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Do you plan to earn an accounting degree in hopes of becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Or maybe you’ve already graduated and want to take the next step towards gaining the designation. 

Before you can work as a CPA in your respective state, you must take and pass the computer-based Uniform CPA Exam. It includes the following 4 portions: 

  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  • Regulation (REG)

Most students spend several months and sometimes years preparing for this rigorous exam. If you don’t know where to start, Benzinga has you covered with a list of viable online review courses. 

You can learn more about the exam through the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. It’s also ideal to reference the Uniform CPA Examination Blueprints from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants before enrolling in a review course to learn more about the topics covered in each section. 

Quick Look: Best CPA Courses 

Take a quick peek at the best CPA courses: 

What Makes a CPA Course Great?

Keep these factors in mind as you evaluate CPA exam review courses to find the best fit. 

Scope of Material

Does the class you’re considering cover the portion of the exam you plan to take soon? Unless you purchase a comprehensive program that grants you access to review materials for all 4 sections simultaneously, you want to choose a course that focuses on the relevant segment that’s on your radar. 


Some CPA review courses offer monthly or annual access, while others are yours for a lifetime. Before you enroll, create a realistic study schedule to determine how long the review process will take to narrow down the most suitable options. 


Online CPA exam prep classes are available at varying price points. Only consider options that work for your budget — you can always upgrade to pricier courses as you have more cash on hand. 

Best CPA Review Courses

Here are some CPA exam review courses worth considering: 

1. Becker CPA Review 

Price: Varies by program 

Seeking an in-depth CPA review course from a leading provider with extensive experience creating exam materials? Look no further than Becker’s exam review programs. 

This company has a 60-year track record of helping students prepare for and earn a passing score on the CPA exam. Here’s a breakdown of the fees by program: 

  • Pro: $2,499 or $208.25 per month
  • Premium: $2,099 or $174.91 per month
  • Advantage: $1,999 or $166.58 per month 

A nonrefundable processing fee of $50, $75 of $125 applies to 3-, 9- and 12-month installment plans.

All exam review programs feature a study planner, video lessons, extensive study notes, digital flashcards, a vast library of practice tests and more. You can find materials inside the online portal, accessible both online and offline from your desktop, laptop or another electronic device through the mobile app.

Also, know that you can receive 1-on-1 support from experienced CPAs upon enrollment if you encounter difficulty preparing for the exam. 

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2. Gleim Exam Prep

Price: Varies by product

Since 1995, Gleim has helped over 1 million students pass the CPA exam. Like Becker, they also offer holistic exam preparation solutions so you can prepare for all 4 sections of the CPA exam. 

Students choose Gleim for many reasons, including their extensive test bank of more than 10,000 multiple choice questions covering all 4 parts of the exam. You can also unlock an accompanying answer key that explains both right and wrong answers. 

Choose from the following offerings: 

  • The Mega Test Bank includes 10,000 multiple choice questions and over simulations ($999).
  • The Traditional CPA Review Package includes all the materials offered in the Mega Test Bank package plus digital and printed books, audio lectures, an exam rehearsal, adaptive course and personal coaching ($1,599)
  • The Premium CPA Review package + digital flashcards, the Gleim Instruct Video series and accounting expert support ($1,999)     

There’s also an “Access Until You Pass” guarantee if you select the Premium CPA Review Package. It takes the worry out of losing access to the material if you don’t pass the CPA exam on your first attempt. 

Enroll today to get a step closer to meeting your goal of passing the CPA exam. 

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CPA AUDITING (AUD) Practice Tests 2020

All Levels • 0 • 0

3. CPA Auditing (AUD) Practice Tests 2020 by Udemy 

Price: On sale 

CPA Auditing (AUD) Practice Tests 2020 is offered by Certification Zone Plus. It features 5 practice tests with 395 questions combined to help you pass the auditing section of the CPA exam on the first attempt. 

Register today to get instant access to the test bank. 

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4. Intro to Auditing: CPA Masterclass (Part 1) by Skillshare

Price: Free

Intro to Auditing: CPA Masterclass (Part 1) introduces you to auditing essentials and delves into more advanced concepts to help you master the material on the auditing portion of the CPA exam. It is the first component of a 2-part series. 

The course is facilitated by Philip J., the founder of Breezy CPA Review, and includes these lessons: 

  • Auditing Overview
  • Auditing Process
  • Corporate Governance
  • Accepting an Audit 
  • Auditing Standards (GAAS)
  • Audit Planning
  • Audit Risk
  • Fraud Detection
  • Audit Firms
  • The SEC and PCAOB
  • Auditing Internal Controls
  • Understanding Internal Controls
  • Operating Cycles
  • Internal Control Reporting
  • Management’s Assertions
  • Audit Evidence

Instruction is provided through a series of interactive lectures. Students also have access to other valuable resources, like a vast multiple-choice test bank, score tracking, Skype tutoring and more. 

Get started for free with a Skillshare trial. 

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5. Intro to Auditing: CPA Masterclass (Part 2) by Skillshare 

Price: Free

The second part of the series from Phillip J. of Breezy CPA explores more fundamental concepts that you want to know to perform well on the CPA exam’s Auditing section. 

Intro to Auditing: CPA Masterclass (Part 2) consists of these lessons: 

  • Audit Introduction 
  • Audit Documentation 
  • Audit Letters
  • Audit Considerations
  • Audit Sampling
  • Audit Reports
  • Modified Audit Reports
  • Compilations
  • Reviews
  • Engagement Comparisons
  • Supplemental Information 
  • Special Reports
  • Various Engagements
  • Auditing Information Technology 
  • Governmental Audits

This course also includes supplementary resources to facilitate your comprehension of core concepts and is accessible free of charge with a Skillshare trial. 

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Business Environment & Concepts (BEC) CPA Practice Test 2020

All Levels • 0 • 0

6. Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) CPA Practice Test 2020 

Price: On sale 

Planning to sit for the BEC segment of the CPA exam soon? Consider the Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) CPA Practice Test 2020 from Udemy. This highly-rated course entails 6 practice tests with a total of over 400 questions. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the material doesn’t quite suit your needs. 

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Certified Public Accountant (FAR) Practice questions -2020

All Levels • 0 • 0

7. Certified Public Accountant (FAR) Practice Questions – 2020 by Udemy 

Price: On sale

Harris Khan, CPA and Project Director at PWC, presents this course tailored to meet the needs of students preparing for the FAR segment of the CPA exam. When you register for Certified Public Accountant (FAR) Practice Questions – 2020, you get instant access to a text bank of 1,500 questions (broken down into 6 practice exams with 250 questions each) that cover these topics: 

  • Conceptual Framework, Standards, Standard Setting and Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Financial Statement Accounts: Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, Calculation, Presentation and Disclosures
  • Governmental Accounting and Reporting
  • Not-for-Profit (Nongovernmental) Accounting and Reporting
  • Specific Transactions, Events and Disclosures: Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, Calculation, Presentation and Disclosures

Sign-up today to start preparing right away for an enrollment fee that can’t be beaten. 

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CPA Exam (FAR): Income Taxes, In a Snap!

Intermediate • 10 videos • 1.3 hours

8. CPA Exam (FAR): Income Taxes, In a Snap! by Udemy

Price: On sale 

Offered by Test Prep In a Snap!, CPA Exam (FAR): Income Taxes, In a Snap! teaches everything you need to know to master income taxes and pass the FAR segment of the CPA exam. 

Here’s a breakdown of the syllabus: 

  • Introduction 
  • Income Taxes – Current Portion
  • Permanent Differences
  • Deferred Taxes
  • Deferred Taxes: Various Tax Rates
  • Net Operating Losses
  • Valuation Allowance
  • Presentation, Disclosures and IFRS
  • AICPA Problem

When you enroll, you will unlock 1 hour of on-demand video and 10 downloadable resources. The registration fee also includes a certificate of completion when you reach the finish line.

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Financial Accounting & Reporting(FAR) CPA Practice Test 2020

All Levels • 0 • 0

9. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) CPA Practice Test 2020 by Udemy 

Price: On sale 

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) CPA Practice Test 2020 is facilitated by 350 Trainings and comprises over 600 multiple choice practice questions related to the FAR portion of the CPA exam. Enroll to access the 6 practice exams from your computer, smartphone or another electronic device right away.

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Get Started with an Online CPA Course

Don’t get overwhelmed searching for the best CPA courses. Use our top recommendations list as a starting point, and ask others in your network about other suitable options. Keep in mind that comprehensive options are pricier, but have an exceptional track record and are well worth the investment if you consider the outcome you’ll receive once you pass the exam. 

If you’re on the fence about taking the CPA exam, consider a budget-friendly class that only focuses on the segment you plan to take first to get your feet wet. This will also help you decide if taking the CPA exam is a goal you are committed to pursuing. 

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