Best European Cannabis Companies

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August 4, 2022

The selection of European cannabis companies and products tends to vary by country. Within Europe, the medical use of cannabis remains more widely accepted than recreational use. Due to regulations surrounding recreational use, Europe maintains an increased focus on medical research and scientific studies. The cannabis options for both consumers and interested businesses differs depending on the country so consider your main goals before swimming through the vast ocean of cannabis-centered products. Overall, Europe offers a new market for the cannabis industry which has the potential to expand in combination with shifting public sentiment and regulations. 

Best European Cannabis Companies

When examining the best European cannabis companies make sure to note that many focus on medical progress and research. Although much of Europe still does not allow recreational cannabis use, many companies still research the benefits of the plant. A wide range of countries within Europe currently acknowledge the likely medical benefits of cannabis and allow cannabis to be used for medical purposes.

Sanity Group

Sanity Group was created within Germany and has since extended to provide service to the wider European market. In general, the European market does not offer recreational cannabis use which means that the larger market focuses on other uses such as medical, scientific, and personal care. The company has research and design projects as well as non-psychoactive CBD products. Sanity Group strives to develop the larger health benefits associated with cannabis by carefully balancing tasks between multiple teams of experts such as a medical advisory team, political advisory board, and investors. The company believes that researching cannabis has the potential to improve the overall health of individuals while ultimately improving the access of such products to people within Europe. One main component of Sanity Group’s success stems from its ability to tap into and recognize the needs of the various markets within Europe in terms of distinct regulations and various healthcare expectations. The website has a contact page, links to social media profiles, and an email. 

Emmac Life Sciences

Emmac Life Sciences which is also known as Curaleaf International spans 10 different countries and maintains over 15 medical cannabis licenses. The company focuses on a seed-to-patient approach where the cannabis is overseen within Curaleaf International’s vertically integrated supply chain. Vertical integration allows Curaleaf International to oversee steps that can normally be done by other companies. This approach allows Curaleaf International more control and improves the ability to maintain higher standards. One way Curaleaf International maintains control over each step is by having multiple companies within its control. For example, the company owns a medical cannabis cultivator, a research development company, a manufacturing company, and medical cannabis pharmacy. 

Two main areas of focus where research and excellence combine are healthcare and patient service. Within the medical research sector, the company strives to present information to peer-reviewed journals and conferences in part to promote visibility. The website encourages curious individuals to reach out by either the contact page or subscribe page on the website. The company also provides links to several social media platforms to bolster the available communication channels. 

Cannamedical® Pharma GMBH

Cannamedical Pharma GmbH is located in Germany and provides wholesale services for cannabis products. The company has 2 EU-GMP certifications which indicate good manufacturing practices. The products are intended for medical use and focus on a pharmaceutical wholesaling approach. It promotes patient-centered support and a commitment to social responsibility. Products range from medical cannabis to full spectrum extract. The website provides a page dedicated to guiding interested individuals such as pharmaceutical wholesalers into the discussion process by offering an interactive section designed for specific wholesale inquiries. Overall, the company remains accessible with a wide social media presence, a contact page on the website, multiple phone numbers, and an email.

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Limited

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is located in Dublin, Ireland, and manufactures cannabis products which often focus on extracting cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, has psychoactive properties and is commonly found in marijuana. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it’s a chemical within cannabis plants that does not have the same psychoactive properties as THC. Overall, the company provides pharmacy-standard products that are frequently researched in their Portuguese manufacturing facility. Offered products range from THC Isolate to SOMAí Vape Oil. The website states that the company remains eager to comply with European regulations and welcomes the potential market for future growth if regulations evolve to more warmly embrace cannabis use. To garner engagement, the company offers multiple methods of communication such as social media channels, a contact page, and an email. 

Grass & Co.

Grass & Co. is a CBD company that’s located in the United Kingdom. It focuses on providing CBD products such as CBD oil drops, CBD balms, candles, pillow sprays, and bath salts. The company strives to offer products that are focussed on providing physical and mental benefits. Grass & Co. takes pride in using products that are free from likely toxic pesticides and chemicals. The products do not have THC so they are free from the psychoactive properties. An added bonus is that products are vegan and lab tested to ensure a higher quality product. Each batch of the final product is tested by an independent lab to protect the product standard and ensure safety. To ensure sustainability, products are made from industrial hemp which is considered increasingly environmentally friendly due to its low water requirement and positive impact on the soil. Overall, the company provides cannabis-related products within the United Kingdom that remain legally compliant while providing customers with positive benefits. Interested individuals are able to contact the company using the contact page on the website, subscribing, or reaching out through one of the provided social media channels. 

Types of Cannabis Businesses

The span of the cannabis industry can seem endless given the wide range of benefits and uses associated with the plant. Cannabis plants have the ability to offer multiple medical benefits which explains why many companies within Europe focus on medical marijuana use and research. Overall, the various types of cannabis businesses continue to expand and overlap as the push for industry expansion and decriminalization increases. 

Medical Research Business: Over the years, pharmaceutical companies have embraced the potential benefits of cannabis and spent both time and resources on creating and improving products. Some of the commonly associated benefits of cannabis-related products span from anxiety reduction to lessening chronic pain. Often, the medical side and research side of the cannabis industry work together to find potential cures and solutions. For example, many pharmaceutical companies that are focussed on medical progress also have enormous funding dedicated to research and design to create potentially new and lifesaving treatments. 

Research Related Business: Research related to cannabis businesses often promote new ideas and growth while managing risk. Research often requires massive amounts of funding and can at times work parallel or in combination with medical cannabis businesses. 

Dispensary and Recreational Business: A dispensary often allows individuals that meet legal requirements to purchase cannabis within a store. Keep in mind that the recreational use of cannabis within Europe is not widely accepted so the true extent of dispensaries remains lower than in areas where recreational use is permitted.

Cultivation Business: In general, cannabis cultivation often refers to the process of growing cannabis from planting to harvesting and beyond. Cultivation typically requires a license and the process is often strictly overseen within Europe to safeguard against potentially harmful pesticides or toxins. 

How to Legally Buy Cannabis in Europe

Legally purchasing cannabis might seem complicated, but the process can take very little effort once an individual understands the best location, prices, rules, and regulations. Before purchasing cannabis in Europe, examine local laws and ordinances to have a better understanding of the expectations associated with cannabis use. 

Know Which Countries Allow Cannabis: Before buying cannabis, understand which specific countries within Europe are cannabis friendly. For example, countries such as France have extremely strict cannabis regulations which mean it’s not recommended to use or carry cannabis-related products within the country. France views cannabis as illegal on most levels and does not allow the growing, selling, distribution, or medical use of cannabis. 

Luckily, a wide range of other European countries maintain more cannabis-friendly regulations.

Examine The Type of Use Allowed: European countries tend to differ in terms of the degrees of permissible cannabis use. It remains common for European countries to allow medical cannabis, but it’s less common for countries to allow recreational use. Malta was one of the earliest European countries to allow recreational cannabis use. The country legalized recreational use partly to lower illegal marijuana trafficking. It’s important to understand the various types of permissible uses to remain in compliance with the laws.

Speak with a Professional: To avoid potential confusion with the law, consider speaking with cannabis industry professionals that are familiar with the specific European country which you intend to purchase cannabis from. Keep in mind that certain countries have more clear rules and regulations than others so it might take additional time to understand the specific rules in countries such as the Netherlands. The regulations for consumers as well as businesses tend to differ so consider which type of professional advice would be best to answer your questions.

Read Company Reviews: One of the best ways to understand a company is by listening to past and current customers. Review what customers have said about the company to have a stronger grasp on its services and customer response. 

Know the Currency and Measurement Conversions: When dealing with a European cannabis company, recall that ignoring the details can be costly, Before ordering any product, check your currency conversions as well as the basic measurements. Europe uses the metric system for measurement which is a more commonly accepted style of measurement and differs from the imperial system that is still used within the United States. Consider converting both currencies and measurements before deciding to make an international purchase. The reason that remaining aware of measurements is important is that certain areas place regulations on the exact amount of cannabis-related products allowed to be sold at one time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cannabis industry continues to grow both within the U.S. and in Europe which makes it an attractive market to want to internationally navigate. However, be sure to research the specific rules and regulations about international trade to ensure compliance. If you have any questions or concerns contemplate the benefits of speaking with industry professionals as well as attorneys that are familiar with cannabis laws.  


Is cannabis legal in Europe?


In general, cannabis use in Europe is not a simple yes or no answer. The answer frequently depends on a few key stipulations such as location and type of intended use. For example, it is common for cannabis to be allowed only for medical use in many countries within Europe. Many places prohibit recreational use which means that a large market of potential customers remains largely untapped. The legality of cannabis within Europe mostly depends on the country. For example, the rules and regulations specific to Norway are not the same as those abided by in Lithuania. Breaking down the legality of cannabis can most effectively be done by examining the rules and regulations of specific countries. A current wave of support for cannabis use within Europe has been improving the likelihood that more countries will begin to shift regulations to allow recreational use and boost decriminalization. 


Can U.S. companies take shipments from European cannabis companies?


Before taking shipments from European cannabis companies, it’s recommended to speak with an attorney. Consult with legal professionals to more deeply grasp international rules and regulations. It’s also important to note that carriers such as the United States Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx have their own regulations pertaining to what they allow individuals to ship to and from Europe. For example, the USPS allows individuals to ship hemp products but does not allow marijuana shipments for any reason. Keep such logistics in mind when considering obtaining shipments from European cannabis companies to more effectively save money and comply with local and international regulations.