Best Data Science Blogs, Ranked

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May 10, 2021

Data science allows us to measure, track and assess those vulnerabilities while identifying gaps across our business infrastructure. 

Staying informed about the role of data science in business can help you understand your customers, make more informed decisions and seize new opportunities. Learn more about data science with our list of the 10 best data science blogs on the market.

Best Overall: Udemy

Udemy is known as the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction. Students are connected to instructors across the globe to learn and master new skills, pursuing their dreams 1 training course at a time. 

Best For
  • Short Courses
securely through Udemy's website

In addition to its courses, Udemy has one of the best data sciences blogs on the Internet. Even if you don’t enroll in 1 of Udemy’s data science courses, you can pick up quite a bit of knowledge on the site for free via its blog.

The company’s blog on data science discusses the future of database consumption, foundations of deep learning techniques and how to maximize data mining capabilities. You’ll be alerted to new tools and functions, while engaged in fully immersive learning experiences. 

You can also learn what it takes to be a data scientist and how you can start a full-blown career with absolutely no experience in the field. 

Guides, reviews and meaningful discussions are all available. Udemy also offers a number of data science courses, allowing students to earn an accredited data science certification upon completion of each training program. 

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Best for Part-Time Learning: Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo is known for its top-rated data science boot camp, training and consulting programs. It’s widely embraced as the go-to by employees at Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB). 

The company stresses a non-belief in the need for advanced degrees or unnecessary training. Instead it believes that everyone is capable of learning what’s necessary, and it has created a slew of part-time and on-demand certified training programs centered on this theory. 

It also features a blog centered on the practical nature of machine learning, the importance of predictive modeling, artificial intelligence (AI) and data engineering capabilities. This blog explains the core concepts of each discipline in a fun and meaningful way, making the most complex material easy-to-understand. 

The Data Science Dojo teaches students how to be noticed when entering the realm of data science. You can get prepared for interviews and find external resources for total immersion. 

The blog quizzes students on the classification of machine learning techniques, offers challenges to apply data science to everyday applications and provides how-to guides at no charge. 

The blog also connects users to a global community, and data miners can post within an online forum and attend live in-person events both on and off-site.

Best for Collective Understanding: Towards Data Science

A blog built on the popular Medium platform, Towards Data Science (TDS) was meant to be a community to exchange ideas and expand upon the collective understanding of data science. The blog has more than 587K followers, who welcome regular tutorials, tips, analysis and stories of hands-on experiences.

TDS Editors have interviewed its own members on the topics of freelancing, independent study and entrepreneurial business models. Frequent conversations include individual career paths, the challenges of real-work experiences and sources of inspiration.

The blog explores various data points and how to manage large data sets, provides training on cloud-based modules and offers opportunities to learn code for application with machine learning. Some blogs are more complex than others, as readers are welcomed to dive deeper into the topics of machine learning, programming, visualization and artificial intelligence. 

Best for Big Data Collection: Data Science Central

TechTarget’s Data Science Central (DSC) is notably a Ning-based “community for big data practitioners". It was created with efforts to drive mastery across all areas of governance, commerce and humanitarian efforts. 

The blog circumvents the fundamentals of big data collection. it relates directly to the data sciences and teaches readers how to use several data sources. It also offers tools and analytics for business intelligence events. 

DSC is a source of news and current events with many of its members breaking down complex statistical models across several different industries, serving as a knowledge base full of solutions for experts.

Readers enjoy deep-learning techniques for autonomous driving systems, the mitigation of emerging cybersecurity threats and ways artificial intelligence can be a Godsend in their day-to-day work. The blog includes how-to posts, podcasts, newsletters and a live webinar series. 

Other topics covered include the big data behind:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cloud computing
  • Image recognition and data visualization
  • Data science and analytics
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Coding and DevOps 
  • Enterprise data and security 
  • Graphic visualization and modelling 
  • NLP and chatbots  
  • User experiences (UX) 
  • Virtual reality (VR) and gaming 
  • AI marketing and CxO strategy 
  • Digital workplace and process automation 
  • Robots, drones and the IoT
  • Social media AI

Best for Learning Data Analysis: KDnuggets

While not the most aesthetically pleasing blog on the list, there’s no escaping the fact that KDnuggets is still a leading site and award-winning influencer in the world of big data. This blog deep dives into the mechanics of AI, analytics, big data, data mining, data science and machine learning. It educates readers on the intricate analysis of large data sets, the variables involved in mining raw data and predictive analysis. 

KDnuggets also provides valuable tips for career development and potential roles within the industry. Online data science courses are available, and KDnuggets provides writers with the opportunity to score scholarships and credits toward data science-related course materials. 

The site hosts a job board, live webinar series, a slew of eBook downloads, news and opinion pieces, aside from coursework and certification. Audiences can attend live events, workshops and lectures, although these might be on hold during the pandemic. 

Best for 1-on-1 Mentorship: Analytics Vidhya

With a clean, well-organized site, Analytics Vidhya offers readers 4 distinct areas of discipline: 

  • Courses 
  • Hackathon events  
  • Job placement 
  • Data science blog

Courses encourage readers to become a machine learning, data science or business analytics expert through 1-on-1 mentorship programs, accreditation and the tools needed to progress.

The Analytics Vidhya blog rewards audience contributions. It hosts an on-page blogathon for many of its recently graduated students, who have the freedom to write about anything they want as long as it relates to data science. 

Blogs cover dispersion-related data, the use of powerful algorithms, predictive analysis and more. Not only are readers taught how to use specific tools, but they are also encouraged to build and develop with step-by-step instructions on how to heed success.

Best for Understanding Data Science: DataCamp

DataCamp's official blog gives a different perspective on data science than other blogs on this list. It uncovers the aspects of data science that bridge the gap between technology and the end-user. 

Examining the business and marketing behind data science and the reason we mine for business intelligence, DataCamp's blogs include topics such as Storytelling for More Impactful Data Science and Data Insights, Trends, and Best Practices to Achieve Organizational Excellence.

Like other blogs on this list, it provides technical courses. And DataCamp, blog-related coursework is free and open to the public. 

Courses seem to delve mostly into the programming languages behind data mining. More advanced courses are available on the site and set for the mastery of specific disciplines in both data sciences and related technologies.

DataCamp’s cheat sheets follow a similar model, breaking down the complexities of data science into easy-to-read discoveries, highlighting the basics of data science, library accessibility and various options for coding. DataCamp also hosts live events via online panels and webinars. 

Best for Aesthetics and Ease-of-Use: DATAVERSITY

DATAVERSITY's blog is a gem on its own. Set up like an online magazine, DATAVERSITY literally "demystifies" the data architecture in a clear and aesthetic manner. With videos, whitepapers, infographics and more, DATAVERSITY prepares future students with the tools they need to prepare for a lifelong journey in the data sciences. It even provides readers with a learning plan before actually enrolled in a course.

Educating both business and IT professionals in comprehensive data studies, DATAVERSITY has crafted easy-to-digest guides to digital transformation, niche data science training programs and current events, relating to blockchain and data securities. Inline panels and webinars are also included within its blog series. Topics include the interactive exploration and analysis of scientific datasets, migration of business intelligence (BI) dashboards and the analysis of IoT-based infrastructure.

This blog further includes histories, relating to microservices and scalability, use cases and scenarios, defining each of the data sciences in elicit detail. 

Best Democratized Data Science Blog: DataScience | Reddit

While not technically a blog, Reddit's Data Science subreddit is a resource for both beginners and professionals alike. Many of the 500,000 subscribers regularly post articles and threads relating to the field of data science. 

These threads are highly interactive. Users pose questions and share both tips and tricks related to niche areas of data mining and analytics. It’s a data science free-for-all, and there’s always something new being shared, whether related to the ongoings behind leading tools and platforms or the latest trends across the industry. 

Best for Latest Developments and Breakthroughs: Journey to AI | The IBM Data & AI Blog

When learning or staying up-to-date on data sciences, why not learn about data science directly from the International Business Machines Corp, better known as IBM. The tech giant even offers an accredited IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. 

IBM is a historic leader in the data sciences, creating tools that automate, analyze and transform businesses through highly intelligent sets of data. Its official Journey to AI blog discusses innovative ways to disrupt industries, improve marketing ROIs and develop scalable pricing models no matter the size of the business or the industries served.

Check out IBM’s track record on Benzinga and learn about IBM Watson throughout the years.

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