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Best PA Renters Insurance

Hauntings, history and Hershey’s — there’s no doubt that Pennsylvania boasts cultural and geographic diversity. The Keystone State is both quaint and cosmopolitan, and as the 6th most populous state in the U.S., it’s no doubt that Pennsylvania is a favorite place to call home. 

Rentals make up about 32% of the housing market in Pennsylvania. Renters insurance protects your belongings and your assets in the case of theft, weather damage and accidents. If you think you don’t have enough stuff to warrant insurance, think again. Clothing, shoes, bags, electronics, art and furniture all add up. 

Needing to replace all that is expensive. And, you want to protect your finances as well. Insurance does that. If someone accidentally hurts themselves at your home, insurance covers medical payments and offers a cushion.

Renters insurance is important, so let’s take a high-level look.

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The Best Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania is:

Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania Overview

Renters insurance is not compulsory in Pennsylvania like auto insurance. But, renters insurance is a very good idea. And, you need to make sure that you’re getting the coverage that fits. 

Do you live alone? Have a family or live with roommates? If you live alone or with others, a regular renters insurance policy covers them as well as you. If you plan to have roommates, then you need to talk to your roommates and an agent to figure out the best way to take care of coverage. 

You also need to take inventory of your belongings and your finances. Get on your computer and start an Excel document listing all of your clothing, electronics, appliances, and accounts. You can get a solid list going while your binge-watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix.

Average Annual Renters Insurance Premiums

According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, you can secure renters insurance for as little as $15–$30 per month. Insurance carriers offer discounts that include:

  • Home safety features: Installing deadbolts, anti-theft devices like a security alarm or service, fire alarms and smoke detectors, and living in a gated community 
  • Smart home technology: Incorporating advanced systems
  • Non-smoking: Ensuring less fire and smoke damage 
  • Multi-policy/loyalty: Bundling with an insurance provider for your insurance needs 
  • Claims-free: Not filing a claim lowers risk score
  • Military personnel: Active or retired military personnel
  • Online discount: Enrolling online to save
  • AutoPay: Directly debiting from your bank account lowers your rate and saves
  • Paperless: A trend using less mail, less filing or shredding and promoting environmental kindness

Renters Insurance Coverage in PA Explained

Standard renters insurance coverage includes personal liability protection and personal property protection. Personal liability protection takes care of you via securing your money. Personal property protection takes care of your stuff. 

Personal liability protects you financially in case you accidentally cause damage. Say your skittish kitty is running for cover at the exact moment your friend is stepping back causing a trip, fall and noggin knock. Personal liability protects your assets and covers the medical claim should Rooney suddenly get nervous and bolt for safety. 

Personal property protection protects your stuff —  clothes, electronics, jewelry, kitchenware and books if they’re stolen or damaged by something like smoke, water or vandalism. That kooky neighbor above you who practices their line-dancing nonstop forgets that they were filling their tub. Surprise, water leaks through your ceiling and you now have a mini waterfall in your bedroom.

Water drenches your laptop, TV and new suede shoes. Personal property protection covers this and helps you secure replacement items so that you can continue writing, watching and walking. 

Mountains, hills and valleys with a touch of lowlands make up Pennsylvania’s topography. Yet, the imposing landscape doesn’t deter all sorts of weather calamities and outdoor risks. Early residents relied on water as a mode of transportation. So, the state’s most densely populated areas are near water. Scenic for sure, but flooding is a real hazard.

Pennsylvania is also home to winter, tropical and wind storms as well as tornadoes. These storms can cause issues with power, water and structures. Pennsylvania is also an ideal habitat for landslides and earthquakes. You read correctly, earthquakes. Pennsylvania has a high amount of seismic activity. Fortunately, even the larger earthquakes haven’t caused catastrophic damage.

If something happens to your building, the landlord’s or property management’s insurance will cover the damage. When talking to your landlord, it’s a good idea to ask to see their landlord insurance.

But what about you? If the damage to your building from a tornado or landslide extends to your living space, your renters insurance helps you replace things that suffer damage or even covers your expenses if you can’t live in your place for a short time.

When the next record snow comes with record cold, the water pipes are ripe to burst. If this happens without renters insurance, your stuff isn’t the only thing that’s soaked. You are, too. But, if you have renters insurance you’re covered.  

Most Affordable Cities in PA for Renters Insurance

  • Turtle Creek
  • Munhall
  • Schuylkill Haven

Most Expensive Cities in PA for Renters Insurance

  • State College
  • West Chester
  • Gettysburg

Best Renters Insurance Providers in PA

  • Erie In 1925, 2 men joined forces to create an insurance company that emphasized customer service above all else. Now a Fortune 500 company, Erie employs more than 5,000 and has 5 million policies in the books. 
  • Farmers Bring quality auto insurance at a reasonable price to farmers. Two guys did just that in 1928. Growing and adapting to market opportunities and needs, Farmers now services all types of people in all types of areas.
  • Lemonade Lemonade is a fresh property and casualty insurance company transforming the insurance business model. It injects technology and transparency into the insurance industry. 
  • Liberty Mutual In business since 1912, it is the 3rd largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S. Liberty Mutual is driven by its commitment to the belief that progress happens when people feel secure. 
  • Nationwide Focused on its people and customers, it is one of the largest insurance and financial services providers in the world. Its goal is to provide the best quality products and services at the best possible cost.
  • Safeco Nearly 100 years after its founding in Seattle, Safeco’s goal is to make it simple to protect what’s important to you, getting you the best mix of coverage and pricing. Liberty Mutual acquired Safeco in 2008. 
  • State Farm The “good neighbor” who’s there when things go wrong and right since 1922 offers insurance support to customers through every life stage.
  • Travelers It takes on the risk and provide coverage to protect the important things in life. In business for more than 160 years, it has earned a reputation as one of the best property casualty insurers in the industry because of its customer care. 
  • The Hartford This leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits and mutual funds traces its roots back 200 years.  
  • USAA Serving the military community and their families since 1922, USAA provides many services to their members, including insurance, banking, real estate and investing. 

1. State Farm: Best Overall

Ranked by J.D. Power as “among the best” in customer satisfaction for renters insurance, State Farm earns the best overall renters insurance in Pennsylvania. Access to quotes and policies is easily available online, over the phone or in person. Its standard coverage includes personal property, personal liability and loss of use.

You can amp up your coverage with many options to include additional liability, identity restoration and earthquake damage. Get a multi-policy discount by selecting State Farm for your auto, life or business insurance needs with your renters insurance.

2. Assurant: Cheapest Renters Insurance

Assurant offers bang for your buck. For about $12 per month, you get personal property and liability coverage, replacement cost coverage and drain/sewer backup coverage. Assurant is financially stable and likely to be around longer than your need for coverage.

It also vows to keep your personal information safe as well as practice environmental responsibility. ConsumerAffairs.com lists it as a top renters insurance company. But, Assurant suffers from poor customer reviews. 

3. Liberty Mutual: Best for Making it Your Own

Liberty Mutual is like a tailor in the insurance industry. Choose what you need and want, cut what you don’t. Standard coverage includes personal property and personal liability coverage, additional living expenses (if you can’t live in your rental for a short stint), and medical expenses.

Coverage embellishments include identity fraud, home computer and electronics, replacement cost, jewelry, and water and earthquake damage. Rather than coverage that’s off-the-rack, you get to design your coverage to fit you.

 4. Lemonade: Best for Speed

Lemonade renters insurance burst onto the insurance industry scene in 2013. Lemonade launched itself as “a tech company doing insurance, not an insurer doing an app.” Its fresh approach to a seasoned industry is good for customers.

You can benefit from quick and easy online quoting, paperless options, buildable coverage and fast claims payment. Lemonade’s website boasts 90 seconds to get insured and 3 minutes to get paid on a claim. ConsumerAffairs.com and ConsumerAdvocate.org recommend Lemonade as a top choice. 

Find Your Fit 

Replete with scenic wonders, natural resources and storied history, Pennsylvania is a terrific place to call home. Even in the best of places, issues can arise. In case those issues arise in a rental, you need renters insurance. Renters insurance protects you when those “what if” scenarios become “that just happened?” realities.

Your neighbor leaves the faucet running and your living room resembles a water park. You’re covered. A friend unexpectedly stops by and is greeted by your dog’s nip. You’re covered. A tornado barrels through making your sleeping quarters like a campsite. You’re covered.

It’s always best to take steps to cover yourself for the trials life chucks at you. Choosing renters insurance is a matter of equipping yourself properly. Many renters insurance options exist. Figure out what you have, what you need and cannot do without, and what you can afford if something goes wrong. Do some research and get quotes. Then you’re ready to choose the renters insurance that’s best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: Does the type of home matter?

1) Q: Does the type of home matter?

Normally, since renters insurance only covers your belongings, the type of home will not matter. What will matter is that in a larger home, you will have more personal possessions, thus more to insure. You will want to look at the limits the policy has and consider having an add-on/rider that will cover your higher priced items like jewelry, collections, and precious metals. You can learn more by reading our homeowners insurance guide. Get a custom renters insurance quote.


2) Q: Will renters insurance cover roommates?

2) Q: Will renters insurance cover roommates?

Renters insurance covers the individuals listed on the policy. If your roommate is not listed on your policy, he or she will not be covered. If they have coverage and you are not listed on their policy, you will not be covered. Want to see your custom quote? Click here.


3) Q: Does where you live matter?

3) Q: Does where you live matter?

Since your renters insurance covers your belongings, where you live does not necessarily matter if you are moving locally. However, insurance prices do vary from state to state. Most policies will move when you move; your rate may just change if your move is drastic. Other factors are other state law and limits a new landlord may impose. Get an instant custom renters quote in seconds.