Best Money Management Courses

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Think you want to press the reset button on your financial journey? An online money management course is worth considering. 

The good news is, options are available for all skill levels and budgets. You won’t have a tough time finding a course if money’s tight. Plus, there are many options you can use if you’ve recently finished college and have little-to-no experience managing money.

Let Benzinga help you find a money management course that fits your needs and budget. 

Quick Look: Best Money Management Courses

Here’s a sneak peek at our top picks: 

What Makes a Money Management Course Great?

Keep these factors in mind as you explore money management courses. 

Taught by a Financial Expert

Your instructor should be well-versed in personal finance and able to convey the information in a way that’s easy to understand. Review the instructor’s bio and LinkedIn profile to learn more about their financial background. It’s also a good idea to read reviews from past students to get a feel for the instructor’s teaching style. 

Includes Supplementary Resources

Lectures on best money management practices are useful. However, you probably won’t get the most from the course unless it includes supplementary resources like real-life simulations that demonstrate how a concept is applied. Projects also allow you to put your newfound knowledge and skills to use in a practice setting. Quizzes are another ideal way to assess your expertise and identify areas where you need more practice. 


If you’re trying to get a better handle on your finances, the last thing you need is a money management course that breaks the bank. Look for options offered at an affordable rate. Or you can start with free classes to acquire the foundational concepts and move on to paid selections as your budget permits. 

Our Top Picks

Here are our top selections from Coursera, edX, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare and Udemy. Classes are categorized by skill level for beginners, intermediate students and advanced students. 

We’ve also a description of each course and the enrollment fee to help you find the best fit. 

Money Management Courses for Beginners

These introductory courses will teach you the basics and help you build a solid financial foundation. 

Money Management Like A Pro

Beginner • 11 videos • 4.9 hours

1. Money Management Like a Pro by Udemy 

This introductory course from Udemy teaches you how to get a handle on your finances one step at a time. It’s designed for individuals who seek knowledge on proven money-management strategies. 

Led by Certified Financial Professional Educator Amy McCutcheon, Money Management Like a Pro includes 10 lessons: 

  • Money Management Issues
  • Creating a Budget 
  • Growing a Savings
  • Cutting Costs
  • The $50 Grocery Budget
  • Managing Credit 
  • Paying Off Debt
  • Financial Action Plan
  • Financial Skills in Your Children
  • Increase Your Income 

Register today to get instant access to 5 hours of on-demand video and 2 downloadable resources. You will also receive a certificate of completion when you reach the finish line. 

Enroll now. 

2. Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making by the University of Michigan

Who it’s for: Beginners

Price: Free

Offered by the University of Michigan, Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making is a 6-week course that explores practical ways to boost financial literacy. You will also learn how to make sound financial decisions. 

Instructor Gautam Kaul, professor of finance at the Ross School of Business, delves into a series of critical personal finance topics like: 

  • Financial decision-making frameworks 
  • The impact of finance on individuals from all walks of life
  • The Time Value of Money (TVM) and how it can be applied to everyday decisions
  • How to gain and apply financial knowledge and skills in both personal and professional situations 

It’s free to enroll and you should expect to spend 5 to 6 hours per week working through the material. 

Enroll now. 

3. Money Management for Those Just Getting Started with Personal Finance and Investing Productivity by Cal Hyslop, MBA

Who it’s for: Beginners

Price: Free

New to the world of personal finance and investing? There’s so much to learn, but this course can bring you up to speed in a jiffy. 

Money Management for Those Just Getting Starting with Personal Finance and Investing Productivity spans 46 minutes. Instructor Cal Hyslop, MBA, explains the mechanics of financial management, budgeting, saving and investing in a way that anyone can understand. 

He breaks the material down into the following 7 lessons: 

  • Welcome to Money Management for Those Just Getting Started!
  • An Introduction to Personal Finance
  • Why Master Your Finances 
  • The Art of Budgeting 
  • Savings Strategy
  • Investment Eye-Opener 
  • Let’s Wrap It Up

Grab a free seat in this course today with a Skillshare trial. 

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Intermediate Money Management Courses

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, consider these intermediate money management courses.

4. Personal and Family Financial Planning by the University of Florida 

Who it’s for: Intermediate students 

Price: Free

Offered by the University of Florida, Personal and Family Financial Planning covers the essentials of personal finance. You will discover financial management tips that will serve you well while in school and for many years to come. 

Dr. Michael S. Gutter, professor of family, youth and community science, delivers instruction through video lectures. Students must also read supplementary material and take a series of quizzes to reach the finish line. 

Here’s a quick look at the course modules: 

  • Understanding Personal Finance
  • Financial Statements, Tools and Budgets 
  • Managing Income Taxes
  • Building and Maintaining Good Credit 
  • Managing Risk 
  • Investment Fundamentals 
  • Investing Through Mutual Funds
  • Personal Plan of Action 
  • Bonus Module 

There’s no cost to enroll, and it takes 10 hours to finish the course. 

Enroll now. 

Personal Financial Management

Beginner • 14 videos • 0.6 hours

5. Personal Financial Management by Udemy 

Financial expert Rachyl Kafonek discusses proven strategies to set reasonable financial goals, get your spending in check and manage a budget in this highly rated course. You will also discover the most effective ways to ax your debt and start investing to build wealth. 

Personal Financial Management includes 5 core modules: 

  • Spending Analysis 
  • Financial Goals
  • Budgeting
  • Debt Management 
  • Beginning Investing 

The enrollment fee includes full lifetime access to 33 minutes of on-demand video lectures, 6 articles and 9 downloadable resources. You will also receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

You can register with confidence knowing the course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied for any reason. 

Enroll now. 

6. Financial Wellness: Managing Personal Cash Flow by LinkedIn Learning 

Who it’s for: Intermediate students 

Price: Included with the monthly membership

In a little under 1 hour, you can learn how to alter your financial habits and start managing your cash flow in a positive way. You will also learn how to identify negative behaviors and stressors that cause financial challenges, find ways to get unstuck and devise a strategy to manage your personal cash flow. 

Financial Wellness: Managing Personal Cash Flow includes 3 modules:

  • More Than Just Money
  • The Process of Financial Behavioral Change
  • The Wheel of Change  

Facilitator Amanda Clayman is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and financial wellness clinician. She’s also the founder of a national human services organization, the Financial Wellness Program for the Actors Fund. 

Enroll now. 

Advanced Money Management Courses

Master your finances and dive into what it really takes to accumulate wealth with these advanced money management courses. 

The Smart Way To Personal Finance Success!

All Levels • 48 videos • 2.1 hours

7. The Smart Way to Personal Finance Success! by Udemy

Learn how to knock your investment goals out of the park and start building wealth with this advanced course from Udemy. You will also discover a blueprint to make saving for a new home, college, early retirement, travel and other significant financial goals a reality. 

The Smart Way to Personal Finance Success! is broken down into 6 segments: 

  • S=Saving
  • M=Managing
  • A=Automating
  • R=Resisting
  • T=Time
  • Next Steps

Enroll today to unlock 2 hours of on-demand video and 1.5 hours of on-demand audio. You will also have access to audio versions of the lessons that you can download and access while on the go. 

Instructor Steve Ballinger, MBA, is a highly rated personal finance and investing instructor. He’s taught over 285,000 Udemy students. 

Enroll now. 

Personal Finance Mastery for Young Adults

All Levels • 44 videos • 2.6 hours

8. Personal Finance Mastery for Young Adults by Udemy

Interested in mastering your money to get out of debt, build wealth and leave your 9-5 behind? Consider this advanced course to show you how. 

Personal Finance Mastery for Young Adults is instructed by accountant and life strategist Bart Milatz. It includes 2.5 hours of on-demand video instruction to help you accelerate your progress toward meeting goals and take control of your financial destiny. 

The course includes 44 lectures with detailed guidance. Here’s how they’re segmented: 

  • How Your Self-Worth Affects Your Net Worth
  • The 7 Laws of Managing Your Money Wisely
  • The 10 Steps to Master Your Financial Destiny
  • The 6 Money Management Mistakes to Avoid
  • Increasing Your Income 
  • The 7 Habits of Money Management
  • Money Management “How-Tos”

Register today at a fee that’s a bargain for the value you’ll receive from the course. 

Enroll now. 

The Personal Finance and Wealth Management Masterclass

All Levels • 75 videos • 10.3 hours

9. The Personal Finance and Wealth Management Masterclass by Udemy 

Seeking advanced personal finance and investing knowledge? Level up your skills and acquire MBA-level financial analysis skills from instructor Raj Gupta. He’s the chief financial officer of the American College of Healthcare Trustees and holds a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Gupta delivers world-class instruction through 75 lectures condensed into 10 hours of on-demand video. They are divided into 6 segments: 

  • Introduction and Wealth Accumulation
  • Financial Planning
  • Asset Allocation 
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Coronavirus and Personal Finance

The Personal Finance and Wealth Management Masterclass also includes 51 downloadable resources and you will receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

Enroll now.

Find the Best Money Management Course for You 

Don’t spend hours sifting through hundreds of articles or textbooks to learn about money management and advanced personal finance concepts. Consider an online course to learn the basics or level up your knowledge in the most efficient way possible. Our recommendations are led by subject-matter experts and include supplementary resources to help you get the most from your online learning experience. 

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