet bill.

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