Best Cannabis Delivery Companies

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Contributor, Benzinga
July 19, 2022

Finding the right cannabis delivery company can provide an increased level of convenience to your routine while also saving you money. Cannabis delivery companies connect people of legal age with dispensaries. 

Weed delivery services are expanding as states continue to legalize cannabis. Benzinga researched cannabis delivery companies to determine which deliver to a wide radius and offer the best selection of products for the lowest fees. 

The Best Cannabis Delivery Companies

Selecting the best cannabis delivery company allows you to conveniently receive deliveries at home. When researching various cannabis delivery companies, consider features such as the location of the company, potential fees and the selection of offered products. 


Eaze provides access to cannabis for adults residing in Michigan and California. The company is one of California’s biggest legal cannabis marketplaces and offers products such as vapes, edibles and tinctures. Products are separated into categories such as flower and concentrates, and sections highlight certain business types such as women-owned brands. 

In general, the company requires a minimum $50 order. Individuals can discover if Eaze serves their location by entering their ZIP code on the company’s website. Eaze works with a wide range of companies and carries products from dosist, LEUNE, WYLD, Tempo and LEUNE. Eaze provides incentives such as daily discounts on select oils to incentivize potential purchasers.


Emjay delivers in Los Angeles between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. PST. The company does not charge a delivery fee but has a minimum order requirement of $25. It typically takes one to two hours for deliveries to arrive. Orders can be paid for online or on delivery using either cash or debit. The company has products such as prerolls, edibles, extracts and vapes. Emjay partners with a wide range of brands such as KIVA, Raw Garden and Jeeter. Customers can enter their address on the website to discover whether Emjay delivers to their desired location.  


The company serves Los Angeles and Southern California. Kushfly provides both same-day and free on-demand delivery of products in Los Angeles. It typically takes less than an hour to receive an on-demand order. Customers can also schedule deliveries for specific times to more effectively accommodate personal plans. 

Delivery charges depend on what zone a customer is located in and the subtotal of the order. For example, delivery is free within the first delivery zone for orders over $50 if the delivery will take less than 45 minutes. However, Kushfly has a surcharge of $1.99 to account for increased fuel prices. 

The company offers flower, CBD products and edibles. Brands Kushfly offers carries include LA Weeds and Los Exotics. Customers can sign up to use the delivery company’s services. 


Meadow provides delivery services for people in California’s Bay Area, including San Francisco. The company delivers products from a range of licensed dispensaries to adults. 

The minimum order amount varies depending on which dispensary you’re ordering from. Customers can easily create an account online. 


Customers are able to decide whether they want an order delivered immediately or prefer to schedule for a later time. A scheduled delivery allows people to choose from more options that have the potential to include over 500 products by a wide range of brands. Grassdoor offers brands such as Grizzly Peak and Jetty Extracts. The company, which serves California,  has free delivery on orders more than $75, and it typically takes less than 45 minutes for a delivery to arrive.

How to Partner with a Cannabis Delivery Company

Dispensaries can partner with cannabis delivery services to reach a wider pool of potential customers. Before reaching out to a cannabis delivery company, be sure to do your homework to have the best chance at creating a long-lasting partnership. 

Know the laws: It’s important to know your federal, state and local laws to ensure you are in compliance. Consider speaking with a legal professional before taking action. 

Research cannabis delivery companies: Avoid getting caught up in the excitement of potentially partnering with a cannabis delivery company. Research the different companies to have a stronger grasp on the locations they serve and the products they sell.

Reach out: After doing your research, consider reaching out to the companies you would like to work with. Keep in mind that some cannabis delivery companies have links on their websites specifically designed to accept partnership requests from dispensaries. If you cannot find such a link, consider going the old-fashioned route and calling or emailing the company.

How to Make Money With Cannabis Deliveries

When thoughtfully executed, cannabis delivery offers a promising opportunity for profit. If you are just starting, focus on a smaller delivery radius that can be easily controlled while you find dependable partners.

Understand the law: Understanding the law is critical to the success of a smaller cannabis company. Some states provide more freedom in terms of how a delivery service is allowed to operate. Before starting and potentially obtaining costly penalties, consider consulting with a legal professional. 

Create a delivery radius: Avoid stretching your resources too thin by setting a wide delivery radius. Consider the distance that can be promptly covered in a few deliveries. Starting small can help your company learn the area and better prepare you for expanding.

Carefully select partners: Selecting a partner can either add or detract from your company. Consider what a potential partner can offer in terms of customer following and quality before agreeing to a partnership. 

Comprehensive inventory design: If you have a physical shop, rearranging your store might help ease the flow of deliveries. For example, think about using a design that allows products to be easily accessible and prepared for delivery.

Create a better customer service experience: When you want to create a better customer service experience, you must build an experience that’s unlike anything else. For example, your favorite fast food restaurant has employees address you a certain way—what do your deliveries do for your customers? Add extras to each delivery. Send coupons with each delivery. Use branded packaging. Think of something that makes your business stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery fees have the ability to accumulate over time. Research the fees before purchasing any products to avoid recurring unexpected costs. Ask questions about ingredients before buying the product. 


Is cannabis delivery legal?


The legality of cannabis delivery varies by state. California voters approved Proposition 64, which legalized marijuana use for adults ages 21 and older. But different jurisdictions in the state may not issue cannabis delivery licenses. More cannabis-friendly states such as Colorado and California offer delivery services for recreational marijuana use. Check local regulations before attempting to deliver or receive cannabis. 


Is cannabis delivery expensive?


Depending on the delivery company and state, delivery fees for cannabis have the potential to be relatively inexpensive. Certain delivery companies do not charge any fees on orders above $25. Delivery companies often require a minimum order to waive delivery fees. The exact minimum varies depending on the dispensary. However, it’s important to note that some delivery companies charge flat fees.