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September 14, 2020

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Physics can be a difficult subject to grasp because it combines the study of space, time, matter and energy into a single discipline. But while Neil deGrasse Tyson can make the subject matter interesting on TV, your child might have a more difficult time in the classroom in front of a chalkboard. 

You have plenty of choices for online tutors if physics lessons are a struggle. A little extra time practicing and review can go a long way toward improving not only your child’s grades, but also their confidence. 

What to Look for in an Online Tutor

Plenty of reputable companies offer tutoring services, but it’s important to understand the credentials and certifications different tutors have. Not every available tutor will be perfect for your child, particularly if they have special needs or behavioral concerns. 

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Education. Having a teaching certificate doesn’t make you an expert in all subjects. When researching tutors, always look at educational background. Do they have a 4-year degree? What additional education credentials do they possess? Do they have certifications for special education? The education field is vast and full of different specialties, so always research the credentials of potential tutors.
  • Experience. Another crucial factor is work history. What type of job experience are you looking for in a tutor? Private or public? Elementary or secondary? Catholic or charter? If you have a child entering 9th grade, a 12th grade physics tutor might not be a best fit. 
  • Availability. The best physics tutor in the world won’t be any help if your schedules aren’t compatible. You need a tutor who can work with your child on a schedule that benefits both parties, not just when the tutor can squeeze you in for 45 minutes.

The Best Physics Online Tutoring Services

Learn more about Benzinga’s picks for the best online physics tutors

Chegg Study
securely through Chegg Study's website

1. Best Overall : Chegg Tutors

Video lessons: $30 per month

Chegg Tutors offer 1-on-1 tutorial services for a range of subjects. Find help with physics or biology, chemistry, economics, finance and statistics. 

Different options are available: both chat and video. Chat lessons can be scheduled as a single, 1-time session or a recurring monthly meetup. Your tutor will be available instantly and on-demand, no matter the date or time. 

With a variety of packages and tutors specializing in subjects across the spectrum, Chegg Tutors offers the best bang for your buck. If your child just needs a little help studying for an exam, a 1-time lesson for $6.95 might be all you need. Iif you perceive a semester-long struggle through physics, a recurring monthly plan will be more suitable. Either way, Chegg provides quick access to tutors whenever you need help.

securely through Skooli's website

2. Best for Revision and Review: Skooli

If you really want a la carte pricing, Skooli is the place to turn. Sessions are charged by the minute. As long as you commit to 15 minutes, you can have your child tutored for as long or as short of a time as you wish. 

There’s no subscription or monthly payment plan required. Skooli tutors are broken down into 3 main subject groups: science, humanities and business. You won’t find any trouble locating a physics tutor in the science section.

But 1 of the truly unique features of Skooli is the ability to review and revisit old tutoring lessons for absolutely no charge. Subjects like physics often take a little repetition before the core concepts sink in. 

securely through Wyzant's website

3. Best for Online or In-Person Instruction: Wyzant

Price: variable

Wyzant operates as a tutor marketplace, matching students in need with tutors looking for work. The pricing structure varies as it’s pay-as-you-go. The more lessons you need, the more you can sign-up for. 

There’s no minimum or monthly fee for joining. Wyzant has many tutors in the sciences for help with physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and anatomy.

But Wyzant also offers in-person lessons. For some children, sitting behind a screen for hours on end isn’t the best way to learn a difficult subject. Having a tutor there with your child can be a more immersive experience, especially if your child has learning difficulties or special needs. Wyzant tutors work on flexible schedules, so you’ll be able to coordinate a lesson into your day with ease.

eTutor World
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4. Best for Customized K-12 Lessons: eTutor World

If you’re looking for instruction specifically tailored to your child’s needs, eTutor World is a great place to start your search. Customized lessons in a range of subjects are available for any child from the grade level of kindergarten to high school.

eTutor World has interactive features to make your child feel like they’re in the classroom learning. A whiteboard with audio and chat features gives the lesson an in-person feel, and documents are easy to pass back and forth between tutor and student. 

Homework and worksheets can be downloaded for free, and all lessons can be reviewed in full for no extra charge. All eTutor World tutors have 4-year degrees in their chosen subject, and 90% have at least 5 years of teaching experience.

securely through Udemy's website

5. Best for Complete Coursework and Lessons: Udemy 

What can you learn about on Udemy? Well, pretty much anything! Udemy is an online teaching center with course listings ranging from standard school subjects like physics and algebra to career-oriented subjects like coding with Python or learning Excel. 

Udemy has over 57,000 instructors and has welcomed more than 35 million students. And it has more than 130,000 different courses!

Udemy is a great marketplace for adults looking to learn career or life skills, but it’s also home to some terrific science instructors. Your child can get full physics lessons on topics like Newton's Laws of Motion, Energy and Momentum and Electromagnetism. 

Just note that most of these lessons will assume an advanced knowledge of the subject matter, so if your child hasn’t mastered the core concepts, these lessons may be over their head.

securely through Preply's website

6. Best for Non-English Speakers: Preply 

Price: variable

Physics is hard enough. Imagine trying to learn it in a language that isn’t your native tongue. If a language barrier is preventing your child from mastering a subject like physics, Preply can connect you with tutors fluent in all kinds of different languages.

In addition to thousands of English tutors, Preply has tutors fluent in Spanish, French, German,Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and more. Need a physics tutor who speaks Dutch? Preply has you covered. 

All tutors are vetted for authentic credentials, so you can find a reputable instructor located anywhere in the world. Pricing plans are variable depending on the length of time and amount of lessons needed.

Club Z Tutoring
securely through Club Z Tutoring's website

7. Best for Matching Tutors with Students: Club Z!

Price: varies

Club Z ! is a tutoring service with both online and in-person instruction. It has over 400 locations scattered across the country to help students from all walks of life in a variety of subjects. Your child can take lessons in sciences like physics or biology or get specialized prep for tests like the SAT and ACT.

Club Z! prides itself on a proprietary algorithm that matches tutors and students based on specific criteria. The 4 factors that determine a match are academic strengths, personality, availability and teaching style.
securely through's website

8. Best for Range of Subject Matter:

The services provided by are a little more expensive than our previous options, but you’ll receive a focused, individual lesson from a true expert. Many of’s instructors have doctoral or Ivy League degrees. also has a wide range of subject matter from everything to math and science to nursing and social skills. You won’t just get a bland, basic physics lesson. Instead, you’ll dig deep into algebra-based or calculus-based physics, astronomy, classical mechanics and more.’s courses range from kindergarten to advanced college level, and many are available in both English and Spanish.

Revolution Prep
securely through Revolution Prep's website

9. Best for Groups: Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep is a full-service tutoring company with an army of full-time, professional instructors ready to take your child’s education to the next level. Revolution Prep is the most expensive service on our list, but it could also be the most in-depth and rigorous. 

Your child can receive specific test prep in individual group sessions, tailored tutoring in 3 student sessions or private 1-on-1 tutoring. Online courses come complete with homework and exams, so your child will get the full feeling of personalized instruction from the comfort of your own home.

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