How to Become a Marketing Manager

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May 12, 2020

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Do you dream of becoming a marketing manager? The tools and knowledge needed to thrive in this career can also help you in your everyday life. 

You can play an integral role in helping businesses turn a profit on their offerings. Or you can market yourself in a positive light and reap the benefits in every area of your life. 

This guide covers what it takes to become a marketing manager. 

Marketing Manager Overview

Wondering what your role as a marketing manager will entail or how much you can expect to be compensated? How about future job prospects? Consider these factors as you decide whether this career is a good fit. 

Job Description

In this role, you will analyze current offerings from your employer or client to gauge demand. You will also create pricing strategies and search for new markets and opportunities to garner more attention for products and services. Others tasks may include:

  • Developing marketing plans and budgets
  • Creating promotional campaigns 
  • Managing day-to-day marketing operations 
  • Overseeing marketing staff to ensure they properly execute their job functions 
  • Aiding in the development of new products and services 

Marketing managers work in office settings. They frequently collaborate with key members of management to ensure marketing-related objectives for the company are being met. You may also work remotely at a client site or as you meet with media representatives. 

The top industries for marketing managers are in the company and enterprise management, finance and insurance, manufacturing, professional, technical and scientific services and wholesale trade sectors, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Salary Information

In 2018, the median pay for marketing managers was $135,900 annually or $65.34 per hour. Here’s how it breaks down by industry: 

  • Company and enterprise management: $145,510
  • Finance and insurance: $145,720
  • Manufacturing: $138,950 
  • Professional, technical and scientific services: $145,300
  • Wholesale trade: $128,680

Education Requirements

You will need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for a marketing manager role. Some employers also require that you complete an internship or acquire real-world experience before they consider you for the job. 

Already have an associate’s degree or college credits? Instead of starting a marketing degree program from scratch, consider options that permit transfer credits to graduate faster and save money.

Job Outlook

The average growth rate through 2028 for this role is around 8%, notes That’s good news for aspiring managers as it’s 3% higher than what you’ll find for positions in many other industries. 

Steps to Becoming a Marketing Manager

If you’re eager to take the first step towards becoming a marketing manager, keep these tips in mind:

Earn Your Degree

Aspiring marketing managers need a bachelor’s degree or higher to qualify for the role. But you don’t want to pick a degree program at random and hope it pays off. Only consider options from accredited institutions that have a stellar reputation. Also, be mindful of job placement rates for recent graduates. 

If you choose to earn your degree, you will also have free access to the college or university's  career services center. This makes the resume building, job search and interviewing process much easier.

Many marketing degree programs also require you to complete an internship before graduation. Doing so enables you to gain invaluable insights from career professionals who are already in the role you hope to land soon. They can share best practices for overcoming challenges, exceeding expectations and climbing the corporate ladder. 

Consider an Online Course 

An online course won’t meet the educational requirement for most employers but you can acquire knowledge that supplements what you learn in the classroom. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from someone who’s currently working in the field and navigate challenges that come with new trends. 

Even better, online courses are available for a fraction of what you’ll pay for a degree program. If you’re feeling motivated, you may decide to start your own marketing firm and begin pitching prospects sooner than later. 

Connect with Marketing Professionals

Don’t wait until you walk across the stage at graduation to network with marketing professionals. Start building your network online or through professional events and career fairs. You never know who you’ll connect with — that person may just be your next boss or the ticket to your dream career. 

Best Universities for Becoming a Marketing Manager

These online marketing degree programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field. 

1. Colorado State University 


Learn the essentials of developing, promoting, distributing and selling products and services from the esteemed faculty at Colorado State University. The online bachelor’s in marketing is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs and prepares you for a career as a marketing manager. Students complete a series of core marketing-related courses and have the option to select a specialization to enhance their knowledge. 

2. Temple University 


Temple University offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing through the Fox School of Business. This degree program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and delves into vital marketing concepts like advertising, communications, data analytics, digital media and market research. You can also specialize in consumer insights, digital marketing, retailing and sales force effectiveness. 

Crunched for time and need to earn your degree faster? Choose the accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration program that can get you to the finish line in just 3 years. 

Consider these digital marketing courses to level up your marketing knowledge. 

1. Marketing Communications for Professional Marketers by Udemy

Source: Udemy

For only $9.99, you will discover best practices to communicate more effectively as a marketer. You will also learn how to avoid critical marketing communication mistakes. 

 Marketing Communications for Professional Marketers is comprised of 3 core components:

  • The Marketing Communications Mix
  • The Marketing Communications and Relationship 
  • Exploring Corporate Communications 

It’s offered by Oxford Learning Lab and includes 28 on-demand video lectures. You’ll walk away with the expertise to craft messages that resonate with your target audience.

2. Marketing 101 for Maximum Sales by Udemy

Source: Udemy

Marketing 101 for Maximum Sales covers vital strategies that drive sales. You’ll also learn how to figure out what your prospects really want. This course is broken down into 3 segments: 

  • Making Money Means Getting Attention
  • Making Money Means Holding Attention
  • You Must Also Have Deeper Attention Strategies

Register today for full lifetime access to 35 minutes of on-demand video, 1 article and 8 downloadable resources. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion when you complete the class. The course is led by Chris Fill, senior examiner at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. It’s only $9.99 to enroll. 

Start Preparing for a Career as a Marketing Manager Today 

Ready to make your dream of becoming a marketing manager a reality? Begin by evaluating our top selections to find a good fit. Enroll in a suitable program, put your best foot forward and connect with peers and career professionals. Take advantage of career services and internship opportunities to give yourself the best shot at getting hired when you graduate.

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