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Best Cheap Computer Desks

You used your budgeting app to be sure you had just enough to get the right computer… but how much thought did you put into an office desk? If you’re like most people, you may not have given your computer desk much thought. Choosing the right desk can improve your comfort, help you avoid eye strain, lower back pressure and more. Adding a great desk to your home office space doesn’t have to mean spending a thousand dollars at a luxury design store. You can now find the best cheap computer desk deliverable right to your door.

Check out our list of the best cheap desks and upgrade your office in minutes.

Quick Look – The Best Cheap Computer Desks

What to Look for in a Quality Computer Desk

Unfortunately, not every low-cost computer desk is worth putting in your home or office space. Look for these essential features to avoid wasting time with a desk that doesn’t fit your needs.  

A Surface Area That Fits Your Needs

Computer desks come in a very wide range of sizes and surface areas. Though some guides will tell you that bigger is always better, the truth is that size is an individual consideration that you need to make.

If you live in a small apartment and you do all of your work from a laptop, a small writing desk will work better for your needs. If your work involves a lot of papers or printing, look for a desk with a larger surface area.

Not sure what you need? Measure the space where you want to put your desk and use this as a rough sizing guide while you shop.

Sturdy Legs or Base

Whether you plan to use your desk for daily work or occasional weekend projects, choose a desk that will last you a while. One of the best ways to save money is to skip the cheapest option and go for a slightly more expensive version made with better parts. Look for desks with solid legs and other sturdy parts, especially if you’re choosing a smaller writing desk that doesn’t have a wide frame.

Plenty of Storage Space

Looking for a larger desk? Choose one with plenty of storage space. From attached filing cabinets to shelving above the desk, there are plenty of creative and aesthetically pleasing ways that a desk can incorporate space without making it too bulky.

Consider the design of your room and how much storage space you need when you choose a desk. If you only need a small writing desk, you may be happy with a shelf or one or two small drawers. If you’re buying a larger desk for work, you might need an attached file cabinet.

Quality Material

From lightweight plastic to modern glass to classic mahogany, you can buy a desk made out of pretty much any material you can think of. Your choice of material will largely come down to your design preferences and how much you want to spend, but there are a few materials you can avoid.

Laminate desks are often the cheapest desks you can find, but they also break and splinter easily. Veneer desks are more durable than laminate, but their surfaces nick and they don’t provide the same sturdiness as wood. Avoid these two types of materials when you shop.

Minimal Installation

You probably already know that if you’re buying a desk online, you’re going to have to spend at least some time with an instruction sheet and a bag of screws. Consider choosing a desk with minimal setup, especially if you’re only shopping for a small writing desk. Look for desks that come with drawers and shelving already attached if you don’t want to spend an entire night assembling.

Our Top Picks for Affordable Computer Desks

We’ve rounded up nine of our favorite affordable computer desks in different styles. Consider adding one of our choices to your shopping cart.

Best Overall: Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Anyone who needs an affordable, sturdy and simple writing desk at an unbeatable price
  • Price: On sale $165.99

Need a simple, well-designed desk quickly? This design from Tribesigns is a top choice. Made from durable scratch-resistant MDF and featuring strong and sturdy legs, this modern and simple choice will be with you for a long time.

The Tribesigns modern computer desk comes in three sizes and several wood colors, ranging from classic black to white and gold.

Though it lacks storage, the model is easy to assemble and features a classic look that will fit in any home or office.

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Best Overall: Prepac EEHW-0200-1 Wall Mounted Floating Desk

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Tiny space owners who want to make the most out of their workspace by maximizing efficiency
  • Price: On sale $121.00

“Floating desks” are a unique new type of desk intended to help small home and apartment dwellers enjoy the comfort of a desk without the bulkiness.

This model from Prepac encapsulates everything that floating desk owners need and love: with almost no assembly, plenty of storage space and a compact yet functional design, the EEHW-0200-1 will fit perfectly in any sized space.

Though the desk is made of laminated wood, it’s backed by a generous five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Best L-Shaped: Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk Corner Desk

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Office owners who want the expansive space of an L-shaped desk without investing hundreds or even thousands in a heavy wood option
  • Price: On sale $132.99

L-shaped desks are perfect for larger offices, proving space for everything from a printer to a collection of files.

This option from IRONSTONE is durable and affordable, featuring an anti-scratch and waterproof surface. Its “X” shape supports give the desk more stability and a   for extra comfort.

Adjustable leg pads even allow the desk to remain stable on uneven ground. An extremely affordable and functional option, this desk is a great choice for anyone who wants to buy an L-shaped model but who doesn’t want to spend a lot.

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Best for Businesses: Tangkula Foldable Computer Desk

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Business owners who need to supply their employees with functional and practical workstations that will last — without blowing their entire budget
  • Price: On sale $109.00

If you own a business and you need to get your employees a comfortable and affordable set of desks, this model from Tangkula will do the job well.

Collapsible and portable, this desk is perfect for open-air business layouts and for employees who change their stations often.

Despite the fact that this foldable option is lightweight and easy to maneuver, it’s also exceptionally well-designed, including spacious cabinets and plenty of desk space.

Ideal for both open office spaces and individual offices, the Tangkula portable computer desk is a business owner’s best friend.

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Best for Home Office: Tangkula L Shaped Desk Corner Desk

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Home office owners who want to store more than just their office essentials
  • Price: On sale $189.99

At $189.99, this offering from Tangkula may not be everyone’s definition of “cheap.” However, its perfectly designed proportions and modern take on the home office might be worth the price for interior design enthusiasts.

This multi-function desk features an easy-to-rotate L-panel, making it easy to fit in almost any office space. It’s also one of the best desks for storage, featuring a very generous shelf ideal for everything from work papers to personal book collections.

Another exciting choice from Tangkula, this unique L-shaped model is sturdy, attractive and flexible — perfect for any home office.  

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Best for Gaming: BHG L Shape Computer Desk

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Gamers who want to upgrade their battle station with plenty of room for additional monitors, keyboards and comfort features for late-night sessions
  • Price: On sale $129.99

The most serious gamers use multiple monitors, keyboards and gaming pads to play — and the BHG offers space for all the essentials.

Its unique slide-out keyboard tray makes this model effortlessly go from gaming to work and the upper shelf offers a convenient place for console or modem storage.

The BHG L desk has enough space to hold multiple monitors and an easy-to-follow set of instructions to make assembly less of a chore.

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Best Black Desk: Convenience Concepts No Tools Student Desk

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Anyone who loves the look of a classic black desk and who wants to upgrade his or her storage space with additional shelving
  • Price: On sale $73.63

Make no mistake — you don’t have to attend class to fall in love with the No Tools Student Desk. This desk’s clean, ergonomic design highlights its black paneling, allowing it to seamlessly blend with any type of home décor or office space.

Non-handy men and women rejoice — this model from Convenience Concepts requires no tools to set up and begin using.

Attractive, durable and most importantly, affordable, the No Tools Student Desk’s simple yet convenient design earns it a spot on our list.

Non-handy men and women rejoice — this model from Convenience Concepts requires no tools to set up and begin using. Attractive, durable and most importantly, affordable, the No Tools Student Desk’s simple yet convenient design earns it a spot on our list.

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Best Glass Desk: Ryan Rove Becker Metal and Glass Computer Desk

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Modern design enthusiasts who enjoy the look and feel of glass desks but who don’t want to sacrifice their entire paycheck for style
  • Price: On sale $89.99

Most of the time, the phrase “glass desk” translates to “heavy, bulky and expensive.”

This model from Ryan Rove bucks old designs and favors a sleek and sophisticated glass design that even features a pull-out keyboard tray for maximum efficiency.

Constructed using quality materials and a durable yet polished steel frame, the Ryan Rove Becker model will find a perfect place in any design enthusiast’s home office or bedroom.

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Best with a Hutch: Bush Furniture Salinas Mission Desk and Hutch

Source: Amazon.com
  • Who’s it for? Home office owners who want the convenience of a computer desk hutch without the typical price tag or hours of assembly.
  • Price: On sale $241.61

At a little over $200, this Mission-style model from Bush Furniture is one of the most affordable on the market. It’s also one of the easiest hutch models to assemble.

Reviews praise the desk’s easy-to-follow instructions, a clear anomaly when it comes to hutch computer desks that include so many extra parts. This desk also features a unique cable and wire management system that eliminates the need to crawl behind the system when a cord is accidentally unplugged.

With plenty of storage and a simpler setup than most, this model from Bush’s Furniture is the perfect “starter hatch” for budget-conscious consumers.  

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Upgrade Your Office Today

It’s easy to underestimate the power of a great desk. With so much attention paid to speakers, computers and printers, it can be easy to forget just how much of a difference a well-designed and convenient desk can make. Don’t be afraid to spend plenty of time choosing your desk — it may have more of an impact on your work (and your comfort) than you might think!

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