Best Online Math Courses

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April 15, 2021

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You’ll be able to find an online course to help you learn the math skills you need to know — no matter your educational background or mathematical goals. The hardest part can be finding the right course for you. We’ve done the research and combed through several options so you’ll be able to quickly identify which course fits you best.

Best Online Math Courses

What Makes a Great Online Math Course?

There are lots of online math courses available, so even a simple Google search will turn up dozens of options. Avoid choosing the wrong one — keep the following considerations in mind. 

The Right Level for You

The first hurdle you need to overcome is to find the right level math course for you. All websites have different strengths and might excel at teaching calculus, whereas others might be better for learning algebra. Check the syllabus beforehand to make sure the covered material fits your learning needs.

Succinct Content

Math has many elements and can be a difficult concept for you to grasp, especially if you don’t have a strong mathematical background. Look for a teacher who can explain the material in a clear, concise manner. Check the reviews beforehand to see what the other students say.

Reputable Instructor

You don’t necessarily have to choose a math instructor with a Ph.D. in calculus, but you do need an instructor who has a strong understanding of the key concepts of the level of math you want to learn. 

Before you sign up for a course, look at the professor’s profile to analyze the experience level the professor has. Look at his or her credentials and qualifications. 

Our Top Picks

There are a plethora of resources available to you when you look up math courses online. 

Benzinga’s top classes come from these reputable online sources:

  • Khan Academy
  • MIT 
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Harvard University

We’ve split the classes into 3 different categories: best online math courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Online Math Course for Beginners

These courses can offer a good starting point to learn more for those who need a refresher on basic math skills to prepare for another class or job. 

Become an Algebra Master

All Levels • 340 videos • 14.5 hours
Become an Algebra Master
securely through Become an Algebra Master's website

Become an Algebra Master by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Beginners
  • Price: On sale!

Become an Algebra Master helps you master algebra skills like equations, order of operations, fractions, graphic, polynomials and many more. The class is one of the bestselling beginner courses on Udemy. It has an average rating of 4.7 stars from 4,000 reviewers.

The 14.5-hour course includes more articles and other resources. You’ll also get quizzes, extra workbook problems and explanations of everything that’s covered in the course. 

You’ll need to be comfortable with basic arithmetic like multiplication, division, addition and subtraction of whole numbers before you take this course.

2. Basic Statistics by the University of Amsterdam

Who it's for: Beginners

Price: Free

If you want to learn the fundamentals of calculating and evaluating statistics, look no further than this exceptional course. It is the 3rd component of the Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences Specialization from the University of Amsterdam. 

This highly-rated class consists of 9 modules. It begins with a primer on what to expect while enrolled, followed by segments covering data exploration, correlation and regression, probability, probability distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals and significance tests. 

Each module also includes a series of video lectures and supplementary readings. Plus, you will take quizzes and a final exam to assess your comprehension of the core topics presented in the lessons. 

Instruction is provided by Dr. Matthijs Rooduijn from the Department of Political Science and Emiel van Loon, an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics. 

There’s no cost to enroll. Expect to spend 27 hours working through the material. 

Master the Fundamentals of Math

All Levels • 140 videos • 5.7 hours
Master the Fundamentals of Math
securely through Master the Fundamentals of Math's website

3. Master the Fundamentals of Math by Udemy

Who it's for: Beginners

Price: On sale

Master the Fundamentals of Math is an introductory course designed for middle and high school students and homeschool parents seeking extra support. This Udemy bestseller features 5.5 hours of on-demand video, 68 articles and 117 downloadable resources to help you get the most from your online learning experience. 

Experienced math tutor Krista King covers negative numbers, factors and multiples, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, ratio and proportion, exponents, radicals and scientific notation. You will also have access to over 500 practice questions to test your knowledge as you work through the lessons.

Have a basic understanding of arithmetic before you register.

Intermediate Online Math Course

You may find the following courses more useful if you have a little more experience with math concepts.

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Stanford University

  • Who it’s for: Intermediate learners who want to develop a new way of thinking about math
  • Price: Free

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, offered by Stanford University, is another way to learn math skills. You won’t complete the typical math that you did in school in this course. Instead, you train your brain to use math to solve specific problems that might occur in the real world. 

The course takes approximately 23 hours to complete, with a suggested independent study time of 10 hours per week. It’s 100% online and you can watch videos and complete assignments on your own schedule. 

Algorithmic Design and Techniques by edX

  • Who it’s for: Intermediate learners who want to learn basic algorithmic techniques
  • Price: Free

Brought to you by edX and UC San Diego, this course covers theories such as how to sort data, how dynamic programming is used and more. The course teaches you the necessary skills to be able to solve computational problems, create new algorithms and design solutions that work efficiently. 

The class lasts 6 weeks and requires about 8–10 hours of effort a week. At the end of the course, you can choose to pay $99 to get a verified certificate to showcase the skills you learned in the course.

Master Linear Algebra 2020: The Complete Study Of Spaces

Intermediate • 70 videos • 5.8 hours
Master Linear Algebra 2020: The Complete Study Of Spaces
securely through Master Linear Algebra 2020: The Complete Study Of Spaces's website

Linear Algebra and the Study of Spaces by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Intermediate learners who want to learn everything about spaces
  • Price: $199

Another great course option from Udemy, this course teaches you how to define space and how it is characterized and measured. You’ll master the linear system, understand eigenvectors and inner products and determine how to find the determinant of any matrix. 

The course includes 5.5 hours of video and gives you lifetime access to 36 downloadable resources. You will have to have some algebra knowledge from high school or the equivalent to excel in this course.  

Advanced Online Math Courses

Have you mastered basic and intermediate math skills? These types of math skills are for people who want to take their math lessons a step further and attempt to solve math problems that require thinking outside the box. 

Probability — The Science of Uncertainty and Data by MIT

  • Who it’s for: Advanced learners who want to be data scientists
  • Price: Free — Can add a verified certificate for $300

This course, taught by MIT professors, helps to analyze data and make scientific predictions by using probabilistic models. Throughout the 4-month course, you’ll learn to build a foundation in data science with an introduction to probability models. Some topics covered will include statistical inference and random processes.

This course is offered as part of the MITx MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science. If you take this course as well as 3 others, you can take a virtually-proctored exam to earn a MicroMasters, which is a credential that showcases your proficiency in data science. Taking this course can help accelerate your path toward obtaining a Ph.D. or masters at a university. 

Probabilistic Graphical Models Specialization by Stanford University

  • Who it’s for: Advanced learners who want to solve machine learning problems
  • Price: Free

This course from Stanford University can be found on and is for advanced learners who want to learn more about probabilistic graphical models (PGMs). By the end of the course, you’ll have learned skills like belief propagation, graphic model, Bayesian network and interference. 

The course takes approximately 4 months to complete, with a suggested study time of 7 hours per week. You can take the course completely online and study when you have free time. 

Master Number Theory 2020: The Secrets Of Numbers

Expert • 51 videos • 7.5 hours
Master Number Theory 2020: The Secrets Of Numbers
securely through Master Number Theory 2020: The Secrets Of Numbers's website

Number Theory and the Secrets of Numbers by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Curious advanced math learners
  • Price: $199.99

Udemy’s course helps you gain a new perspective on math. By the end of the course, you’ll have mastered factorization at an advanced level, learn about primitive roots, the algebra of congruences and diophantine equations. 

The 7.5-hour video course can be watched on demand. To succeed in the course, you don’t need any calculus experience, but you should have taken an algebra course. 

Choose the Best Online Math Course

You can find a wide variety of math courses available online, all with different lesson plans, teaching styles and professors. It’s easy to find an online math course that fits your learning needs. 

Most of these courses are relatively inexpensive or free. You can learn at your own pace or master mathematical concepts without ever leaving your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best online math courses for novices?


Benzinga recommends Basic Statistics, Become an Algebra Master and Master the Fundamentals of Math.


What are good online math courses for advanced investors?


Probabilistic Graphical Models Specialization, Probability and Number Theory are outstanding courses.

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