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September 6, 2022
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Business Anywhere provides entrepreneurs with the much-needed virtual tools to expand their businesses. The company streamlines backend services such as business registration, virtual mailbox, online notary and registered agent services. The services promote location independence, which means business owners have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Business Anywhere offers customers the ability to manage their businesses from one intuitive dashboard.

Best For
  • Remote businesses
  • Virtually inclined entrepreneurs
  • Small businesses
  • Online notary accessible in all U.S. states
  • Expedited registered agent service
  • Assistance with business registration
  • Affordable virtual mailbox options
  • Room for an increased customer service presence on the website

BusinessAnywhere Ratings at a Glance

Business Anywhere Products

Business Anywhere offers useful tools intended to empower growing entrepreneurs. The company provides four important services that are accessible from one dashboard. While it’s common to need business registration assistance, virtual mailbox services, online notary and registered agent services, it’s rare to have access to all four in one place. Individuals are able to create an account at any time to begin the process of building and improving their companies. The account registration form takes less than five minutes to complete. 

The company offers a business registration service that can be accessed through an individual’s dashboard. Customers first select a package that best fits their needs. Packages include assistance with filing articles of organization and handling automatic renewals. Business Anywhere has the ability to assist customers with registering a corporation such as an S Corp or a C Corp as well as limited liability companies (LLCs). LLCs are designed to help protect a business owner from personal liability. LLCs often combine characteristics from other business structures such as sole proprietorships and corporations. 

Virtual mailbox services are growing increasingly common. A virtual mailbox is a type of service where a company obtains physical mail for an individual or a company. The virtual mailbox service then uploads information about the received mail to an accessible platform. 

What makes Business Anywhere stand out is that it offers three virtual mailbox packages. The most affordable virtual mailbox package includes unlimited mail, unlimited packages, mail scanned and uploaded to the dashboard and a physical address in select states such as Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico. Business Anywhere filters junk mail while ensuring that important communication and documents are uploaded to a customer’s dashboard.

Online notary services prove extremely beneficial to companies facing tight deadlines. The online process allows entrepreneurs to skip the hassle of driving to a notary by connecting virtually and following the provided steps. The process saves money, expedites the turnaround timeline and offers customers an easier process. 

The registered agent service collects important information, keeps track of deadlines and organizes the provided content. It helps entrepreneurs achieve compliance while also noting major deadlines. The company provides an entrepreneur with various packages to choose from. Business Anywhere notifies a customer once they become the registered or statutory agent. Priority paperwork and information will be posted to an individual’s dashboard for easy access. 

Business Anywhere offers clear pricing and a wide range of user benefits designed to work with each growing entrepreneur while providing a virtual office. These tools allow business owners the convenience to manage the weight of the backend of the business from one central location. 

Business Anywhere Customer Service

Business Anywhere offers strong customer service designed to guide and inform users about various packages and their likely benefits. The company allows entrepreneurs with select packages like business registration to have access to 30-minute consultations.

The company’s blog informs both current and potential customers about useful financial information. It’s a tool that attracts the interest of customers while also educating the larger public. However, the blog was last updated in February 2022. 

Fortunately, the website does an excellent job of troubleshooting by placing a list of frequently asked questions at the bottom of most pages. For example, the troubleshooting questions and answers placed on the business registration page differ from those placed on the virtual mailbox page. 

Business Anywhere offers strong customer service but still has room for improvement in terms of increased accessibility. The company does not offer an easily accessible phone number or email that could act as a barrier for individuals who prefer more traditional modes of communication. In addition, it was unclear whether the company actively uses social media platforms to attract customer attention. The website did not display any obvious social media links or handles. In today’s age, customers often use social media to ask questions or interact with the brands they love. 

Business Anywhere Pricing

Pricing is obvious from the start, which lets entrepreneurs understand the various tools and options available to them. Transparent pricing empowers customers to make the best choices for their businesses. The company claims to have no hidden fees. 

Business Anywhere places a wide range of prices on the main page of its website. In an area of business where transparent pricing is often rare, Business Anywhere offers a breath of fresh air. It takes an open approach to discuss pricing, which potentially encourages customers to plan their finances accordingly. 

For example, the website indicates that individuals can select from different packages when working to register a business. Such freedom allows entrepreneurs to find a package that more closely meets their needs. 

The business registration packages include:

  • Package 1: Starting at $37 plus the state fee—filing articles of incorporation in 1 to 2 weeks in any of the 50 states, free 1st year registered agent and address, mailing scanning, automated compliance and much more.
  • Package 2: $297—Services from Package 1 along with filing in 2 or 3 business days, EIN application filing, 30-minute consultation and more.
  • Package 3: $497—Options from Packages 1 and 2 along with a virtual mailbox with a physical address, unlimited personal and business mail and unlimited mail scanning.

In terms of competitive pricing, Business Anywhere drives a strong bargain. While other companies often focus on one task such as online notarization or virtual mailboxes, Business Anywhere provides both options with competitive fees.

Business Anywhere User Benefits

The company includes exceptional user benefits designed to improve the busy life of an entrepreneur throughout every phase of an expanding virtual business. Benefits include an increased sense of flexibility and improved organization when it comes to business management

Business Anywhere allows entrepreneurs to handle business registration, online notary services, registered agent service and a virtual mailbox all from a single dashboard. The company provides a streamlined approach to important aspects of a growing business, which makes it easier for entrepreneurs to focus on the larger picture. 

One main benefit offered by Business Anywhere is its ability to connect people with knowledgeable professionals through consultations. Some packages include consultations, which help provide eager entrepreneurs with a better understanding of the expected and often mandatory business processes and regulations. People can access useful consultation services with various company formation packages. 

The company includes multiple useful tools designed to assist individuals in forming and successfully running their businesses. Starting a business can feel scary, but Business Anywhere takes away some of the fear by offering a helping hand. 

Business Anywhere User Experience

In terms of user experience, the company earns a 5 out of 5. The website provides a comprehensive user experience that clearly explains the steps needed to accomplish various goals. 

For example, individuals interested in business registration services can click on the designated section on the website and scroll through the questions and answers section at the bottom of the page to obtain a better understanding of related content. Potential customers can learn more about the service by reading the five necessary steps to completing the process. The informative step-by-step directions create a comprehensive experience that provides entrepreneurs with confidence as they embark on building the virtual office of their dreams. The website also clearly displays the prices to give users an understanding of their expected financial commitment and the likely benefits associated with the offered services. 

The website is simple to navigate, which allows people from a variety of backgrounds to find the information and tools that they need. Entrepreneurs are able to manage their businesses from a dashboard that expedites complicated tasks. The dashboard organizes documents and pertinent information for later use and encourages entrepreneurs to focus on more pressing business-building tasks. 

Business Anywhere vs Competitors

Business Anywhere stands out from the competition by offering multiple services from a comprehensive dashboard compared to competitors that often have strong specialized services. 

For example, Notarize specializes in offering virtual notarization for $25 per document, but that price does not include the monthly $99 membership fee. The company iPostal1 offers virtual mailbox services that include more than 2,000 digital mailbox locations with prices beginning around $9.99. 

Overall, Business Anywhere remains a strong option for small businesses by having a fair price point with inclusive services. Before working with a company, consider comparing the various offers or speaking with a knowledgeable professional to ensure you are on the right path.  

  • securely through BusinessAnywhere's website
    securely through BusinessAnywhere's website
    Best For:
    Remote Businesses

Business Anywhere Overall

Overall, Business Anywhere earns 5 out of 5. It has comprehensive product offerings, strong customer service, excellent customer pricing, vast user benefits and an intuitive user experience. The company manages to bring four different tasks under the control of a thoughtfully designed dashboard. Customers can review important documents and due dates as needed without worrying about disorganized content or missing information. 

In terms of pricing, the company offers clear and comprehensive packages that cater to a small business’s needs. The pricing is both competitive and transparent, which encourages return customers. Online notary services help companies keep track of mail and increase the organization of relevant information. 

However, the company could improve its methods of customer service. Although Business Anywhere is designed with simplicity in mind, it would benefit from offering more traditional modes of communication, such as a customer service phone number and email. Additional posts to its blog could help educate existing and potential customers.

Business Anywhere meets and potentially exceeds the needs of entrepreneurs by providing them with the freedom to focus on growing their businesses instead of getting sidetracked by tedious daily tasks. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of a virtual mailbox?


A virtual mailbox offers multiple benefits, including convenience. For example, the service often allows people to save money by decreasing potential forwarding costs. Virtual mailboxes improve accessibility by giving users access to their mail from various locations. The mailboxes can be opened and viewed at any time of day so people in different time zones can work and obtain information however and whenever it best works for them. 


For example, Business Anywhere allows entrepreneurs to use their dashboards from a wide range of devices, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Such flexibility assists busy entrepreneurs who often need to see their mail at different points in the day. 


Another benefit of a virtual mailbox is that the service is frequently viewed as a greener alternative to forwarding mail. Virtual mailboxes decrease pollution by cutting down on the emissions and fuel used to forward mail from one location to another. 



How does remote online notarization work?


Notarization is a process designed to mitigate fraud by ensuring that both the people and necessary documents are genuine. A remote online notarization takes multiple steps to confirm a person’s identity. People commonly need to provide proof of identity, such as a photo ID. Joining a video call to confirm your identity also is standard practice. 


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