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June 16, 2021
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securely through Evonax's website

Evonax is a crypto exchange that serves as a 3rd party between cryptocurrencies and users. It is simple and allows you to buy or sell 18 popular types of cryptocurrency. You can exchange digital coins or money for cash or cryptocurrency.

Two of Evonax’s best benefits are that you don’t give out any personal information and Evonax is free to use. You can choose from 18 of the most popular cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Monero, Doge, Chainlink, Z Cash and Bitcoin Cash and many more.

After you sign up, you’ll receive a personalized wallet that uses SSL encryption. Evonax uses a secure server to process your transactions. One potential drawback is that the only way to contact customer service is through email, but you can find many answers to your questions from the FAQ section. You must provide a valid email address for customer service to reply.

Best For
  • Traders seeking anonymity
  • Beginning traders
  • Anybody wanting a basic crypto transaction
  • Anyone not seeking out complex graphs and charts
  • Simple-to-use homepage walks you through a transaction
  • Transactions are easy
  • You can choose from 18 different cryptocurrencies
  • You must email customer support that may take 1 business day

Evonax Ratings at a Glance

Investment Options

Although basic transactions are easily completed, Evonax investment options are limited in scope and process. Currently, the only investment options are to change your cash for cryptocurrency or other types of digital currencies. The three-step method requires that you determine what you want to exchange, transfer the assets and receive the coins or cash. The Evonax exchange process is simple, however, requiring a maximum of 30 minutes.

Evonax ’s investment options are clear-cut. You select the currency you would like to change, credit the conversion currency and choose the destination. Evonax provides access to the top cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, Monero, Bitcoin Gold, Chainlink, Z Cash and Bitcoin Cash and many more.

We rate the investment options with 4 stars. The access to the most popular digital coins is excellent. But the selection focuses only on these coins exclusively and none of the many emerging cryptocurrencies. 

Evonax Customer Service

Evonax’s customer service options are solely through email. Although customer service will respond to your questions within 1 business day, you can’t reach a person if the email response is inadequate. Evonax encourages you to read the FAQs for any general, technical issues or exchange questions.

When you do email customer service, Evonax wants your deposit address to give you the highest levels of support. The simplicity of the site makes everything easy to understand and navigate. You can find answers to most of your questions by visiting the FAQs. 

We rate the customer service with 3.5 stars. Although you can find much of what you need in the FAQ section, beginning traders often don’t know the terms to use or the questions to ask. Since Evonax’s only other option is to email customer service after checking the FAQs and waiting for a reply within 1 business day, new traders may feel frustrated. 

Evonax Pricing

Evonax is free to use. Anyone can start using the platform in minutes to exchange cryptocurrencies or cash. You don’t need to register, and Evonax won’t ask you for personal information. The platform is ideal for crypto trading anonymously.

We rate the price with 5 stars. You can’t go wrong with free, and you don’t  have to worry about Evonax compromising your personal information. 

Evonax User Benefits

Evonax provides an excellent experience that allows you to trade crypto easily. No experience is necessary to understand how the platform works, and you can trade anonymously. Go to the home page and enter the cryptocurrency you want to trade. The platform takes you through the process.

Since signup doesn’t require you to part with your social security number or birthdate, you don’t have to worry about data breaches or the site giving your personal information to third parties. This kind of anonymity makes Evonax desirable.

With signup, you receive a free crypto wallet to trade. Evonax uses SSL encryption to protect the transaction details.

Evonax’s cryptocurrency access focuses on the 18 most popular coins. You can only buy these 18 and cannot expand into other lesser-known digital coins. Your ability to diversify into various cryptocurrencies is difficult from the selection of just 18, especially since types of cryptocurrencies now number in the tens of thousands. We rate Evonax with 4.5 stars from the benefits the company provides, with the limited choice of digital currencies reducing the rating from a perfect 5.

Evonax User Experience

Evonax is easy to use. Although customer service provides few options other than email and the FAQ section, the trade-off in support versus anonymity is appealing. The platform is simple and you will need much customer support. Since “Evonax is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, which means that no users’ funds are placed in the service,” you use the platform as an intermediary between you and the 18 types of coins it services.

Evonax vs Competitors

Evonax faces competition from other exchanges. However, they provide benefits that LocalCoinSwap, for example, does not. This includes the following

  • Free
  • Anonymous
  • Access to 18 cryptocurrencies
  • Excellent security
  • Simplicity

Paxful is different from Evonax to include fee structure variations and security concerns.

Paxful requires more personal information than Evonax does. You can sign up with an email and a password. But if you want to trade Bitcoin, you need to provide your telephone number. The extra measure gives the seller additional assurances but reduces your anonymity.

Evonax gives you benefits Paxful doesn’t:

  • Evonax is free
  • Encryption and a secure server protect the transaction
  • No personal information

Evonax has numerous benefits versus LocalBitcoins.

  • No personal information
  •  Completely free
  •  Strong security
  •  Direct transactions between buyers and sellers with less bureaucracy

These benefits give Evonax a superior platform that is easy to use over competitors. You can begin using Evonax and trading cryptocurrencies without worrying about fees or compromise of personal information.

Evonax Overall Rating

We give Evonax a rating of 4.5 stars. The biggest drawback is customer support is using email. Management encourages you to go to the FAQs first before sending them an email. The FAQs do contain answers to the majority of your questions.

You can trade the 18 most popular cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Monero, Doge, Cainlink, Z Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, 0X, Bitcoin SV, Compound, DAI, Maker, Uniswap and Wrapped BTC . You don’t have access to cheaper and lesser-known digital currencies.

Evonax security is outstanding. You provide no personal information and can do crypto trading anonymously. All transactions use SSL encryption and a secure server.

The platform is easy to use. You visit Evonax’s website and tell the platform what cryptocurrencies you are looking to trade. The application walks you through how to do the transaction. Most transactions complete within minutes, depending on network traffic. The longest time the process takes is up to 30 minutes if the networks are busy. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Evonax safe?


Evonax is safe. You provide no personal information and can trade anonymously. The site uses SSL encryption, a secure server, verifies email addresses, responds only to valid email addresses and creates a custom wallet for trading cryptocurrency. 


How do you use Evonax?


Visit the Evonax homepage and complete the online form and list the currencies you want to trade. The website will guide you to a suitable crypto option. 

User Reviews


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Worse app ever. My account has been deactivated my dashboard is showing $58,738 but I can't withdrawal a dime they took all my hard earn money plus the intrest I made from the coins I purchased. several emails but no reply. Can I atlases have my capital?

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