Best Insurance Companies for Digital Nomads

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June 22, 2023

Do you have an online job that lets you travel the world? Are you ready to get out and explore? Just remember the insurance. While healthcare in many countries is less than in the U.S., you don’t want to get stuck with a big bill if you have to visit a doctor. The best insurance companies for digital nomads offer exceptional benefits and the protection you need to explore the world. 

Quick Look at the Best Insurance for Digital Nomads:

  • Best for Complete Coverage: PassportCard
  • Best for U.S.-Based Digital Nomads: SafetyWing
  • Best for Single Trips: Heymondo
  • Best for Expats: Integra Global
  • Best for Adventure Travel: IMG Global

5 Best Insurance Companies for Digital Nomads

Here’s how each of these insurance companies stacks up.

1. Best for Complete Coverage: PassportCard 

PassportCard offers a revolutionary approach to travel insurance. Instead of paying upfront for an international doctor’s visit and filing a claim, with PassportCard you get a Visa card to pay for medical treatment. You can use it at any medical provider like a standard debit card. Choose between a basic plan or two levels of comprehensive plans. 

With a low price, and the ability to customize the plan to your trip, PassportCard is an overall winner. Plans start at just $59 per month. Read a complete PassportCard review here

No upfront medical expenses24/7 telemedic servicesLoaded debit card No claims and no hassle24/7 customer service Cannot be used in the U.S. Only covers digital nomads who are younger than 45 Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered

2. Best for US-Based Digital Nomads: SafetyWing

SafetyWing is designed specifically with digital nomads in mind, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best insurance companies for digital nomads. SafetyWing’s strengths include flexible plans, low costs and subscription options so you’re covered for longer. Plans start at $45.08 for four weeks or $83.44 with U.S. coverage included. 

Subscriptions make it easy to renewIncludes two children younger than 10 per adultShort visits home are coveredLow cost Option to bundle travel insurance with health insurance Longer claims processing times in some casesMedium-risk activities like mountain climbing at high elevations, scuba diving and ice hockey aren’t covered.Coverage maxes out at $250,000 

3. Best for Single Trips: Heymondo

Heymondo offers flexible travel insurance for tourists who don’t need a long-term health insurance replacement. This is a good starting place if you’re dipping your toes into global travel as a digital nomad. Heymondo offers coverage from 30 days to six months. Coverage includes emergency and medical up to $250,000, plus medical transport up to $500,000. It also includes baggage and travel disruption insurance. 

24/7 worldwide assistanceCoverage of nonrefundable travel expenses like trip cancellationDedicated appIncludes medical and dental emergencies abroadOffers medical transport and repatriationBaggage and travel disruption insurance included in some plansMake claims in the appOnly covers up to age 69 More costly than other optionsThe medical-only plan doesn’t cover baggage or trip disruptions 

4. Best for Expats: Integra Global

If you’ve made your base internationally but haven’t gotten local health insurance, Integra Global offers a solution. It offers not only emergency healthcare coverage but also comprehensive medical insurance that covers routine exams, dental and mental health services. It also covers chronic conditions. Get 100% coverage after paying your yearly deductible. 

Covers regular medical expensesChoose your deductibleCovers chronic and pre-existing conditionsWorks with any licensed doctor or hospital  Reimbursement for claims is usually sent within seven to 10 daysPolicies are sold annuallyDoesn't include travel insurance  

5. Best for Adventure Travel: IMG Global

IMG Global stands out by offering affordable pricing on medical insurance that caters to adventure travelers. If you want to bungee jump, take helicopters, ski or scuba dive, IMG Global will cover it. It also offers exceptional customer service, with $500,000 in emergency medical coverage and $1 million in medical evacuation coverage.

Low costCovers high-risk activities (check the plan for your activities)Higher limits than other plansCancel without a feeIncludes travel and baggage insurance You must maintain health insurance in your home countryYou must make a claim for any medical expensesCoverage prices are linked to trip costsU.S. citizens can’t return home during coverage time; citizens of other countries are only allowed 14 days at home or the plan will be canceled 

What is Digital Nomad Insurance? 

The best digital nomad insurance companies offer comprehensive plans that you can build around your needs. While some bundle travel and health insurance, others let you select the services you need. You don't want to worry about medical expenses or lost baggage on your trip. Ideally, these insurance companies have you covered so you can enjoy the trip even when unexpected events come up. 

Why You Can Trust Benzinga

5 Factors to Consider

Not all health insurance is created equal. The last thing you want is to foot a bill for a medical emergency abroad and then find your insurance provider won’t cover it. The best insurance companies for digital nomads balance cost, coverage and claims to offer flexible solutions for any trip. 

Factor 1: Costs

How much you want to spend depends on your budget, age, coverage and planned trip. If you’re traveling for a year, you don’t want to spend $400 per month. For that reason, the cost of travel insurance for nomads and long-term travel insurance varies. The best travel insurance for backpackers is usually on the lower end of costs but should still offer good coverage. 

Budget at least $50 monthly for basic coverage for a digital nomad younger than 45 without pre-existing conditions. 

Factor 2: Type of Coverage

Do you want basic medical insurance or travel insurance bundled with medical insurance? Do you only need emergency coverage or also routine medical care? How long you'll be traveling and the level of protection required will also influence which of the best insurance companies for digital nomads works best for you. All the providers here offer different plans and customization options to build a plan with coverage that suits your needs. 

Factor 3: Limitations

Some digital nomad insurance options don’t cover adventure sports that aren’t high risk to the average digital nomad. This can include elevations above 8,000 feet or activities like skiing or scuba diving. Other plans don’t allow you to return to your home country or don’t cover certain types of medical care. For that reason, it’s important to carefully read plan coverage options and limitations to choose a plan that works with your lifestyle. 

Factor 4: Extensions

Some of the best insurance companies for digital nomads offer subscriptions or automatic extensions. Others require a year-long subscription. And some will require you to buy a new plan. Are you planning to travel from country to country indefinitely, or do you have a single trip with a return ticket already booked? How much you plan to travel and whether you need the option for an extension will also influence which insurance works best for you. 

Factor 5: Claims

Most insurance companies require you to pay upfront for medical expenses and then reimburse you afterward. If you don’t want to pay upfront, use PassportCard. All other companies will reimburse claims within one week to several months. Research options and weigh whether you’re comfortable waiting for reimbursement.  

Choosing the Best Insurance for Your Lifestyle

Do you need the best travel insurance for nomads or long-term travel insurance? Or do you only need medical insurance? For most travelers, a comprehensive, low-cost plan is the best security against travel’s unexpected adventures. As a digital nomad, you can adjust plans with each trip to find the best insurance for each adventure or match for your lifestyle. Need more insurance options? Check out the best individual health insurance or the best health insurance in New Jersey, New York, or in California

Frequently Asked Questions 


Does World Nomads cover medical?


No, World Nomads is a travel insurance policy. It does cover overseas emergency medical care.


Do I need travel insurance for Norway?


It’s a good idea to have travel insurance wherever you travel. Travel insurance is mandatory if you need a Schengen Visa for Norway.


What is the alternative to SafetyWing insurance?


Any of the other four insurance companies, including PassportCard and IMG Global, offer medical and travel insurance that is an alternative to SafetyWing insurance for digital nomads.

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