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December 27, 2021
Countach Research
Overall Rating:
securely through Countach Research's website

Based in Germany, Countach Research is a boutique equity research company. It entered the retail market after formerly catering primarily to institutional investors such as hedge funds, investment banks and family offices that manage money for wealthy families. The company’s focus of research is mainly on U.S. and Asian equities.

Due to the success of the firm’s popular newsletter, the Alpha Advisory, Countach now makes that and other valuable research material available to the investing public. The newsletter includes market analysis and idea generation that focuses on small-capitalization stocks.

Countach Research can make a valuable addition to your research resources by providing valuable trade ideas and investor training. 

Best For
  • New and experienced traders and investors
  • Market researchers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Excellent model portfolio
  • Unique contrarian insights
  • Exclusive member platform
  • Annual and lifetime memberships
  • High annual cost

Countach Research Ratings at a Glance

Unlike many research firms that put together semi-useful market information and survive by charging fees to their subscribers, Countach was originally founded to support a personal investment fund. Since Countach had already invested in performing the research, it later decided to publish a newsletter and make its trade ideas available to the general public on a fee basis to avoid crowding on the trades.

Another major difference between Countach and other financial market research sources is the fact that the Countach research team personally invests in all of its recommendations. The team is truly “putting their money where their mouth is”. 

Instead of having just a single financial guru behind their research, Countach works with successful investors from around the world who share their investment ideas. These ideas are then developed into a thesis that is subsequently presented to Countach Research clients. 

These consistent trade ideas come from Countach Research’s team of contributing analysts who are (mostly) active as analysts, portfolio managers and chief investment officers (CIOs) at hedge funds and investment banks. Some contributors manage private capital as well. Nearly all Countach Research contributors are active in institutional money management.

Countach Research has decades of experience and a long track record of success. It has developed some unconventional analysis methods that you can learn more about through its Countach’s investor training program. This program helps you manage your investment account better by performing superior analysis. Countach also gives clients access to otherwise almost impossible-to-access fund letters, academic works and premium research that was once only available to only top-tier investment managers. 

Once you subscribe to Countach’s service, you receive instant access to its customizable platform that provides access to the flagship Alpha Advisory monthly newsletter. Other publications on the platform include a REIT Specialist Report, a Longevity Breakthroughs Report, and a Future Fintech Champions publication.

You will also receive 12 stock recommendations and 60 trade ideas per year, as well as special reports like an ETF Crash Course and the globally best digital payment stocks. If you’re looking for specific (or ad-hoc) research, you can request it using the contact form. 

Countach Research Customer Service

You can contact Countach via email and WhatsApp. Its response time for these avenues has averaged 12 minutes during business hours. 

A phone number for direct contact, as well as postal address for mailings, are provided. 

They are known to go out of their way to help clients as much as possible.

Countach Research Pricing

In the past Countach Research membership was subject to a waitlist, but it recently opened up for immediate access to new subscribers. 

It’s annual fee has also been reduced. An annual fee of $1,200 is charged — a significant savings from its initial $5,000 price tag. 

If you’re dissatisfied with the company’s research for some reason once you subscribe, you can message Countach within 14 days of paying its annual fee to receive a full refund within 24 hours. 

Countach Research Mobile App

Countach Research has a mobile app for its research platform that you can download from the Google Play store for Android devices and the Apple Store for the iOS version. You will need to have a subscription to Countach’s service in order to download the app. 

The app closely mirrors the desktop version of the platform. This means you can access Countach Research’s excellent publications via its mobile app.

Countach Research User Benefits

User benefits for Countach Research include getting access to valuable information previously only available to large investors, institutional traders, hedge funds and other finance professionals. 

The company promises to provide 12 stock picks and 60 trade ideas per year. The platform also offers investor training using non-conventional methods to analyze companies better. This can help make you a more effective and informed portfolio or investment account manager.

Countach Research User Experience

Navigating the Countach Research platform is quite intuitive and can be easily navigated by novices and experienced investors. The platform also features Countach’s latest reports and newsletters. It’s constantly working on new special reports and educational courses for users, so you’re sure to stay up-to-date with the latest research.

Countach Research vs. Competitors

Countach Research
Best For
  • Market Researchers
securely through Countach Research's website

Countach’s biggest selling point, and the feature that most separates this particular financial research company from its competitors, is that its analysts and contributors all invest in their own recommendations. This is done ethically, by first giving notice to readers.

Instead of relying on 1 or 2 market gurus, Countach Research works with some of the best money managers and investors from all over the world. This provides a diversity of thought and focus that can be truly effective as a research tool for someone who either lacks the experience or time to do the research themselves.  

Countach Research also cuts through all of the noise in the investor news milieu to give you the best ideas in a language that is easy to understand for virtually any investor.

Countach Research Overall

Countach Research received an overall 4.5-star rating based on its excellent investment research offerings. 

The lack of a functioning live chat service is an issue, but the company’s website and platform are always in the process of development, and Countach Research continues to evolve and improve.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find good stock ideas?


In addition to research platforms, good stock ideas can be sourced through newsletters, broker recommendations and company prospectuses for initial or subsequent public offerings. Doing your own research may seem rather daunting to inexperienced investors, but it is well worth the time to learn how to perform it. If you can afford the high annual fee, then subscribing to a company like Countach Research could provide you with the investment information you need to enhance your portfolio’s profitability. They offer a free newsletter to get started.


What is a good stock to start with?


The answer to this question depends in large part on your risk tolerance. If you’re averse to risk, then a public utility that pays a high quarterly dividend might be a good place to start investing. On the other hand, if you have a high threshold of pain and can stomach substantial market volatility in order to potentially see substantial growth, then you might want to try investing in a biotech company or a young software company. 

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