Marketing Job Listings

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September 1, 2020

Are you a good communicator with a creative flair? If so, a marketing job may be right for you. There isn’t a company on the planet that doesn’t need to be marketed, and the possibilities are endless. 

Google “marketing jobs” on LinkedIn and you’ll find more than 670,000 jobs in the U.S. In other words, job security isn’t a worry. There are so many marketing jobs that encompass a lot of different industries and job titles. It helps to know what the differences are so you can find the right job for your skills and background. 

Main Takeaways: Getting a Marketing Job

  • The field of marketing bleeds into numerous different careers. Learning how marketing intersects with other fields, and the skills needed for these positions, will help you find the best marketing job for you.
  • One of the best things you can do is continually learn. You can take an online marketing course, read the latest marketing literature, or shadow someone in a marketing position you want.
  • There are certain skills and personality traits that allow you to excel in marketing. These include communication, project management, leadership, and more.

What Does a Marketing Job Entail?

Broadly defined, marketing is the practice of selling and promoting goods and services to consumers, including market research and advertising. There are many different titles, including marketing associate, coordinator, representative, manager or director.

Marketing associates and representatives are more entry- to mid-level positions, while marketing managers and directors lead marketing teams and make major marketing decisions for organizations.

Profitable businesses need strong marketing teams to perform market research, competitor analysis, consumer research and create marketing campaigns to promote their products and services. 

Do I Need a Marketing Degree to Work in this Field?

Although there are some marketing jobs that don’t require a degree, it’s advantageous to have one.

There’s a good chance you won’t need a degree if you’re looking for a more entry-level marketing job. You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree if you’re looking for a better-paying marketing job in an area like marketing, advertising or communication. 

Senior or executive-level marketing jobs often require an MBA in marketing or a similar area. Build up your marketing portfolio with any pieces you’ve created, such as brochures, flyers, social media campaigns and posters.

You can also acquire certifications in Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Hubspot (check for these online) that will boost your hiring factor.

Research marketing techniques and strategies online. Finally, enrolling in social media marketing courses and other similar classes with also help. You can find many low-cost and free marketing courses online and at local community centers.

Types of Marketing Jobs and Titles

We’ve compiled a list of sample marketing fields and titles to help you narrow down your job search since marketing is such a broad category.

Entry-Level Marketing

Most entry-level marketing jobs, including marketing representative, marketing associate, brand ambassador, canvasser and demonstrator, don’t require a degree.

This type of job might entail cold-calling, handing out free samples and products, passing out sales flyers and doing other basic marketing jobs.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers, often called digital marketing representatives, e-commerce managers and digital marketing coordinators, promote products and services using digital channels.

The goal of digital marketing is to generate leads and drive website traffic.

Typically, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communication with a concentration in digital marketing.

You’ll need more experience under your belt to land this type of job, so learn the ropes by volunteering to help local business owners improve their website content or manage their social media accounts. Certifications pertaining to digital marketing will also be a big plus.

Advertising Marketing

Advertising marketing jobs (as an advertising representative, advertising manager and advertising coordinator) are related to any type of advertising function a company has, such as Facebook or magazine ads and billboards.

You’ll definitely need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising as well as other pertinent experience. Advertising agencies are a good place to look for jobs if this is your area of expertise.

Content Marketing

Content marketing jobs entail creating, publishing and distributing content to a targeted audience. Sample titles include content marketing manager, content marketing specialist and content writer and coordinator.

A company’s marketing content promotes brand loyalty and consumer trust and encompasses both digital and hard copy materials.

If you’re interested in pursuing a job in content marketing, you’ll be expected to know how to use a content management system (CMS), which serves as a portal for a company to efficiently archive, store and search for its marketing materials. Examples include WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing would be ideal and a master’s degree may be required as well. 

Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is a subcategory within the marketing and involves promoting and marketing sports teams as a sports marketing coordinator or sports marketing specialist. Sample tasks include sports marketing, merchandising, campaign management and advertising.

You could find a job working for your favorite sports team or with a company that specializes in sports-related marketing. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or public relations are good choices. 

Marketing Analysis

Marketing analysis jobs focus on research, analysis and interpreting data to predict internal and external marketing trends, measuring performance against competitors and to test the success of specific marketing strategies and campaigns.

It’s more technical to deal with statistics and analytics, so if this is your forte, a marketing analyst job might be right for you. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, statistics or business would be ideal if you’re looking for this type of position.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing jobs (as a social media manager, social media coordinator or social media specialist) involve creating and posting engaging content, responding to customer questions and promoting company campaigns through social media accounts.

A degree isn’t required for this job but a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising is a plus. Some colleges have social media marketing as a major. With over 1 million Instagram users and 2.28 billion Facebook users, social media remains an important element of marketing for all companies.

Salary Ranges and Expectations for Marketing Jobs

The average salary for a marketing or public relations specialist is $60,000 per year. Your salary could go much higher than that depending on your role within a company.

For example, the median salary for a marketing manager is $147,240, so a career in marketing can be quite lucrative.

Projected Growth Rate of the Marketing Field

Marketing jobs are expected to grow by 10% by 2026, so there’s job security if this is your chosen career.

More and more companies are leveraging digital and online marketing initiatives, so if you specialize in these areas, it would be a plus. These areas are also at the forefront of people’s minds due to data breaches and so-called “fake news,” so companies need marketers who can focus on social responsibility and building consumer confidence. 

How to Get a Marketing Job

You’ve decided a marketing job is for you, so where can you find a job? Here are a few tips to help jump start your job search:

  1. Market yourself. Create a cheap website, spread the word on social media, update your LinkedIn profile and create an online portfolio to show off your marketing skills.
  2. Show and tell. Start a blog, YouTube channel or social media campaign to tell the world what you’re good at and what you can do for companies. “Showing” is much more effective than just “telling.”
  3. Register with a staffing firm. Sign up with an employment agency that specializes in marketing jobs, such as Creative Circle or The Creative Group.
  4. Apply everywhere. Leave no stone unturned, apply on legitimate job search engines as well as on company websites. 
  5. Keep current on terminology and stay educated. Know the latest marketing terms and programs and acquire as many specialty marketing certifications as possible to edge out the competition.
  6. Liven up your resume. Since you’re seeking a creative job, you can be more creative with your resume. Search for “creative marketing resumes” online for ideas.

Top 6 Skills to Be Successful in Marketing

What kind of skills do you need to be a successful marketer? Here are the top 6 skills you’ll need if you want to be a marketer extraordinaire:

1. Communication

It goes without saying that you need to be a good communicator to make it in the marketing industry. You should be articulate and personable and talented in all forms of communication, including verbal and written skills.

You’ll need to be able to communicate marketing plans to leaders and colleagues and communicate well with clients in order to land new business, so being a good communicator is a must.

2. Project Management

No matter what area of marketing you’re in, you’ll be responsible for managing many different kinds of marketing projects. It’s a good idea to be able to develop and follow a project plan and meet all major milestones to be a successful project manager.

3. Leadership 

Whether you’re on a marketing team or lead one, you need to possess good leadership skills. You might be asked to lead a project or marketing campaign, so be prepared to be a leader that people will follow.

4. Research

Most marketing jobs involve a lot of research, both within the company and analyzing competitors. You should be the king or queen of Google to make it in the marketing sector.

5. Goal Driven

You’ll be expected to set and meet many goals as part of any marketing team. Whether you achieve those goals will be how your performance is measured as a marketing representative.

6. Creative

Keep up with trends, stay creative and fresh to be successful in marketing. Innovation and originality are what makes a company’s products and services stand out, so being creative is a must.

Make Your Mark

Not too sure that a desk job at a company is exactly your speed? There are many work-at-home marketing jobs if avoiding a commute sounds more appealing.

Thousands of companies rely heavily on a strong marketing team, so if your plan for retirement involves a career in marketing, it could be an excellent move.

People in marketing positions are constantly improving their understanding of their field and client needs. Check out our picks for the best marketing textbooks to help stay above the curve and competitive in this field.