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June 22, 2023

The world of investing constantly evolves and changes—and the smartest investors know that they need to stay sharp and up-to-date if they want to be ahead of the curve. Investing newsletters are a simple and convenient way to stay up-to-date with investing trends, product developments and economic movements that will affect the value of your investments.

Investment newsletters can be incredibly useful for forex and cryptocurrency investors in particular. Because they’re published electronically, newsletters can get you the most recent data on volatile assets much more quickly than magazines and other forms of print media.

Quick Look: The Best Investing Newsletters

The Best Investing Newsletters

Based on the criteria above, Benzinga picked the best investing newsletters you can find.

1. Benzinga Options by Nic Chahine

Star options trader, Nic Chahine, not only shares his high-conviction and highly profitable trades that go straight to your email & SMS inbox. He also provides a complete explanation and analysis so you actually learn how to replicate your own trades.

Twice a Month You’ll Receive:

  • High-probability option trades based on my real-life trades
  • ​Ideal price & expiration date
  • ​​Transparent access to my starter-level options trade
  • ​Market Analysis & Insights so you always know what I'm doing and why
  • Education on my strategies to help you become an independent options trader
  • BONUS: Subscribe now and get FREE access to the next Benzinga Boot Camp to learn how to trade stocks & options like a pro

2. Breakout Opportunity Letter by Gianni Di Poce

What if you didn’t have to hunt around the internet looking for trade ideas every day? What if you didn’t have to dig through countless news articles to understand what is moving the market? What if you could get all of that research in the easiest possible format every month from the trader who’s made over 400% in returns this year.

That’s exactly what you get when you subscribe to Benzinga’s Breakout: Monthly Newsletter.

Get trade ideas to seize your chance to profit. Stop spending hours studying the market and sign up for the most trade-ready information you will ever need – Benzinga’s Breakout: Monthly Newsletter.

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3. Seeking Alpha Free Newsletter

When you use Seeking Alpha, you can subscribe for a free trial of its services. Entering your contact information gives you access to the Basic plan which includes the newsletter. With access to the information Seeking Alpha curates every day, you can take control of your portfolio and learn about the markets in your own time.

What you get:

  • You receive up to 15 emails per month
  • Information that covers stocks, bonds and additional securities
  • Market news

In addition to the newsletter, you can also take advantage of the Seeking alpha website by:

  • Reading and commenting on blog posts
  • Following your favorite authors and receiving updates when they post new content
  • Stock charts and prices
  • Real-time news
  • Wall Street stock ratings

4. Stock Picks by Matt Maley

Looking for top stock recommendations? Benzinga Stock Picks does the work for you. Led by Matt Maley, CNBC contributor and Wall Street veteran with over 35 years of experience, you’ll get two picks a month.

Just take ten minutes each month to fine-tune your portfolio with Matt’s recommendations.

What you'll get:

  • 2 Trades Ideas Each Month
  • Over 40% average return from 2020 picks
  • Monthly Report on stock selection perfomance
  • Ideal Price Target and Expected Timeline
  • Full Analysis: Macro, Technical and Fundamental
  • Stock Thesis so you always know what I'm doing and why
  • And more!

5. Morning Brew

Schedule: Daily

Price: Free

The Morning Brew was started by two University of Michigan business students after a personal listserv of one of the founders gained traction among students. The student would send out a newsletter covering the top business stories at length for the interested subscribers. This blossomed into its own entity, and the Morning Brew covers the need-to-know stories from each industry, written in a witty, personable voice.

Delivered into your email inbox early each morning, the free newsletter is perfect for anyone looking to better understand the business world around them, increase their knowledge on the stock market, or get a jump on the stock changes affected by political news. All of this salient information is condensed down, without any unnecessary fluff, and is readable in the time it takes you to drink your morning cup of coffee.

6. Finimize

Schedule: Daily

Price: Free 7-Day Trial, $6.67 per month thereafter

Forbes Magazine calls it, "Super digestible and well-written."

Finimize is the daily newsletter that everyone in finance secretly reads. Get your 3-minute breakdown of the 2 most important finance stories of the day without any jargon. Written by industry experts from Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg, Finimize is trusted by half a million daily readers.

What's more? Finimize’s vision is to do for financial wellbeing what Nike has done for physical wellbeing. They support individuals around the world to make the right financial decisions and unlike other players in the market, their app offers a proven solution that educates and empowers individuals to build and retain wealth, regardless of age and financial knowledge.

Finimize offers a 50% discount for all Benzinga users over the first year of their subscription.

7. The Average Joe

The Average Joe is a free 4x-weekly investing newsletter filled with market insights and trends that helps you become a better investor.

They call themselves the “IKEA instructions for investing” and you’ll see why the moment you subscribe. Their newsletters are simple, concise and impactful and easily consumed in just 5 minutes.

But you don’t read IKEA instructions in your spare time and you likely wouldn’t read financial publications for fun either. Until now… This is like nothing you’ve ever read before. It’s entertaining and informative, rare for a financial publication.

Join 70,000+ investors by subscribing to their free newsletter here.

What Makes an Investment Newsletter Worth Reading?

Though each individual newsletter aims to appeal to a specific “niche” consumer, every great investment newsletter shares these three characteristics:

Regular publication

One of the biggest benefits that newsletters have over TV, radio and print media is that they are published electronically and can be sent out at any time, day or night. The best newsletters are sent out on a regular schedule, and many are even published daily like a morning newspaper would be.

Expert perspectives

Newsletters are a great tool because they allow you to connect with industry experts with a single click of your mouse or a simple scroll through your smartphone. Investing experts love to brag about their accomplishments in the field, so make sure you check out who is writing your newsletter of choice before you offer up payment or your email address. This information is typically found very easily on the newsletter’s website. Beware of anonymously written newsletters—they may offer less-than-stellar advice to further the interests of their corporate sponsors.

Engaging writing and graphics

A newsletter is not a textbook—its goal is not necessarily just to communicate information, but also to help important points “stick” in your brain with memorable writing and infographics. The best newsletters intersperse crucial information with fun graphics and charts and employ an easy-to-understand writing style that’s as fun to read as it is educational.

Short and concise information

Bigger isn’t always better! Investing experts send out newsletters because they have an interesting development to share or they’re excited to inform readers about an emerging trend in the market. However, this doesn’t mean that you should receive a novel in your inbox—the best newsletters offer a brief rundown of information that they need to share, and, if necessary, include supplementary links to additional sources and data to support the points made in the newsletter.

Final Thoughts

Investing newsletters are only one way for DIY investors to stay on top of market news and happenings. For continuously updated stock news, check out Benzinga’s breaking market news, which offers the latest information on everything from cryptocurrencies to blue-chip stocks.

Interested in upping your investing knowledge, check out Benzinga's top picks for the best investing courses, the best investing books, and a look at the top online brokerages.


Where can I find investing newletters?


You can find Benzinga’s recommendations for investing newsletters on the list above.


Why read investing newsletters?


Investing newsletters contains opinions and research from professionals, and by reading multiple people’s take on investments, you can expand your knowledge.


Do I have to subscribe to investing newsletters?


You will have to subscribe to most credible investing newsletters, but many offer free trials.