Best Online Computer Science Tutors

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September 16, 2020

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Is your child struggling with his or her computer science course? You don’t need to watch your student overcome this challenging subject alone — online tutors offer a safe and convenient way for your student to receive one-on-one assistance outside of the classroom. Our guide to the best online computer science tutors will help your student stress less and learn more this semester.  

What to Look for in an Online Tutor

There is a seemingly endless list of online tutors and tutoring marketplaces offering everything from sporadic homework help to intensive, months-long instruction. How can you tell which tutors are worth your money? Though each online tutor has his or her own tutoring style and preferences, look for these key factors to be sure that your child is receiving reliable instruction.

  • Subject expertise and teaching credentials: In order to be an effective tutor, it isn’t enough that someone has experience working with computers or as a computer programmer — he or she should also have experience instructing students at your child’s skill or grade level. 

Ask about what qualifications each tutor needs to meet before working with their agency. Almost every tutoring agency requires teachers to meet minimum education and teaching credentials before instructing students. If a tutor or agency refuses to disclose his or her background or makes it more difficult to access this information (for example, by requiring a phone number before learning more) move onto other options.

  • Affordability: Tutoring is most effective when your student can build a lasting relationship with his or her tutor. Each tutor’s personal teaching style will vary, and multiple sessions are often required to help students reach their full potential. Though the most affordable tutor might not always be the best option, look for a tutor or agency that offers sustainable pricing, especially if you aren’t sure how much help your student will need.
  • Availability: Online computer science tutors can work from anywhere in the world. While this might provide you with a wider range of choices, it can also create scheduling conflicts. Look for a tutor working in your time zone or who offers sessions when it's most convenient.

The Best Computer Science Online Tutoring Services

Now that you know what to look for when you compare tutors, it’s time to start researching your options. Not sure where to begin? Browse a few of our top choices below.  

Chegg Study
securely through Chegg Study's website

1. Best for Expert Tutors: Chegg Tutors

Price: Video lessons start at $30 per session

Every parent prefers a top-rated tutor. However, finding a tutor with the right credentials can be a challenge. Chegg Tutors specializes in offering affordable access to top-quality tutors, so parents can rest easy knowing that their student is learning from a professional.

Chegg Tutors recruits educators from top-ranked universities, from the University of Pennsylvania to Harvard University. Instructors must meet a strict set of educational and teaching criteria. One-on-one video lessons in computer science are available — and exceptionally accessible, with 24/7 offerings and rates beginning at $30 a session. 

securely through Skooli's website

2. Best for Pay-As-You-Go Pricing: Skooli

Price: $0.82 per minute with a 15-minute minimum per session

If you aren’t sure how much tutoring your student will need, it can be difficult justifying purchasing an expensive lesson package or subscribing to a tutoring service. Skooli is one of the only online computer science tutoring services we’ve seen to offer pay-as-you-go pricing in lieu of a subscription or package pricing. Tutoring is available from just $0.82 per minute, and you’ll only need to commit to a single 15-minute lesson to get started. If you’re trying to balance availability and affordability when it comes to your tutoring, Skooli can be a great place to begin. 

securely through Wyzant's website

3. Best for In-Person Tutoring: Wyzant

Price: Varies by individual tutor

Online learning through programs like Zoom or Skype can make learning and focusing on lessons more difficult. In particular, many children living with learning disabilities like dyslexia or ADHD have increased difficulty with online tutoring.

Wyzant is an online tutor marketplace that allows students to supplement online lessons with in-person learning. In-person tutoring is available throughout the country, and most major urban areas have a wide range of tutors available for both online and in-home lessons. 

eTutor World
securely through eTutor World's website

4. Best for Middle School Students: eTutor World

Price: Sessions begin at $18 per hour

Most computer science tutors aim their services at high school and college-age students. If you have a middle schooler interested in computer science or programming, consider working with eTutor World. eTutor World divides its STEM tutoring sessions into grade levels, ensuring that your student is being exposed to concepts and lessons that are appropriate for that age group. 

eTutor World may even integrate other STEM concepts (like algebra, physics and more) into your student’s computer science lessons, offering a more holistic understanding of how programming works. 

securely through Udemy's website

5. Best for Lifelong Access: Udemy 

Price: Varies by course; many courses begin at $19.99

Though in-person tutoring might provide the most personalized lessons possible, these individualized lessons may be too expensive for many parents to maintain. If you don’t have the funds to cover the cost of multiple tutoring sessions for your student, consider picking up a computer science course from Udemy.

Udemy is an online course marketplace that offers thousands of computer science courses on a massive range of subjects and specialties. Once you purchase your course, students can work through lessons at their own pace and review past material whenever they’d like. Udemy courses also grant students lifelong access to material so they can refresh their memory or take the course again as needed without incurring extra fees. 

securely through Preply's website

6. Best for Non-Native English Speakers: Preply 

Price: Varies by individual tutor

If your student is a non-native English speaker, he or she might have a very difficult time understanding computer science lectures taught in English. Tutoring in his or her native language may help bridge the gap between your student and his or her peers.

Preply is an online tutor marketplace that specializes in connecting tutors from around the globe with students of all backgrounds. On each tutor’s profile, you can view his or her native languages, as well as any secondary languages. Tutoring from Preply varies from $2 to $40 per hour, which can also help parents balance experience and costs.
securely through's website

7. Best for Military Families:

Price: Sessions begin at $39.99 an hour with discounts available for package plans; complimentary tutoring for military families

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, students belonging to a military family may qualify for complimentary one-on-one tutoring through offers students anonymous tutoring, and tutoring services are available 24/7. This wide availability may be especially beneficial for military families stationed outside of the U.S. who need accessible tutoring taught in English.

Scheduling a tutoring session with is also exceptionally easy. Your student can access instant online help only when he or she needs it, or you can schedule recurring tutoring sessions ahead of time online. Need to learn on the go? even offers an app for both Android and iOS platforms that allows your student to access their digital classroom on the road.  

Revolution Prep
securely through Revolution Prep's website

9. Best for Small Group Tutoring: Revolution Prep

Price: Small group tutoring sessions begin at about $40 per hour; private lessons are available at a higher price point

If you’re looking to balance costs without sacrificing personal attention for your student, small group tutoring from Revolution Prep may present an ideal solution. During a small group tutoring session, your student will be matched up with up to 2 other students at a similar skill level and grade to their own. Your tutor will work through lessons, providing each student with individualized attention as they need it and allow your child to complete projects and work together with peers. A better classroom approximation than one-on-one tutoring, small group tutoring from Revolution Prep offers unique benefits with a lower price point. 

Helping Your Student Get Ahead

So, where is the best place to find computer science tutoring online? The answer will depend on your budget and your student’s skill level, as well as their progress and unique needs.

If you’re looking for the most affordable option available, you might want to consider forgoing one-on-one tutoring and instead opting for a self-directed course from Udemy. If you value the most personal attention possible, Preply, Wzyant and Chegg Tutors may all provide excellent options. No matter which tutoring service you decide to use, be sure to check in with your student regularly and monitor your child’s progress to get the most out of each session. 

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