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August 12, 2022
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From car insurance to homeowners insurance, most Americans have multiple insurance protections. Marble aims to make managing multiple insurance policies easier by providing a single insurance hub to access all of your coverage information.

Marble’s mobile app and desktop platform make it easy to link existing insurance policies in the same way you can link bank accounts to a financial management app like Mint. You can even earn rewards on your insurance policies by linking your accounts, answering questions on your insurance habits and learning more about coverage options.

Marble partners with insurance companies to help you shop for affordable coverage options without the spam that comes with some other comparison platforms. With a streamlined platform, an easy application process and no fees, Marble is a unique option to earn benefits for protecting yourself with insurance.

Best For
  • Anyone who needs an insurance hub to manage multiple policies
  • Those who want to earn insurance rewards for maintaining coverage
  • Users looking for more affordable insurance policies
  • Provides a single account with all your insurance information
  • Allows you to earn points for maintaining insurance protections
  • Helps you shop for policies from your mobile or desktop app
  • Free to use: can begin earning points immediately
  • Must wait 60 days after earning your first reward points before using them

Marble Ratings at a Glance

Marble Products

No one ever anticipates that they’ll be involved in a car accident, see their home damaged by a natural disaster or find themselves unable to pay for their pet’s veterinary bills. However, situations like these happen all the time — which is part of the reason why having a comprehensive set of insurance policies in place is so important. 

From pet insurance to help keep your furry friend healthy to the auto insurance coverage you need to remain on the road legally, you likely have a number of insurance policies. But when was the last time that you reviewed what exactly is covered under each policy or searched for more affordable rates?

Marble is a unique insurance management platform that helps you keep track of what you’re paying for insurance coverage, the benefits you have and where you might be able to save. Users who create a Marble account do so because they want an easy way to keep track of what they’re paying for in insurance costs, and they’d like help looking for areas where they can save on coverage. 

Some of the benefits you may be able to take advantage of when you sign up for Marble include:

  • Link and organize insurance products: If you’re like most people, you probably have multiple insurance policies in your household. Marble offers a convenient way to access all of your policy information through a single, all-inclusive mobile or desktop app. Marble has partnered with Canopy Connect to seamlessly integrate most insurance accounts, but you can link any type of insurance policy you have, assuming you’re able to upload your policy Declaration Page.
  • Rewards: Marble doesn’t only help you understand your policies, it also helps you earn rewards for tracking your coverage. Marble offers multiple opportunities to earn reward points — called marbles — that you can exchange for a gift card from Starbucks, Amazon, Uber or Target. Simply begin earning marbles through your account (Marble will even email you each Monday with new opportunities to earn) and cash them in within the expiration period. You may also donate your Marbles to various charities like NRDC, Feeding America, Direct Relief or charity: water or redeem them for Bitcoin or Ethereum via Gemini.


Marble offers plenty of opportunities to earn rewards for learning about your insurance coverage and linking your current accounts. 

  • Learn more about insurance options: Marble offers plenty of ways to earn points and learn more about your insurance. Marble’s intuitive and beginner-friendly education section offers access to dozens of articles on car insurance, renter’s insurance and tons of other policy options. Marble also partners with insurance companies to offer competitive rates and policy options for you to review. Depending on your current coverage, Marble could find policy options that save you money every month.

Both the mobile and desktop applications are exceptionally easy to use, and linking accounts with major insurance providers takes only a few minutes. If you use a money-management app like Mint to manage your personal finance and credit cards, you may enjoy using Marble, which employs a similar design and philosophy to your insurance portfolio. 

Marble Customer Service

Marble offers a few ways to contact its customer service team, including:

  • Email: To contact Marble by email, send a message to For the fastest possible response, send your email using the account associated with your Marble account. If you’d prefer to submit a message directly, complete a request for contact form.
  • Chat: If you have a Marble account, you can connect with Marble directly through your account’s chat function. Log into your Marble account and navigate to the chat feature to connect with a representative. If a representative isn’t available when you submit your message, you’ll get a notification in-app and via email when you receive a response.

Marble aims to respond to all customer service inquiries within 24 hours, but most customers will get a response in less than a day.  

Marble Security

To get the most out of your account, you’ll need to link your existing insurance policies to Marble through the insurance providers that issue your accounts. It’s smart to be worried that your passwords could potentially become compromised during the linking process. Marble uses Canopy Connect to safeguard your personal data and passwords when setting up your account.

Canopy Connect produces and supplies cloud-based infrastructure that encrypts any data you submit to Marble when creating or using your account. Your transfer of information is complete with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that hackers cannot view or access information if there’s an infrastructure breach. Any data you submit through Canopy Connect is never saved on Marble, which provides you with another layer of protection in the event of a data breach. Thanks to its seamless integration with Canopy Connect, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing any information you submit to Marble is secure. 

In addition to its partnership with Canopy Connect, Marble takes additional steps on its own infrastructure to keep your data safe. Both Marble’s website and its mobile app are encrypted with 256-bit encryption. This level of encryption is considered to be the highest level available for practical everyday use, and is the same level of encryption employed by the world’s largest banks and the U.S. government. Account controls you can use to further ensure that only you can access your data include two-factor authentication, automatic logouts and ID verification requirements for lockouts. None of your information is ever shared with third parties without your clear and explicit consent. 

Marble Mobile App

Marble offers a streamlined and intuitive mobile platform that’s easy to use and mimics desktop functionality. Some of the features that make the Marble app exceptionally easy to use include:

  • Managing your insurance benefits: Marble’s app provides a single place to view all your insurance benefits. This can be particularly beneficial if you have an auto insurance policy or another type of insurance you might need while on the road.
  • Shopping for better rates: In addition to accessing your insurance information on the road, you can also shop for better rates on-the-go. Marble’s app includes all the features you’ll find on your desktop platform, which can be ideal for anyone who travels frequently.
  • Enhanced security: Marble’s app institutes additional automatic logout and authentication features, ensuring no one will be able to access your account — even if your phone is stolen.

The Marble app is available as a free download from the Apple and Google Play stores. 

Marble Pricing

Marble is free to use — you don’t pay anything to open an account, there is no minimum balance you must have in any account and there are no maintenance fees. Marble earns money through its partnerships with major insurance companies, which help to fund the app’s free services.

This means you have the opportunity to begin earning rewards without making any type of initial investment. You can begin earning marbles (which you can exchange for rewards) as soon as you open your account. You can exchange earned marbles in for gift cards from:

  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Uber

Marble’s FAQ says it is working to expand its limited reward program to bring extra options in the future. 

Marble User Benefits

Marble is an interesting platform that extends benefits commonly seen with financial management apps to the world of insurance. Some of the most unique benefits offered by Marble include:

  • Easy and intuitive signups: Getting started with Marble is exceptionally simple — most users will be able to open their account and get started earning rewards in just a few minutes. Marble’s app layout is just as easy to navigate no matter the type of device you use.
  • Rewards on insurance: Marble is the first fintech app Benzinga has seen to allow you to earn points for maintaining insurance coverage. If you love collecting points and rewards across accounts, you may enjoy using Marble to manage your insurance policies.
  • Single hub for insurance: Marble functions as a digital wallet for your insurance coverages, which can help you access policy information on-the-go as you need it. 

Marble User Experience

Opening an account with Marble is easy. Simply choose insurance products you’re interested in, provide a bit of personal information and start using your account. When linking insurance accounts, Marble’s integration system will handle most of the heavy lifting. Most users will have a fully functioning account in less than five minutes. Marble’s app layout is just as easy to navigate and mirrors desktop functionality.

In addition to being easy to use, Marble also makes it easy to begin earning points. For example, you’ll earn 700 marbles (equivalent to $7) for creating your account. When you link your first insurance policy, you’ll earn another $5 in marbles. You can also earn marbles for learning more about insurance, incentivizing you to improve your understanding of the insurance industry. Even if you only have a few insurance policies to manage, you’ll still find it easy to begin earning rewards. However, you must wait 60 days to use any marbles you earn.  

Marble Overall

Marble is an app that brings unique rewards and organizational tools with no monthly or annual fees. You can get started with Marble in as little as a few minutes, and you’ll start earning rewards as soon as you open your account. While you’ll need to wait two months before using the rewards you earn, Marble brings new benefits to carrying insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Which insurance carriers give money back?


Though it’s uncommon for an insurance company to refund its customers’ premiums, some insurance companies do give money back to customers through discounts. Insurance companies like Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., Allstate Corp. and Liberty Mutual Group give customers money back by helping them save through reduced deductibles. For example, your insurance company might reduce your deductible by $100 for each year that you drive without an accident on your record. If you find yourself in an accident after this probationary period, you’ll pay less to have your vehicle repaired.


Is Marble legit?


Yes, Marble is legitimate. While there is no guarantee that Marble will be able to find you more affordable insurance policies than the ones that you already have, the app takes steps to ensure your personal data is safe and only you can access your account. Be sure to enable two-factor authentication on your account to prevent anyone from accessing your account without also having access to your phone number and email address.

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