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Interested in learning Python to land a developer role? Or maybe you already use the programming language and want to sharpen your skills to be more efficient in the workplace? 

It’s not necessary to enroll at a local university and sit through an expensive course for several weeks. Instead, consider a Python course on Udemy. The best Python course for beginners can bring you from the realm of the novice to the learned in a single bound, or you might use a Udemy Python bootcamp to brush up your skills or obtain a certificate for a potential employer.

There are tons of options at all skill levels and price points. You’ll acquire the tools and knowledge you need at a price that’s affordable for you while learning Python lessons you cannot find on your own.

Best Udemy Python Courses: 

Take a sneak peek at the best Python courses on Udemy. The best Python course on Udemy in 2021 changes from student to student. Never blindly accept recommendations from colleagues or friends when their learning style might not match your own. The best Python course for you speaks to your experience, reaches you irrespective of the difficulty of the content and allows you to learn Python online at your pace.

What Makes Python Course Great?

Searching for the best educational experience depends on several things, especially when you have not been in school for some time. The best online Python course reaches you on several levels instead of speaking to a singular audience. Moreover, the top Python course online should provide training that is actionable. When searching for the best Python course on Udemy, keep these criteria in mind. 

1. Foundational Knowledge 

The best Python course for beginners should define the basics before moving on to more challenging concepts. Yes, certain people know these things, but you might not. Therefore, the best course to learn Python forces you to take copious notes in the beginning, building a knowledge base that you can use in other places. But, if you have experience using programming language, it’s also nice to have a refresher in case you’ve forgotten vital information over time. Sure, the best beginner Python course might be a little slow for you, but they offer a certificate you can present to your employer.  

2. Hands On

It’s not uncommon for Python courses on Udemy to include several in-depth lectures that cover all the critical components. However, the classes that stand out most and are Udemy bestsellers with high-ratings include interactive elements to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience. 

Look for courses with articles, graphics and other useful downloads. It’s even better if the instructor includes exercises and test-your-knowledge activities to help you gauge areas where you are strong or may need improvement. 

Plus, the best Python training course allows you to learn in multiple styles at the same time. You may feel you’re an auditory, kinesthetic or visual learner, but the best Python course should be crafted expertly, training you such that you have a holistic experience.

3. Affordable

An investment in an online Python course can serve you well for years to come. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, though. Courses are available at varying price points, but the best course to learn Python should be affordable and easily fit into your budget. 

You should also weigh what you believe is the best course in Python against its perceived value. If you’re taking the course for fun, you want to spend less. If you believe you can build a career, you want the best online class to learn Python, even if it might seem a little pricey.

Best Udemy Python Course

With thousands of Python courses on Udemy to choose from, how do you know which are best? We’ve done the legwork for you by narrowing down the list so that you can find the best Python course online. 

Below, you’ll find our top picks, organized by skill level — beginners and advanced students. We’ve also included the best overall choice for all skill levels, along with a description and enrollment fee for each course to help you find the best intro to Python course.

2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python

All Levels • 255 videos • 21.9 hours

1. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go From Zero to Hero in Python 3 

  • Who it’s for: Novice programmers, intermediate programmers who want to improve their skills and experienced programmers who want to switch to Python 
  • Price: On sale

Whether you’re a new programmer or want to hone your current Python skills, this is the perfect course for you. It teaches the programming language from the ground up. The class also delves into more advanced concepts including object and data structure basics, comparison operators, statements, methods, functions, object-oriented programming and more. 

Beginners who want to learn the basics, along with intermediate programmers seeking more advanced knowledge, will benefit from the class. And if you’re a seasoned programmer who wants to shift gears and start using Python, you’ll also find the course useful. 

Sign up today to get instant access to 185 lectures jam-packed into 24 hours of on-demand video. The enrollment fee also includes 18 articles to boost your comprehension and 19 coding exercises to implement what you learn and work out any kinks before returning to the field. 

The class is led by Jose Portilla, head of data science at Pierian Data Inc. He’s taught data science and programming at the university level and holds degrees in mechanical engineering from Santa Clara University. 

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Best Python Courses for Beginners

If you’re just starting out with Python, check out these Udemy courses for a great introduction.

Python Coding MADE EASY : A Python Coding Course in Python 3

Beginner • 20 videos • 2.2 hours

2. Python Programming Made Easy: A Concise Python Course 

  • Who it’s for: Beginners
  • Price: On sale

Learning Python doesn’t have to be dull or overwhelming. This highly-rated course delivers a fun-filled experience that will make you love Python for years to come. 

Designed just for beginners, Python Programming Made Easy: A Concise Python Course covers the essentials of the programming language. You will learn how to install Python with ease to get up and running as a new programmer. There are also lessons on variables, data types, string manipulation and typecasting, data structures, operators, conditionals and loops. 

Course material is delivered through 20 video lectures. You can enroll with confidence, knowing there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if the content doesn’t meet your needs. 

Instructor Cher Hin Chong is an experienced senior software developer and highly-rated Udemy instructor. He holds a Master of Science degree in software engineering. 

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Python 3 Network Programming – Build 5 Network Applications

Beginner • 212 videos • 11 hours

3. Python 3 Network Programming – Build 5 Network Applications

Offered by PythonTutorial IO, this course is another Udemy bestseller that teaches the mechanics of Python 3 to new programmers. It is led by Mihai Catalin Teodosiu, an experienced Python developer and QA automation engineer. 

You will learn the following networking applications:

  • Reading/writing device configuration via SSH
  • Building an interactive subnet calculator
  • Extracting network parameters and building graphs
  • Building a basic network packet sniffer
  • Configuring file management and e-mail notifications 

Python 3 Network Programming – Build 5 Network Applications includes 11 hours of on-demand video, 84 articles and 8 downloadable resources. You will also receive a certificate when you finish the course. 

Although this is a beginner-level Python course, you should have basic knowledge of fundamental networking concepts, including CLI, SSHv2, TCP/IP, Telnet and OSI Layers before you sign up. Also, have access to a laptop or PC with a Windows OS. 

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Python 3 Complete Masterclass – Make Your Job Tasks Easier!

Beginner • 324 videos • 15.9 hours

4. Python 3 Masterclass – Make Your Job Tasks Easier! 

  • Who it’s for: Beginners
  • Price: On sale

Also facilitated by Mihai Catalin Teodosiu, this Udemy bestseller teaches critical components of Python essential for job growth and career advancement opportunities. It is ideal for new developers, data entry operators, engineers, quality assurance and information technology professionals. 

Python 3 Masterclass – Make Your Job Tasks Easier provides a holistic learning experience with 16 hours of on-demand video,156 articles and 43 downloadable resources to reference as you work through the course. You will also work through 50 coding exercises to apply what you learn.  

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Best Advanced Level Python Course on Udemy

Experienced programmers who are well-versed in Python will find these courses useful. 

Algorithmic Trading & Quantitative Analysis Using Python

Intermediate • 106 videos • 18.4 hours

5. Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Analysis Using Python

  • Who it’s for: Advanced students 
  • Price: On sale

Learn to build a fully-automated trading bot on a tight budget in this Udemy best selling course. Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Analysis Using Python is best for traders seeking ways to automate strategies and data scientists who want to analyze financial data. 

Instructed by experienced educator and Quant researcher Mayank Rasu, this course is comprised of 8 modules:

  • Getting data
  • Basic data and handling operations
  • Technical indicators
  • Performance measurement – KPIs
  • Backtest your strategies
  • Value investing 
  • Building automated trading system on a shoestring budget
  • Bonus section: Sentiment analysis

Enroll today to receive full lifetime access to 15.5 hours of on-demand video, 4 articles and 13 downloadable resources. 

Have an intermediate level understanding of forex/equity trading and Python before you sign up. It’s also helpful if you have high school level knowledge of statistics and mathematics. 

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Cutting-Edge AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python

Expert • 50 videos • 8.6 hours

6. Cutting-Edge AI: Deep Learning Reinforcement in Python 

  • Who it’s for: Advanced students 
  • Price: On sale

Advance your knowledge of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning algorithms with this highly-rated course from Udemy. It’s also a good fit for students and career professionals who want to use reinforcement learning in the classroom or workplace. 

Presented by Lazy Programmer Inc, the class includes 49 lectures condensed into 8.5 hours of on-demand video. It begins with a primer on what to expect, followed by a review of fundamental reinforcement learning concepts. It then dives into modules on Advantage Actor-Critic (A2C), Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient (DDPG) and Evolution Strategies (ES). 

Have a solid grasp of Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) and reinforcement learning, as well as how to build a convolutional neural network in Tensorflow before you sign up.

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NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python

Intermediate • 80 videos • 11.4 hours

7. NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python

  • Who it’s for: Advanced students 
  • Price: On sale

Master advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) concepts using Python with the knowledge acquired in this bestselling course from Udemy. The course teaches you to work with text and PDF files in Python, use expressions to conduct pattern searches in text, build your own chatbot from scratch and so much more. 

Also facilitated by Jose Portilla, this class includes 11.5 hours of on-demand video, 2 articles and 2 downloadable resources. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion after the final lesson. 

NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python contains the following components:  

  • Python text basics
  • Natural Language Processing basics
  • Part of speech tagging and named entity recognition
  • Text classification
  • Semantics and sentiment analysis
  • Topic modeling
  • Deep learning for NLP

Have an intermediate-level knowledge of Python when you enroll. 

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What is the Best Online Course to Learn Python?

Which Python course is best? In your search for the best Python course online, remember to weigh your goals against your budget, learning style and the design of the curriculum.

Finding the best Python course on Udemy doesn’t have to be hard. Consider a class from our list of recommendations to get started. There is a bit of a divergence between the best Python course for programmers and the best online Python courses for beginners. However, there is value in educating yourself even if you go back to the basics for a bit.

If you prefer to explore other options, be sure to read the course description to ensure it meets your needs. The class should be affordable, hands-on and provide foundational knowledge to be a worthwhile investment of your money and time. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the average time it takes to finish a Python course?

What is the average time it takes to finish a Python course?

If you are proficient, you can complete a Python course in 2 to 3 months.


What are the best Python courses for beginners?

What are the best Python courses for beginners?

Some good courses for beginners include Python Programming Made Easy, Python 3 Network Programming and Python 3 Masterclass. 



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