Best Jumbo Mortgage

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Ready to find the best jumbo loan for your needs? Our guide to the best mortgage companies that offer jumbo loans will make it a little easier to move into the home of your dreams. 

Best Jumbo Mortgage Lenders:

What is a Jumbo Mortgage?

A jumbo loan is a high-value mortgage loan used to purchase a very expensive property. Jumbo loans are loans that exceed the maximum value for purchase by major mortgage investors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If your loan is below Fannie and Freddie’s limit, your mortgage lender has the option of selling your loan to either of these major mortgage investors instead of collecting interest on your loan itself. However, if the loan value is too high, Fannie and Freddie can’t buy it. This means that jumbo loans are significantly riskier for lenders than conventional loans and government-backed loans.

The specific loan limits you’ll need to take into consideration vary depending on where you live. In most parts of the country, the maximum amount you can borrow on a standard conventional loan for a single-family residence is $510,400. In areas where property values are higher (like Hawaii and Alaska), the maximum increases to $765,600. You’ll usually need a jumbo loan if you want a mortgage worth more than that.

There are no limitations on the type of property you can buy with a jumbo loan. You’re free to use your loan to purchase a primary property, second home or an investment property you plan to rent out. As long as you meet your lender’s standards, you can use your property however you’d like. Many buyers are also surprised to learn that jumbo loans have competitive interest rates compared to standard conventional loans. You’ll usually pay just a fraction of a percentage point higher for your jumbo loan than a conventional loan from the same lender. 

Do You Need a Jumbo Mortgage?

You might need a jumbo mortgage if you’re interested in buying a higher-value property. However, jumbo mortgages are riskier for lenders, which means you might have a harder time finding a lender willing to service your loan. Let’s take a look at a few tips you can use to get a mortgage loan at a higher value with less stress. 

  • Save more for a down payment. If you’ve read a mortgage guide, you probably already know that most people don’t put a full 20% down when they buy a home. However, jumbo loan lenders are much stricter with down payments. They don’t have the option to sell your loan to Fannie or Freddie so they need to make sure you can pay back anything you borrow. This means that most mortgage lenders require you to put at least 20% down on your jumbo loan. If you’re buying an investment property, you might need to put an even higher percentage down. 
  • Keep tabs on your credit. Contrary to what most first-time home buyers believe, you don’t need perfect credit to buy a home. In some cases, you may be able to buy a home with a score as low as 500 points. However, jumbo mortgage lenders require higher down payments to qualify. Your lender might require you to have a score as high as 720 points.

Before you apply for a loan, you might want to take some time to increase your credit score. Create a plan to pay all of your bills on schedule, double-check your credit report to ensure that there are no old mistakes hanging around on your report and try to limit your credit usage. All of these steps will work together and help you raise your score over time. 

  • Remember that you might need more financial documentation. Jumbo mortgage loans are riskier for lenders, which means that you might need to provide more income documentation than usual. Your lender might ask for years’ worth of tax returns, pay stubs and bank statements to prove that you’re likely to continue to be able to pay your bills. If you’re self-employed, you might need to provide even more documentation before you qualify for a loan. Speed up your mortgage process by having these documents on hand before you apply.  

The 7 Best Jumbo Mortgage Companies

Now that you understand what you’ll need to get a jumbo loan, it’s time to take a closer look at individual lenders. Let’s take a look at some of the best mortgage lenders that offer jumbo loan options. 

Avg. Days to Close Loan
Minimum Credit Score

1. Quicken Loans®: Best Overall for Jumbo Mortgages

Quicken Loans is one of the largest mortgage providers in the country. Rocket Mortgage® can help you quickly and easily apply for a jumbo loan through its Rocket Mortgage® platform. Rocket Mortgage® by Quicken Loans® has streamlined the mortgage process to a few simple steps. Most applicants will receive a decision in just a few minutes, and you may qualify for up to $3 million through the Quicken Loans jumbo loan program. You may even qualify with just 10% down.

Quicken Loans® also offers FHA, VA, USDA and conventional loans. 

Avg. Days to Close Loan
30 – 40
Minimum Credit Score

2. Luxury Mortgage: Best for Self-Employed Professionals

Your lender needs to know that you have a consistent, steady income when you borrow money. This is especially important for a larger jumbo loan, which may reach millions of dollars. You might find it difficult to get the jumbo loan you need because lenders see your fluctuating income as unreliable or they may not consider nontraditional business assets.

Luxury Mortgage provides individualized mortgage solutions if you’re self-employed. Luxury Mortgage’s flexible Asset Qualifier home loan considers nontraditional sources of income and assets — perfect for business owners who have a large percentage of cash tied up in work-related assets. You can borrow up to $6 million with an Asset Qualifier loan and your credit score can be as low as 580 points. 

Luxury Mortgage is licensed to lend in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

3. Ally: Best for First Time Home Buyers

You might want to consider a mortgage from Ally if your jumbo loan will be the first home loan you’ve ever taken out. Ally offers 24/7 online account access for first time home buyers in most states, which can provide immeasurable peace of mind as you apply for your loan.

You can get up to $4 million in a jumbo loan through Ally; $3 million for a second home. Ally also offers jumbo loans with as little as 10% down and it also offers a variety of information to help you decide which loan might be right for you. 

Avg. Days to Close Loan
Minimum Credit Score

4. SoFi: Best for an Online Mortgage Process

SoFi is an online mortgage provider that offers conventional, jumbo and government-backed mortgages.

SoFi has streamlined the mortgage application process down to the absolute basics — most people will be able to apply for loans in as little as a few minutes.

You’ll be able to borrow up to $1.5 million with 10% down and no PMI. 

Avg. Days to Close Loan
Minimum Credit Score

5. Better.com: Most Competitive Rates

Better.com is another streamlined mortgage lender that offers conventional, jumbo and FHA mortgage loans.

Better.com’s instant rate comparison tool, which allows you to see and compare mortgage rates updated on a minute-to-minute basis.

Better.com even offers a Better Price Guarantee, which allows Better.com’s team to match any competitor’s offer, which ensures that you don’t overpay for your loan. 

Avg. Days to Close Loan
Minimum Credit Score

6. Flagstar: Best for Young Professionals

You might have trouble getting a mortgage loan if you’ve just graduated from a professional school (like medical school or law school) because your current income doesn’t reflect your future earning potential. You may also have a larger-than-usual amount of student debt, which can make you an even riskier candidate for a large jumbo loan.

Flagstar specializes in conventional and jumbo loans for working professionals who are just getting started in their careers. Flagstar’s Professional Loan Program allows young professionals who are still early in their careers access to higher-value loans than they would otherwise qualify for. You can get up to $1.5 million in a loan through Flagstar, and the lender also considers nontraditional business assets when it considers how much you may qualify for.  

Avg. Days to Close Loan
Minimum Credit Score

7. Veterans United: Best for VA Jumbo Loans

You already know that a VA loan is a type of government-backed mortgage loan that allows veterans and active members of the armed forces to buy a home with no money down and no private mortgage insurance. Private mortgage insurance is money you pay to a lender in the event that you default on your mortgage. Did you know that you can also get a VA jumbo loan to buy a more valuable property as well?

Check out Veterans United. Veterans United offers 30-year VA jumbo loans at interest rates comparable to regular VA loans. Veterans United allows you to finance up to $3 million in a home loan with a low down payment and looser credit requirements. The team at Veterans United can also help you learn more about the VA loan process and assist you in getting the paperwork you need to secure your loan.

Financing Your Future Home

Finding the right mortgage loan doesn’t need to be confusing. Start by comparing at least a few different lenders working in your area for current interest rates, loan types offered, customer service quality and loan application process. Remember, a mortgage loan can be a 30-year commitment. Take some time to ensure that you’ve got the best loan for you and your family.