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April 16, 2021
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Bivvy Pet Insurance, a relative newcomer, takes a different approach to pet insurance. You can get a comprehensive policy for as little as $10 per month. You are covered for expenses up to $1,000 per year with a $250 deductible and coinsurance of 20%. The policy covers all unexpected veterinary expenses related to illnesses and accidents, among a host of other procedures. Accidents and illnesses have a 14-day waiting period while orthopedic conditions for dogs have a 12-month waiting period. Bivvy has a $ 25,000-lifetime maximum payout limit for all veterinary expenses. Enroll a kitten or puppy as young as 4 weeks old. If you’re still doing some comparison shopping for the best pet insurance, here is our Bivvy Pet Insurance guide to help you narrow down your options.

Best For
  • Insuring older pets
  • Cats and dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds
  • A 1-plan-fits-all policy
  • One plan for all pets
  • Affordable $10 per month premium
  • No upper-age limit for coverage enrollment
  • Covers orthodontic treatment for dogs
  • Limited benefit level – $1,000 per year
  • Only 1 reimbursement choice – 80%

Pet parents want their furry friends to be healthy and happy. Daily treats, good diets, fancy bedding, squeaky new toys and cool technology can be within your pet’s budget. What you aren’t aware of — until it’s too late — is the huge blow an emergency veterinary visit could have on your wallet. Veterinary care doesn’t have to seem out of reach, though, when you can work with a pet insurance company that offers some peace of mind.

Pet insurance can be a solution to the dreaded possibility that your pet will need care that exceeds your current savings. Learn more about what Bivvy Pet Insurance can provide for you and your pet in our review. You can control your vet costs, get help with emergency treatment and much more.

What Pets Does Bivvy Cover?

Bivvy insures all cats and dogs — irrespective of breed, sex, age and size — for the same $10 per month premium. The carrier has a $1,000 benefit limit that resets every year. Again, you can use any licensed veterinarian and Bivvy reimburses you directly for all covered expenses. Your policy renews automatically every year provided the required premium is paid.  

Bivvy Coverage Options

Bivvy only offers 1 insurance plan, but a lot goes into choosing the right policy for your pets. Due diligence is the key to obtaining the right policy. Here are considerations when choosing a plan:

  • Insure your fury friend as soon as possible. Your pet may be healthy and happy now, but insuring as early as possible minimizes the chances of your beloved suffering injuries and illnesses that may be excluded from a plan.
  • Always read the fine print. Read all the Terms and Conditions of your policy. These may be available on your carrier’s website or upon request and provides details of what’s covered and what’s excluded.
  • Don’t choose on price alone. Pet insurance policies differ. The type of vet fees covered is the main area of difference among policies and may affect the price. Consider factors like maximum benefit limit, time limit and accident-only coverage.
  • Don’t pick the highest vet fee benefit. Monetary consideration is important, but a high level doesn’t necessarily translate to better coverage. Be sure about the policy you buy since it determines how much and for how long you are covered.
  • If in doubt, ask. Call your provider if you’re not sure whether a specific policy meets your needs. It is easier than picking your way through a bundle of brochures or websites.

Bivvy covers 1 pet per policy. Multiple pet owners must open an individual policy for each pet. If you can’t find your pet’s breed, choose the mixed breed option that corresponds with your pet’s weight. You aren’t required to choose a breed option for cats. No vet exam is needed to qualify for coverage – which pays for expenses up to $1,000 per policy year.

Here’s a list of all that’s covered in a Bivvy Pet Insurance plan:

  • Injuries. Bivvy covers all expenses incurred when caring for injuries, including stitching and dressing.
  • Illnesses. The plan covers major and minor illnesses including allergies, arthritis, ear and skin infections, diabetes and cancer.
  • Accidents. The ingestion of a foreign object, poisoning, gastric torsion, cruciate ligament rupture and animal bites make the list. The plan also covers conditions that result from an automobile accident.
  • Diagnostic tests and treatment. Procedures like blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans and other tests your vet prescribes are covered.
  • Veterinary treatment. Bivvy reimburses you for all medical consultations, examinations, checkups, health inspections, office visits, office calls and laboratory tests done by a vet. Surgery, hospitalization and prescription medications are also covered.
  • Emergency care. Let’s say you take in your pet for an emergency — you can expect Bivvy to cover it.

General preventive care is just the tip of the iceberg for most plans. Your pet may also need more specialized treatment, and here’s what Bivvy’s plan covers:

  • Congenital conditions. Bivvy covers any condition that was present when your pet was born. This may include cataracts, liver disease, heart disease or another condition diagnosed by your vet.
  • Hereditary conditions. Your pet breed may be prone to hereditary conditions like thyroid disease and diabetes. German shepherds, for instance, are prone to hip dysplasia. Bivvy covers any hereditary condition that your pet may be prone to. Talk to your vet about the signs to watch out for.
  • Chronic conditions. Cancer, diabetes, arthritis and asthma make the list of chronic conditions covered by Bivvy.
  • Endodontic treatment. Orthodontic procedures like crowns and root canals required to treat dental injuries, improve dental function and reduce pain are covered.
  • Euthanasia. This service is also covered where necessary for humane reasons, as well as associated cremation expenses.

Bivvy Coverage Exclusions

Bivvy has nothing to hide — it wants you to know what isn’t covered in its plan. Here is a list of all exclusions:

  • Pre-existing conditions that show clinical signs or occur during the waiting period or before your plan takes effect
  • Preventative care or routine help like checkups, teeth cleaning, spaying or neutering and vaccinations
  • Cosmetic, aesthetic or elective procedures like declawing, tail docking and ear cropping
  • Breeding, pregnancy or giving birth
  • Natural supplements, vitamins and all foods — prescribed or not
  • Grooming and pet care products like ear cleaner, conditioner or shampoo
  • Boarding your pet
  • Non-emergency ground ambulances
  • Air ambulances and related medical expenses
  • Cloning or using cloned animals in your pet’s treatment
  • Alternative therapies like acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic treatments

For a full list of exclusions, see the sample policy.

Bivvy Pet Insurance Rates

Bivvy offers 1 plan — for both dogs and cats — for a $10 monthly premium. But, if you’re comparing multiple carriers, the rates for your plan will come down to a combination of 5 factors:

  • Age of your pet
  • Where you live
  • Breed of your pet
  • The deductible and reimbursement level
  • Discount eligibility
Dog: Labrador Retriever – 6 yearsPet Health Insurance Policy$10
Dog: German Shepherd – 1 yearPet Health Insurance Policy$10
Dog: Mixed Breed (35-65 pounds) – 1 yearPet Health Insurance Policy$10
Dog: Mixed Breed (<35 pounds) – 6 yearsPet Health Insurance Policy$10
Cat: Less than 12 months oldPet Health Insurance Policy$10
Cat: 3 years oldPet Health Insurance Policy$10
Cat: 6 years oldPet Health Insurance Policy$10

Bivvy Pet Insurance Claims

Any claim you make is assessed promptly, fairly and reasonably against all the information you provide as well as the terms of your policy.

Here’s how to file a claim with Bivvy, whether you have cat insurance or dog insurance:

Step 1: Fill out a Claims Form.

The Bivvy claims process starts with filing a claims form, which is enclosed with your policy documents. You may also download it from the administrator website. Your claim must be received within 90 days of the treatment date.

Step 2: Attach an Itemized Invoice.

Bivvy requires that you provide all itemized invoices from your veterinary provider along with the claims form before you are reimbursed. Be sure to save the originals should they be needed later.

Step 3: Submit Your Claim.

Make sure your claims form is properly completed before sending it in for consideration. Upon submitting your claim, agree to allow the release or obtain all veterinary records required to support your claim. Your cooperation is crucial to investigate and settle the claim.

Submit your claim online by logging into your account or send the completed form to:

SafetyNet LLC
Claims Department
34 Schroeder Court, Suite 330
Madison, Wisconsin 53711

Phone: 855-434-3744

Bivvy Pet Insurance Customer Service

Bivvy’s customer support team is always there to help. You’ll receive a response for any questions or comments. To contact a dedicated animal lover:

  • Call 855-434-3744
  • Send an email
  • Fill out the online contact form

Get Your 1-Plan-Fits-All Policy Today

Out-of-pocket payments for vet visits can take a toll on your finances. Bivvy promises to protect your fury friends in return for a $10 premium and your compliance with policy provisions. 

Your pet’s coverage isn’t dependent on age. Claims are reviewed within 1 business day of being filed. Bivvy isn’t available in all states but is your best option for affordable coverage and a lower annual limit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will my pet insurance premiums increase each year?


Likely, yes. Pet insurance is just like auto, home or health insurance. Every year your pet insurance provider will adjust your rates based on a cost of living index and the age of your pet. The average price increase is less than 5% per year.


Is my pet covered for life?


As long as you pay your premium and adhere to the terms of your pet insurance policy, your pet should be covered for life. This is important because as your pet gets older the risk of illness and injury increase, and you’re more likely to file claims.


What is the waiting period on Bivvy pet insurance?


Bivvy has a 14-day waiting period to cover medical expenses.


What are Bivvy’s coverage limits?


Bivvy has a maximum coverage limit of $1,000 per year.

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