Best Celebrity Cannabis Companies and Brands

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August 8, 2022

Check out Mike Tyson's cannabis brand - Tyson 2.0.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand to more states across the nation, celebrities are lending their star power to the industry. Many celebrities have started their own cannabis companies, which puts even more of a spotlight on the industry. Some brands make a point to back their brand with community and corporate responsibility. Learn more about the top celebs in the cannabis game with Benzinga’s guide to the best celebrity cannabis companies. 

The Best Celebrity Cannabis Companies

Plenty of cannabis companies and brands have celebrity endorsements, but companies that are started and owned by celebrities bring even more attention to the company and the cannabis industry as a whole. Whether they’re headlining cannabis strains or cultivating their own flower, some of the celebrities that have made this list may surprise you — while others, not so much. 

Houseplant — Seth Rogen

When he first hit our screens, Seth Rogen was the lovable stoner from the cult classic TV series Freaks and Geeks. Since that late 90s show, he’s stayed in the same lane, playing a series of hilarious cannabis-enthused characters that kept the world laughing. Rogen has gone on to become a highly popular actor, comedian and writer, seen in TV and film alongside major names like James Franco and Owen Wilson. So it was no surprise to anyone when Rogen rolled out his own cannabis brand, Houseplant. 

Originally started in his home country of Canada, Rogen brought Houseplant to the U.S. in March of 2021. The brand sells everything from stylish ashtrays to matches and rolling papers. The company’s signature flower, featuring names such as “Bomb Cyclone” and “Pink Moon,” can be found in dispensaries across the state of California. In addition to cultivating and creating cannabis products, Houseplant is also involved in a series of community development and empowerment projects. The company offers a number of different education programs to help drive their social responsibility efforts.     

Cookies — Berner

Berner is an American artist and entrepreneur who was signed by Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Entertainment in 2012. In addition to creating 16 albums, Berner is the first cannabis executive to be featured on the cover of Forbes magazine as the co-founder and CEO of Cookies. Started in San Francisco, the company has gone on to open store locations across the United States. Working to stay authentic and offer innovative genetics to the cannabis industry, including the sought-after Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain, Cookies offers its customers everything from flower, to vapes, concentrates and edibles. The brand also recently debuted an apparel line, featuring clothing, hats, accessories and bags. What sets this celebrity brand apart is that it oversees the cultivation of the entire cannabis process, from seed to sale. 

Leafs by Snoop — Snoop Dogg

If there’s one name you shouldn’t be surprised to see on this list, it’s Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., otherwise known as Snoop Dogg. Snoop is globally known as an American rapper, actor and general entertainer. Starting his career in 1992 when he was featured on Dr. Dre’s debut solo album, Snoop went on to sell millions of his own albums worldwide. Snoop has always been a cannabis advocate, and in 2015, he launched his own cannabis brand, Leafs by Snoop. Leafs was one of the first celebrity cannabis brands to hit the market, making Snoop Dogg a trailblazer in the legalized marijuana industry. The brand features a variety of flower, concentrates and edibles, including handmade, fair-trade chocolate bars.   

Garcia Handpicked — Trixie Garcia

While Trixie Gracia may not be a celebrity in her own right, she is no-doubt rock royalty by blood. Her father, Jerry Garcia, was the lead guitarist and vocalist for the eclectic band known as the Grateful Dead. The rock band has been a cannabis-enthusiasts’ icon for years, and now Garcia is helping her father's legacy live on with her own series of curated cannabis products. 

The products offered by Garcia Handpicked have been carefully crafted with Trixie’s dad’s legacy in mind. Featuring indica, sativa and hybrid strains that can be purchased by itself or pre-rolled, Garcia Handpicked focuses on strain purity to enjoy a smoother smoke. The brand also sells its own merchandise and has an entire section of the website paying tribute to some of Jerry’s greatest posters. Its handpicked strains even come with music recommendations to fully put you in the mood to relax and enjoy the product. 

Chong’s Choice — Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong is an actor, comedian, musician, activist and, as shown by his cannabis-themed movies and comedy albums, an undeniable cannabis enthusiast. Chong started as a musician in the 60s but became more mainstream when he partnered up with fellow comedian Cheech Marin. They put out several comedy albums and movies together — and today, Chong is using his celeb cred to offer cannabis products. Chong’s Choice includes flower, prerolls, edibles and disposable vape pen cartridges. The brand is available in many dispensaries across California, as well as in Oregon. 

Emma & Clyde — Whoopi Goldberg

As an actress, comedian, author and singer, Goldberg has been making a name for herself since the early 80s. Goldberg has also been a long-time cannabis advocate and entrepreneur. In 2019, Goldberg announced the development of what she refers to as an “elevated and socially conscious product line” to be named Emma & Clyde, a tribute to her mother and brother. This cannabis brand features a range of prerolls, flower, edibles and accessories. The brand was first introduced for distribution throughout the state of Massachusetts, but Goldberg claims the line will be coming to California soon. 

itsPurpl — Jaleel White

Best known for his beloved, dorky character Steve Urkel featured in the hit 90s sitcom Family Matters, Jaleel White has taken back the Purple Urkel strain with his own brand, itsPurpl. The brand launched in 2021 when White decided it was time to reinvent the strain that is commonly known as Purple Urkel. Having never been involved with it or the cannabis industry before, White thought Purple Urkel strain enthusiasts were being underserved, so he started the brand to ensure that the name and strain would now be associated with him and, subsequently, top-shelf cannabis. The brand offers a handful of variations of the purple cannabis strain in several different forms, including flower, pre rolls and vape pods. White continues to work to debunk stereotypes associated with modern cannabis and burrow himself into the cannabis industry. 

Monogram — Jay-Z

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is known worldwide as an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur. It was in 2019 when Jay-Z announced he would be launching a luxury line of cannabis under the name Monogram. The high-end cannabis brand later launched in 2020, offering its customers several strains of flower and prerolls, including the $50 OG Handroll, which is the first product of its kind. Monogram’s strains don’t tell you whether they’re indica, sativa or hybrid; rather, they are labeled light, medium and heavy. The flower is grown in small batches to showcase the hard work, time and effort it takes to create and craft a superior smoke. Monogram is available for purchase at dispensaries throughout California. 

Khalifa Kush — Wiz Khalifa

American rapper, singer and songwriter, Wiz Khalifa has been around for over a decade and has never been shy about his cannabis enthusiasm. While many rappers claim to enjoy using cannabis products, not many can say that they love cannabis so much they invented their own strain of marijuana. The brand’s signature strain, Khalifa Kush, was developed and named for Khalifa himself in the early 2010s to enhance his creative process. Wiz created the Khalifa Kush brand to share this strain with the world, which had previously been held only in his collection at his personal residence in Los Angeles. The brand offers customers flower, vapes, prerolls, edibles and concentrates. The products are available in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, and Khalifa plans to expand to Michigan and Florida this year.  

Types of Cannabis Products

From sativas to indicas and from chocolate bars to pre-rolled cigarettes, you can choose from an endless number of cannabis products. Some of the most popular cannabis products that you’ll find on the shelves of your local dispensary include the following. 

  • Flower: Flower is the purest form of cannabis you can purchase. It is sometimes referred to as “bud” because it comes from the bud of the cannabis plant. To use flower, grind the bud into shavings and smoke it using an apparatus or a cigarette.  
  • Concentrate: Cannabis concentrate is an isolated form of THC, the active chemical that causes the “high” feeling that most users associate with cannabis. The THC is combined with a solvent-free concentrate and sold as a resin in a small cartridge. To consume cannabis concentrate, attach the resin cartridge to a corresponding vaporizer pen, heat the resin using the pen and inhale the smoke. 
  • Edibles: If smoking isn’t for you, you might want to consider cannabis edibles. As the name suggests, cannabis edibles are food products that contain THC. There are many forms of edibles, ranging from beverages to gummies and from baked goods to pizza. Edibles are known for their late onset effects — new users are advised to avoid consuming more than the recommended dosage of an edible product less than an hour after consuming their first dose.  

How to Legally Buy Cannabis

Now that cannabis products are legal for recreational use in many states, the process to purchase it is relatively straightforward, requiring only a few simple steps.

  • Read up on your state’s cannabis laws: Under federal law, cannabis remains a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning that the use of cannabis products is not allowed in every part of the country. Each individual state is responsible for voting on cannabis’ availability and status within the state. Some states allow both recreational and medicinal use; others limit cannabis use to those with approved medicinal uses and others still ban the consumption of cannabis altogether. Read up on your state’s laws before you buy — if you live in a state where cannabis companies cannot operate, you can travel to another state and use cannabis where it is legal.
  • Apply for a medical cannabis card if you need one: If you live in a state that limits cannabis usage to medicinal purposes, you’ll need a medical cannabis card to legally purchase these products. To qualify for a medical cannabis card, you must visit a qualified doctor, receive a diagnosis for an accepted condition that’s treated with medical cannabis in your state and be registered as a patient in the state’s database.

Qualifying conditions may vary by state but usually include muscle spasms, certain types of cancer and mental health conditions like anxiety and OCD. If you are purchasing cannabis in a state that offers recreational dispensaries, you can skip this step.

  • Prove your age: When you are ready to visit your local dispensary and purchase cannabis, you’ll be required to prove your age before you enter the building. Bring your driver’s license, state ID card, passport or military ID when you purchase cannabis to prove your age. The recreational use of cannabis products is allowed only for those age 21 and older.

After proving your age, you’ll be admitted to the dispensary, where cannabis professionals — called budtenders — will assist you in selecting a product.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which celebrities have the biggest cannabis companies?


The celebrities with the biggest cannabis brands include Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen and Jay-Z. Snoop Dogg’s company, Leafs by Snoop, was one of the first celebrity-created cannabis companies to hit the market, making him a leader in the industry.  


Are celebrity cannabis companies safe?


Yes, celebrity cannabis companies are safe to purchase products from. While celebrities might get a leg up on everyone else in the cannabis industry when it comes to advertising and name recognition, their products are not able to bypass regulatory standards. Each cannabis product produced by a celebrity brand must meet the same safety standards as non-endorsed products sold, which can mean that testing and THC content may vary by state.