Best Motorcycle Insurance in Maryland

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August 19, 2020

Live in Maryland? Or maybe you’re just cruising through. Either way, you need to know what’s required of you if you plan to operate a motorcycle in Maryland. Here’s your guide to motorcycle insurance, traffic laws and more.

Maryland Motorcycle Insurance: An Overview

  • State minimum insurance requirements:
    • $30,000 bodily injury liability limit per person 
    • $60,000 bodily injury liability limit per occurrence
    • $15,000 property damage liability
    • $30,000 uninjured motorist bodily injury liability per person
    • $60,000 uninjured motorist bodily injury liability per occurrence 
    • $15,000 uninsured motorist property damage liability
  • Average annual rate with a clean driving record: $700

Maryland Motorcycle Insurance Law Explained

Motorcycle insurance is very similar to auto insurance. If your motorcycle is involved in an accident, it provides liability coverage if you’re at fault for injuries and/or property damage. Your motorcycle insurance policy can also provide coverage for damage to your motorcycle. It can even help you recover financially from the loss of your motorcycle if damaged beyond repair. 

Your motorcycle needs to be insured according to the minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance in Maryland. You can also purchase higher coverage limits and other types of coverage. The most common types of motorcycle insurance coverage are:

  • Liability insurance: You can split this into different sections of liability insurance, such as bodily injury and property damage liability. Bodily injury liability provides coverage if you are held responsible for an accident that involved your motorcycle and caused bodily injury to someone else. Property damage liability offers coverage for damage to someone else’s property that is caused by you and your motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle collision insurance: While liability insurance can offer coverage if you damage someone else’s property, it doesn’t offer coverage for your own property. Motorcycle collision insurance can provide coverage for your motorcycle if it’s damaged due to an accident with another vehicle.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This is another type of coverage that exists to protect your bike. It covers damage to your bike, caused by events such as fire, theft or even vandalism.
  • Accessories coverage: Your bike may not be fully covered by other types of motorcycle insurance if you’ve added accessories or parts to it. This type of coverage exists to protect elements of your motorcycle that are not factory-standard. This may include chrome parts, custom paint jobs, trailers or sidecars. Keep in mind, each insurance company may offer slightly different coverage options and may refer to this coverage as another name, such as customized motorcycle parts coverage.
  • Medical payment or personal injury protection coverage: While not required by law, you may want to purchase coverage that will help yourself and/or your passengers if when injured in an accident. This will provide medical coverage for your and your passenger’s medical bills and treatment due to a motorcycle accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: If you happen to get into an accident with a vehicle that is not insured or does not meet Maryland’s minimum requirements, this coverage can be helpful. It will provide coverage for injury or property damage to yourself if the other vehicle’s driver doesn’t have the necessary liability insurance.

Maryland Motorcycle Traffic Laws You Should Know

There are several motorcycle traffic laws that you should be aware of whether you live in or are just visiting Maryland. First off, it’s essential to know that all motorcycle and other motor vehicle drivers must have a valid license. If you’re moving to Maryland and already have a license elsewhere, you’ll need to get a Maryland license within 60 days of becoming a Maryland resident. 

To operate a motorcycle in Maryland, you need to have a Class M motorcycle license. If you operate a vehicle without a valid Class M license, you may receive a fine and points added to your driving record. It’s also possible that your driver’s license could get suspended and your motorcycle towed away.

Other motorcycle traffic laws that you should know include:

  • Your motorcycle must have 2 brakes, at least 1 headlight, 1 rear light and 1 brake actuated red stoplight. It must also have 1 white rear light illuminating the license plate, 2 mirrors and 2 unaltered fenders.
  • There must be 2 footrests for the operator of the motorcycle and 2 retractable footrests for a passenger. 
  • Drivers and passengers of motorcycles must wear protective headgear that complies with the Motor Vehicle Administration’s standards.
  • Motorcycle drivers and passengers must also wear an eye-protective device that is approved by the Motor Vehicle Administration.
  • Motorcycles can only operate from the permanent, attached seat.
  • Passengers are only allowed on motorcycles designed to accommodate them. Passengers cannot ride a motorcycle in a way that may impact the driver’s ability to see the road or control the motorcycle. 
  • Motorcycles are entitled to the use of the full width of the lane. Other vehicles are not allowed to crowd a motorcycle or otherwise invade the lane the motorcycle is using.
  • Motorcycles cannot ride between lanes.
  • Motorcycle operators must obey all Maryland traffic laws that also apply to other vehicles. This includes adhering to speed limits, yielding for vehicles that have the right-of-way and obeying traffic signals and signs.

Maryland Motorcycle Insurance Rates per Bike

Several factors determine your insurance rate. The factors that impact your motorcycle insurance rate include:

  • Your age
  • The town or city you live in
  • How your motorcycle is stored
  • The mileage you put on your motorcycle annually
  • The type of coverage you have — for instance, whether your policy only covers the minimum requirements or if you’re purchasing a policy with full coverage 
  • The type of motorcycle you drive

When an insurance company provides you with a rate, it does so after calculating the amount of risk it takes on by insuring you and your motorcycle. Insurance companies will take a look at the style or model of bike you drive and compare it to the latest statistics. If the style or model of motorcycle you’re insuring has a higher rate of accidents, you can expect that your insurance rate may be higher. 

In most cases, high-performance bikes are at a higher risk of accidents than touring models. High-performance bikes were initially created for racing, but are modified and manufactured for road use. Even so, these light motorcycles offer acceleration and speed. Examples of high-performance bikes include the Honda CBR, Ducati Panigale and Kawasaki ZX series.

Touring models are typically heavier bikes. These bikes are designed for everyday use and prioritize a comfortable riding experience over speed. Most popular motorcycle manufacturers have at least 1 or 2 touring models. Harley-Davidsons are a common example of a touring model. 

When reviewing your motorcycle insurance quote, it’s important to understand these insurance terms:

  • Premium: Your premium is the cost of your policy. This is what you will need to pay each month to keep your insurance policy active.
  • Deductible: The deductible is the amount you must pay out-of-pocket for a covered claim before your insurance company pays for your claim. Some coverage options may have its own deductible, so be sure to consider that when looking at the total cost of your policy. 

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Maryland

CompanyQuote for a 1-year policyPrice Rating
Harley-Davidson Insurance$1,062.492
State Farm$5984

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

CompanyDiscounts OfferedOverall Rating
ProgressiveTransfer discount, multiple bike discount, homeowner discount, claims-free discount, anti-lock brake discount, safety course discount, motorcycle driver’s license discount4.3
DairylandMultiple bike discount, loyalty discount, homeowner discount, riding group discount, safety course discount4.7
Harley-Davidson InsuranceMultiple bike discount, loyalty discount, homeowner discount, riding group discount, rider experience discount, anti-theft discount, safety course discount, motorcycle driver’s license discount3.7
State FarmMultiple bike discount, homeowner discount, claims-free discount, anti-theft discount, safety course discount4.7
AAAMultiple bike discount, loyalty discount, homeowner discount, claims-free discount, anti-theft discount, safety course discount, 4.7

Best Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Maryland

When purchasing motorcycle insurance, it’s essential to consider the motorcycle insurance companies in Maryland. Choosing the right insurance provider is as simple as entering your zip code to get a customized insurance quote. Here are some of the best insurance companies for motorcycle insurance in Maryland.

Getting Motorcycle Insurance

The first step to getting motorcycle insurance in Maryland is to get a quote. Getting a custom quote is quick and free. You will be able to add or remove coverage options to see what the total cost of your policy will be before you purchase it. By getting a quote and comparing your options, you’re sure to find the right policy.

Money-saving Motorcycle Insurance

Harley-Davidson Insurance Services provides services as a trusted motorcycle insurance agency that knows all about the motorcycle lifestyle. The company stands behind its policies with industry-leading services, coverage and support. You’ll also get money-saving motorcycle insurance discounts and experienced customer service and claims support.