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July 25, 2022
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Hims was first created in 2017 to function as a telehealth company dedicated to helping men receive necessary treatment within the 50 states. In less than a decade, Hims has created a company committed to improving access to healthcare while also emphasizing individual needs. It works to help men access easy and affordable care that’s designed to empower them about areas of concern that are often difficult to verbalize. The company also created a company called “HERS,” which is a telehealth platform designed for women in part thanks to the success of Hims

In terms of the growing telehealth market, the many benefits offered by Hims make it a strong candidate for individuals in need of an alternative health care structure. It understands the vulnerabilities associated with being a heavily online platform and encrypts personal data to more effectively safeguard valuable personal information from potential hackers. It specifies no set limit on the number of follow-up questions a user can ask a provider when it comes to a health concern or treatment. Hims matches users from specified states with licensed healthcare providers. The company has discreet shipping options for products and prescriptions. Overall, Hims allows men to have better access to care and products without the hassle of meeting a provider in person. 

Best For
  • Busy people
  • People interested in prescriptions they trust 100% online
  • On-the-go treatment and assistance
  • Convenient and accessible service that’s available from a computer or mobile phone
  • Focuses on treating both mental and physical areas of concern
  • Not covered by all insurance
  • Strictly online care

Hims Ratings at a Glance

Hims Product Offerings

People are first asked to answer a few initial questions that are designed to inform healthcare providers about relevant information such as medical history and current symptoms. Once the initial questions are answered, Hims matches users with licensed providers within the specified state. After a user meets with a licensed provider, they receive helpful information such as a treatment plan as well as prescriptions when deemed necessary. 

For example, a user concerned about a receding hairline can first answer the initial questions and then partner with a licensed provider in their state. A medical professional can then explain and create a treatment plan with a combination of topical or oral treatment options such as pills, shampoos and sprays. 

Hims provides a platform that has step-by-step assistance for individuals that prefer receiving assistance about their health from an online platform. Hims understands that hair loss and sexual performance are two main areas of interest for users, so the company provides multiple products to assist with: 

  • Hair loss: For men experiencing hair loss, the treatments offered by Hims can stop and even help regrow hair. Minoxidil is best for new hair loss or to treat mild-to-moderate balding because it works by stimulating hair regrowth and restore hair density. Another medication for hair loss is finasteride, an oral medication that treats hair loss by blocking the hormones that inhibit hair growth. Finasteride can help to prevent additional balding and can stimulate hair regrowth. Men experiencing hair loss due to stress, a mental health disorder or a vitamin deficiency can treat hair loss by addressing the root cause with products offered by Hims, including topically and orally administered options for hair loss such as sprays, pills, shampoos and gummies.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED): A number of ED pills are prescribed in the United States. Hims medical professionals prescribe a variety of medications based on patient characteristics and specific needs, including highly effective as-needed ED treatment like the active ingredient in Viagra® and ED meds taken daily, like the generic for Cialis®. Generic for Viagra, the most popular ED treatment through Hims, has the same active ingredient as Viagra® but at only a fraction of the cost.
  • Premature ejaculation (PE): Hims medical professionals can prescribe several proven treatments for PE. Sertraline is a daily pill that can increase time to climax by up to 400% and help keep you prepared for intimacy on your schedule. Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra®, can be taken as needed to delay ejaculation and to treat ED. Paroxetine can also work to solve this issue.

The company addresses both the physical and mental concerns of users while remaining aware that these areas have the ability to overlap in terms of causes and treatments. The user experience for the mobile application and website remains straightforward and clear, which helps individuals to feel more empowered about their health. Hims offers products that are thoughtfully designed and give multiple resources for men in need of healthcare. 

Hims Product Customer Service

Customers describe positive experiences with the recommended products as well as with the provided Medical professionals . For example, Hims currently ranks 4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Trustpilot provides Hims with a high score for the overall company, but some customers expressed room for improvement in terms of customer service. For example, some customers revealed that it can take multiple days for a representative from customer service to respond. 

The company remains uniquely responsive to customers by providing a section of the website dedicated to addressing frequently asked questions. Hims maintains a strong social media presence on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitter where individuals can interact and reach out to the company. 

Hims provides a free consultation with a medical professional. The company allows multiple avenues of communication such as chat, video and phone to promote a more productive visit. Each visit is designed to accommodate a user’s schedule and to help men obtain assistance from a licensed provider while on the go. 

In addition, Hims works in all 50 states with a wide range of healthcare providers to more accurately match customers with Medical professionals  in their states. In some cases, prescriptions might not be deemed appropriate, and, in such situations, Hims provides the next steps. 

Hims Mobile App

The mobile application provides an easy-to-use interface that encourages individuals to spend time exploring the company’s various benefits. It’s available in areas such as the App Store and Google Play, which means that the mobile app is compatible with most phones created by Apple and Android. 

The mobile application includes a section that’s accessible 24/7 and dedicated to customer support. It provides live assistance where users can discuss problems or concerns in real-time. Customers can manage and reorder items in their subscriptions to address a wide range of needs from hair loss, anxiety and acne to erectile dysfunction. In addition, customers are able to track their orders and decide how to handle their subscriptions and shipping details. The mobile application promotes Hims as a telehealth provider committed to connecting users with excellent tools and exemplary care. 

Hims Pricing

Pricing varies depending on the specific products and packaging. The prices are not directly stated on all of the products. However, items such as generic Viagra, also known as sildenafil, begin at around $3 per dose. Hims offers both generic and name-brand treatment options because the popularity of such names have the potential to change the cost of the items. Products that need a prescription first require an online consultation with a medical professional. 

Hims also has helpful resources such as telehealth primary care options where people have the opportunity to consult with a provider for as low as $39 to help address more common concerns such as allergies, infections, skin problems and the flu. 

The services or products offered by Hims might not be covered by all insurance providers, which means that the costs of certain products will likely come out of pocket. It’s relatively common for telehealth companies such as Hims and its competitors to not be fully covered by insurance. This lack of acceptance by insurance can prove a barrier to entry for individuals who need help from their health insurance to effectively afford medical care. 

Hims User Benefits

Hims provides multiple user benefits such as discreet shipping, easy online visits, licensed providers for telehealth visits and convenient assistance that centers around an individual’s busy schedule. Hims personalizes the telehealth business by bringing the needs and concerns of an individual to the front of the conversation. No limit is placed on the number of messages that a customer can send providers when it comes to treatment. Hims understands that healthcare is not one-size-fits-all, which ensures treatment plans are designed around personal goals and needs.

Hims User Experience

The company maintains a user experience that’s centered around customer needs and ease of use. Customers reported high levels of positive sentiment in terms of customer experience. One consideration is that users might not receive the exact treatment that they would from an in-person licensed provider. For example, the communication between the user and licensed provider is fully digital, which has enormous benefits in terms of access, but it might not work best for all medical situations or concerns. The virtual mode of communication has the potential of unintentionally limiting the amount of information that is passed between a licensed professional and a user seeking assistance. Overall, the user experience at Hims ranks as positive. 

Hims vs. Competitors

Hims remains strong when stacked against competition such as Roman and KEEPS. Roman and Hims provide similar services that function on a telehealth basis, but the overall choice when selecting a telehealth option is ultimately up to the individual. For example, both Roman and Hims center around providing men with healthcare services. Hims stands out from competitors such as KEEPS because it addresses more areas of concern than just hair loss and provides unique treatments options unavailable elsewhere. 

Hims Overall

Overall, Hims ranks 4.5 out of 5 stars. The company commands a highly rated score from its wide range of product offerings, helpful customer service and thoughtful user benefits. One major draw to the company is that it uses Medical professionals within each state to more accurately ensure an elevated quality of advice for users. Its ability to act as a more comprehensive telehealth service for both specific needs as well as general health concerns and questions allows Hims to corner a larger share of the market. 

Hims could be a bit clearer on customer pricing and cancellation policies. Customers mentioned that their subscriptions were automatically renewed with no longer wanted products and that they had to wait up to several days for responses from the customer support team or licensed providers after reaching out. One key factor of telehealth is its speed, so that’s something to keep in mind when selecting a health provider.

Overall, Hims offers an optimal telehealth option that’s designed to assist with male healthcare needs. The company provides strong user benefits and a comprehensive mobile application that has multiple tools and benefits such as easily accessible exclusive video content and a streamlined process for individuals interested in obtaining personalized treatment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Hims per month?


Hims provides a free online consultation to better personalize your care. Monthly prices vary depending on need. For example, the monthly cost for hair loss treatment is not the same as the monthly cost for acne treatment. Skincare routines can begin for as low as $29 per month. Individuals have the option to snooze specific items in their monthly subscription when they are not needed. 


How long does it take for Hims medication to work?


The time needed to see results from Hims medication typically differs depending on the product. A  hair loss remedy will not have the same timespan as would medication for erectile dysfunction. For example, finasteride pills are designed to combat hair loss and can take around three to four months before you may notice results. In contrast, pills for erectile dysfunction, which are also known as Rx ED medication, can take about an hour to start working. 

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