Progressive Home Insurance Review

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1 Minute Review

Progressive Auto Insurance is among the first of the larger insurers to actively embrace usage-based insurance via electronic monitoring of driving habits. Often a refuge for younger drivers and drivers who have been refused insurance elsewhere, Progressive markets and supports its insurance products through its website and a network of independent agents.

Best For

  • Customers who already have an auto insurance policy with Progressive
  • Bundling home insurance and auto insurance


  • Rates often lower than some other major insurers.
  • Bundling home and auto policies creates an opportunity to save on Progressive Auto Insurance.


  • Customer support may be phone-based or web-based due to a smaller brick-and-mortar presence in some areas.
  • Deductibles may be higher than expected for some covered perils.
see how Progressive compares

Who’s Progressive Home Insurance for?

Offering a wide range of policy types, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condominium insurance, and mobile home insurance, Progressive has the policy to meet the basic insurance needs of most homeowners or renters. Customers who already have an auto insurance policy with Progressive, or those who are shopping for both auto and home insurance, can reduce overall premiums by bundling both policy types with Progressive. Viewing Progressive’s home insurance products independent of other policy types, one benefit which becomes quickly apparent is the price advantage for some policies. Generally-low pricing, when compared to some other national home insurance providers, makes Progressive home insurance unattractive choice for some home insurance customers, including first time homeowners, renters, and mobile homeowners.

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Home Insurance Products

  • Homeowners Insurance — Progressive’s Home Advantage home insurance product, including its standard homeowner’s policy for single-family homes are placed with one of a number of affiliated or unaffiliated insurers. Which third-party insurance carrier holds a given policy bound through Progressive may vary for a number of reasons, including the state of residence and policy type, but customers can expect standard coverages such as dwelling, personal property, and personal liability coverage.
  • Renters Insurance — Renters need insurance too, and Progressive offers customers an opportunity to save by bundling auto and renters insurance purchased through the company. A standard renters insurance policy will provide coverage for personal belongings, personal liability, and the cost of hotels and meals if you are temporarily displaced due to a covered loss.
  • Condominium Insurance — Coverages included in a condo insurance policy fall between those offered in a homeowners insurance policy and a renters policy. Condo owners own the inside of the condominium, requiring a special type of policy which also includes coverage for personal property and personal liability, subject to chosen policy limits.
  • Mobile Home Insurance — Owners of manufactured homes can insure their home through Progressive as well. By default, many insurance policies for manufactured homes treat the dwelling as a depreciating asset, which can leave customers underinsured in the event of a loss. As a policy option, Progressive does offer a provision to insure manufactured homes for full replacement cost.

Product Offering Rating: 4 Stars

Standard Progressive Home Insurance Coverages

  • Dwelling — Dwelling coverage pays toward the cost to repair or rebuild the home itself in the event of a covered loss. This coverage is often paired with a deductible, which is the portion that the consumer would pay toward a loss. Customers should be aware that some homeowners insurance policies available through progressive may have different deductibles for different perils covered by the policy. Some customers insured through Progressive’s partner network have reported deductibles as high as $5,000 for wind and hail damage, which substantially increases financial exposure for those customers.
  • Liability — Progressive’s home, renters, condo, and mobile home insurance policies include coverage for personal liability up to the chosen policy limits. This coverage pays toward your legal defense and any judgments resulting from certain lawsuits. Typically, the cost of legal defense is outside of the coverage limit, meaning this expense doesn’t reduce your coverage amount.
  • Medical — Many injuries that happen at home are minor and may require only small amounts of medical care. The medical payments portion of a home insurance policy provides coverage to pay toward the medical care of non-family members injured at the home. Coverage choices are typical $1,000 or $5,000, with the difference in cost usually being less than $1 per month.
  • Other Structures — Unattached structures such as sheds and workshops are usually covered with a standard coverage amount equal to 10% of the total dwelling coverage. However, this amount can be adjusted above the base coverage, if needed.
  • Personal Property — While dwelling coverage pays to repair or rebuild the dwelling itself, personal property coverage pays toward replacing the items inside the home if damaged or destroyed due to a covered loss. Clothing, appliances, and other belongings not attached to the home fall under this coverage. High-value jewelry for similar high-value items should be specifically insured as opposed to being insured through more general personal property coverage due to per-item limits.
  • Additional Living Expenses — This coverage might be called by a different name, depending on which insurer you have through Progressive, and pays toward additional living expenses including hotels and dining out if you are temporarily displaced from your home due to a covered loss.

Available Discounts & Tips on Getting the Best Rates

Even when home insurance policies are written through third-party companies with Progressive, discounts are available for bundling home and auto policies. Some home insurance products may not be eligible for this discount.

Many customers cite price as their primary reason for choosing Progressive home insurance, and while prices vary based on individual rating factors, on average, Progressive’s choices for home insurance are priced competitively.

Customers with better credit scores and those with no recent home insurance claims will likely earn a better rate with Progressive home insurance. Premium costs can also be managed, in part, by deductible choices. A higher deductible, which is the amount the customer pays toward their claim, can help reduce total premiums, but at the expense of a higher financial exposure in the event of a claim.

Common Progressive Home Insurance Coverage Selections

Important Home Insurance Coverages & Considerations

Deductibles: Some customers have reported higher than average deductibles for some covered perils, specifically $5,000 for wind and hail damage. Wind and hail is most likely to damage roofs and siding. Roof coverage is typically covered as a decreasing value as the roof ages, because a roof is a wear item. An older roof, damaged by hail or wind, which is covered on a policy with a high deductible for hail and wind may result in a small claim payout, or none at all. Even homes with new roofs still face high financial exposure with a higher deductible. Regardless of the insurer chosen, customers should always inquire about the deductible amounts and ask for quotes with a lower deductible amount as well.

Personal Liability: In most states, the minimum amount offered for personal liability coverage will be $100,000, with the next step up being $300,000 in coverage. The difference in cost between these two levels of coverage is usually only $2 or $3 per month, making it extremely affordable for customers to triple their personal liability coverage. Customers who desire more than $300,000 in personal liability coverage might consider a personal umbrella policy, which can extend personal liability coverage for both homeowners policies and auto policies.

Replacement Cost: Standard homeowners insurance policies provide replacement cost coverage for the dwelling itself, with the exception of wear items, such as roofs. Customers should inquire as to whether their policy provides replacement cost for personal property. Additionally, customers insuring manufactured homes should inquire about replacement cost coverage for their manufactured home. Typically these types of homes are covered for actual cash value, which is a decreasing value as the home ages, but Progressive does offer an option to add full replacement cost coverage.

Progressive provides a range of policy types which meet the needs of most households.

In addition to several types of home insurance, Progressive also offers:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Commercial Auto
  • Business
  • Boat Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Event Insurance
  • Mechanical  Breakdown Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • RV/Camper

Customer Service

  • Agencies — While Progressive does sell its home insurance product through agents, much of the company’s business is sold online or by phone. Most areas have fewer agents than some major competitors, but there is a brick and mortar presence.
  • Website — Progessive.com provides the basic functionality customers would expect including payments, basic inquiries, insurance articles, and the ability to quote and compare policies. Progressive home insurance customers may be redirected to Progressive’s page on Homesite.com for many service needs.
  • Phone support — Progressive’s customer support by phone is full-featured for the policy types the company underwrites itself, but other insurance types, such as home insurance, may have to be managed through the home insurer that holds the policy.
  • Mobile App — progressive does offer a mobile app for Android and iOS, however customers should expect limited functionality in regard to managing home insurance policies, as these home insurance policies are with third-party carriers.

Customer Service Rating: 4 Stars

Claims Support

Claims for Progressive home insurance customers will need to be processed through the third-party carrier or affiliated insurer. Because the company to which a policy is assigned may vary based on policy type, by state, or other factors, customer service experiences for claims may also vary.

In JD Power’s US Home Insurance Study, Progressive customers gave the company 3 stars for claim service, placing the companies claim service rating below the top performers in this category.

Price and performance when a claim is placed tend to be the most important criteria for many customers. Where Progressive home insurance provides an attractive price point for some customers, some of this advantage is lost to those customers who have had a sub-optimal claim experience.

Claims Support Rating: 3 Stars

Consumer Ratings

Progressive Home Insurance JD Power Ratings

OverallPolicy OfferingPrice RatingBilling RatingInteraction RatingClaim Rating

Progressive Home Insurance A.M. Best Rating: A+

Pricing & Value

In JD Power’s insurance consumer ratings, Progressive was awarded four stars for pricing but only awarded three stars in some other important categories, such as claims satisfaction.

Customers on a tight budget may find the greatest value in Progressive’s home insurance product due to the competitive rates offered to some customers. Overall, premiums are lower than many other major home insurance providers, but customers may have fewer local agencies, and because progressive home insurance is written through third parties, customer service experiences may vary.

Price is an important consideration when trying to meet a budget, however, high deductibles can leave customers with large repair bills and little or no insurance settlement with which to pay for repairs to their home. As with any insurer, customers should ask questions about policy details and read the fine print.

Pricing & Value Rating: 4 Stars

Customer Support

Progressive offers support by phone and through its website. Some questions and service issues will be redirected to the individual company that holds the home insurance policy, as will claims. As Progressive’s agent network is not as large as some other insurers, expect most customer service needs to be addressed online or by phone.

Customer Support Contact Information

Phone: (800) 776-4737

Website: https://www.progressive.com

Chat: Login Required

Contact Form: https://www.progressive.com/contact-us/

Mobile App (available for iOS or Android)

Customer Support Rating: 4 Stars

Final Thoughts

Progressive insurance is not a home insurance company, the rather an insurance company that offers home insurance through other affiliated and unaffiliated companies. Progressive isn’t the only nationwide insurance provider to use this structure, but utilizing third-party companies to bind policies can create some extra steps for customers who need to manage their policies or place claims. Lower premiums are probably the strongest advantage of Progressive home insurance when compared to some other nationwide insurers. While possibly saving money on premiums, customers may sacrifice top-tier service, including claims service.

Progressive Home Insurance Overall Rating: 3.8 Stars