Most Innovative Cannabis Brands

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Contributor, Benzinga
August 24, 2022

You can find many unique and innovative brands in the cannabis industry. When it comes to innovative packaging, products and strains that are being developed, there are no limits. Benzinga takes a look at some of the most innovative cannabis brands on the market now. Whether you are a user or a cannabis brand owner, staying current with innovation can be inspiring. 

The Most Innovative Cannabis Brands

Within the past few years, the cannabis industry has developed incredibly. Here are some of the most innovative cannabis brands on the market today.


STIIIZY offers a premium line of cannabis products focused on portability and convenience. In addition to the innovative nature of its disposable cannabis vapes, STIIIZY has taken the initiative to use sustainable packaging for its products. The brand recently incorporated an eco-friendly pod packaging to complement the vapes and recyclable cardboard packaging. 

All of STIIZY’s packaging is made using less material, and its user manual has gone all-digital via a QR code. STIIZY has made a name for itself in the cannabis industry and can be considered an industry leader. Check out the range of products STIIZY offers and where to buy them through the company’s website.

710 Labs

When people think of innovative cannabis brands, 710 Labs is one of the first that comes to mind. In addition to its premium products, it has created innovative methods of delivering THC to customers. For example, the noodle doinks use an uncooked piece of pasta as a substitute to a regular filter in a joint. The customer feedback indicates the noodle filter is superior. Another one of its most innovative products is the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) cultivar specific. This decarboxylated full-spectrum extract is meant to be ingested or mixed into food. Beyond cannabis, 710 has an expansive list of products like branded clothes, smoking accessories and art.     

Pax Labs

Pax Labs is one of the leading and most popular brands for manufacturing handheld battery-powered vaporizers. Unlike other companies on this list, Pax specializes in smoking accessories and devices rather than THC itself. 

With Pax, smoking cannabis becomes hassle free, convenient and precisely executed. Its battery-powered vaporizers (the Pax 2 & 3) allow you to smoke bud in a portable, mess free and nearly odorless manner. 

Pax also offers a portable pen — the Pax Era Pro — that features app integration on both Android and iPhone. The app provides near-perfect dosage control, something that has been a focus of doctors and cannabis experts. When it comes to innovating technology in the cannabis industry, Pax is at the forefront. 

Soulshine Cannabis 

This brand has set the bar high when it comes to sustainability in cannabis. Soulshine Cannabis delivers products through a 100% recyclable and compostable package complemented by vegetable-based inks. 

In addition, it only sources from sustainably harvested trees. With light being shed on the carbon footprint growing cannabis leaves, it is no surprise that brands are opting for more sustainable methods of delivering their products. Soulshine Cannabis is setting an example and an industry standard for prioritizing the environment while still producing high-quality products. 


Summerland creates beautiful clay pipes and ceramic bongs unique to its brand and most likely never seen anywhere else. Unlike traditional plastic rasta-colored bongs and colorful pipes found at most head shops, Summerland brings elegance and harmony to smoking accessories.

The glassware is created in small batches and hand crafted in Northern California with only the highest quality lead-free and food-safe materials. Priding itself on quality and connections, these beautiful pieces will blend into your home seamlessly. 

Major Innovations in the Cannabis Industry

As regulations have eased up and weed becomes more intertwined into everyday life, here are some of the major innovations in the cannabis industry to look for. 

Seed-to-sale software: This software tracks inventory at all stages from planting to selling products. While the plants grow, the software can also monitor and harvest data. This software is beneficial to all in the industry and allows growers and sellers to optimize their businesses by gaining insight. Beyond seed-to-sale software, software in general is increasingly being used in the industry to promote efficiency and scalability. 

Genomics: Gene editing allows scientists to produce cannabis with higher levels of other more-useful cannabinoids like CBG and TCHV.  These cannabinoids are more useful for pharmaceutical purposes and can help increase the benefits reaped from cannabis for those using it for medical purposes. 

Where Are Innovative Cannabis Products Available?

While weed is largely being decriminalized and legalized for recreational use, there are still strict regulations for buying and selling it. If you are interested in trying to find one of the innovative cannabis brands mentioned above, here’s where they’re available. 

Online: Innovative cannabis products from Pax and Summerland can be found online. Because these are technically cannabis accessories and not the substance itself, the brands are able to ship freely. For brands selling THC products, check out their websites to find authorized stores that sell their products. 

Dispensary: Oftentimes dispensaries will have websites where you can check to see whether they carry a certain brand like 710 or STIIIZY. In general, dispensaries are the best and most reliable way to purchase cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is cannabis legal worldwide?


No, cannabis is not legal worldwide, but certain countries are starting to legalize it, and many states in the U.S. have legalized it as well. 


What is the most exciting innovation in cannabis?


One of the most exciting and valuable innovations in the cannabis industry is the implementation of hardware, software and cultivation technologies that help optimize operations.