Profit From Rising Inflation With Alternative Investments

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Contributor, Benzinga
August 2, 2022

High inflation doesn't have to be all bad. If you're interested in finding opportunities to capitalize on rising costs, you’re in luck. There happens to be a variety of online investing platforms you can access to invest in your choice of these three alternative assets. Better still, a lot of these platforms are open to nonaccredited investors. 


Vint is an innovative platform that allows everyday investors to get in on the wine market. For as little as $40 or $50, you can invest in securitized shares of wine collections picked by a team of expert sommeliers for their profit potential and upside. You also don't have to worry about timing the market to find the right time to sell because Vint manages the assets from start to finish. 

  • securely through Vint's website
    securely through Vint's website
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    Securitized Wine Investments
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Arrived Homes

The Arrived Homes platform is a unique real estate crowdfunding site. While many of its competitors focus on accredited investors and large commercial projects, Arrived Homes allows investors to buy shares of single-family homes that are being renovated and rented. The best part is they have buy-ins as low as $100. 


The Masterworks platform allows everyday investors to buy a fractional share of fine art that has already been purchased by the platform. So, you can own your own share of a Banksy or Basquiat painting and then profit from it when the platform sells it at auction. It’s much more cost-effective than buying your own art, and their buyers are experts, which means you won’t be getting a fake. Plus the company has its own secured storage facilities with insurance. 

  • securely through Masterworks's website
    securely through Masterworks's website
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    Art Investing

So there you have it. Three ways you can use alternative investments to beat inflation. That’s how you make lemons out of lemonade. Always remember that for investors, every economic hardship provides a unique opportunity. While you can search for other alternative investments, you can always start here and diversify your portfolio at your own pace.

Accelerate Your Wealth

Arrived Homes allows retail investors to buy shares of individual rental properties for as little as $100. Arrived Homes acquires properties in some of the fastest-growing rental markets in the country, then sells shares to individual investors who simply collect passive income while waiting for the property to appreciate in value over 5 to 7 years. When the time is right, Arrived Homes sells the property so investors can cash in on the equity they've gained over time. Offerings are available to non-accredited investors. Sign up for an account on Arrived Homes to browse available properties and add real estate to your portfolio today.