Best Cannabis Attorneys

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Contributor, Benzinga
December 28, 2020

There’s a lot of money to be made in the cannabis game, helped in no small part by the government taking a softer approach to legal medicinal, recreational and commercial marijuana over the past decade or so. That being said, there’s also a lot of gray area as far as the law goes. Your state may say it's legal to grow, possess or sell marijuana while the state over says it's not -- and then the Feds still consider weed to be Schedule 1, controlled- substance-level illegal. 

Yet the cannabis industry continues to grow and so does the potential to cash in on a huge opportunity. That’s why you need a great cannabis attorney. They’ll help you build a legal, fully compliant business (well, at the state level anyway, and the federal government IS slowly, but surely, changing their tune). They’re also your source of legal knowledge, staying on top of all the changing regulations, legislation and guidelines being enacted so you can focus on what you do best -- building a successful cannabis business.

Use Benzinga’s list of the best cannabis attorneys to kickstart your search. Or, check out the Benzinga Cannabis Network (the BCN for short) to link with over 8,000 professionals and platforms tailored to the needs of cannabis entrepreneurs like you. 

Your weed-centric legal needs may take many forms, including licensing, litigation and registering and defending your intellectual property. It's highly likely you’ll need legal help with all of the above and then some. Gleam Law is a law firm that you can trust to handle your every need. 

The great thing about Gleam Law is that they keep it real. You won’t find stuffy or dry attorneys here, so you can feel comfortable discussing your business plans and where you need support with your Gleam Law lawyer. The other just-as-great thing is that Gleam Law is fully, 100% dedicated to cannabis law. They aren’t a legal practice who happens to have expertise in the marijuana sector -- they’re a cannabis business that happens to be a highly rated, highly professional (but still approachable) law firm. Their founder, Neil Juneja, is recognized as one of the most influential people in the legal cannabis world and was recently appointed to the Marijuana Venture Magazine’s advisory panel, a widely respected resource for weed business owners and cannabis industry legal compliance.

Gleam Law can take care of all your marijuana-related legal needs, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Business law consulting
  • Intellectual property
  • Cannabis law
  • Litigation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Product liability
  • Cannabis banking 
  • Real estate law

Use this form to set up your first-time consultation with Gleam Law.

Best for Licensing: Michigan Cannabis Lawyers

Michigan Cannabis Lawyers, or MCL for short, is a Michigan-based law firm offering their services for any and all cannabis-related legal issues. There are many areas in which the attorneys at MCL can be of great assistance: 

  • Michigan cannabis licensing
  • Family law cases in which your cannabis business or use is being used against you
  • Cannabis criminal defense cases

MCL is a great firm to enlist when you’re thinking about getting any of the several types of marijuana business licensing. They can assist you with adult-use licensing, which includes grow and processing licenses, along with preparing you for any necessary facility inspections. They are experts in navigating changing regulations and guidelines when applying for and maintaining licensure, including adapting to tighter COVID-19 guidelines for workplaces and so forth. MCL will also work with you when applying for medical marijuana or industrial hemp production licensing.  

While MCL works with Michigan residents, they offer resources to connect you with solid cannabis legal representation here if you live in another state. Or, search on the BCN using the location filter to find one near you.

Schedule your first time consultation with Michigan Cannabis Lawyers today by calling 517-512-8364.

Best for DWI Defense: Cannon Law Texas

The terms DUI or DWI -- driving under the influence or while intoxicated -- usually conjure images of being asked to walk a straight line after drinking before getting behind the wheel. But it can also look like being pulled over in broad daylight for a simple traffic stop and being accused of being under the influence of cannabis while driving. 

And while we certainly don’t advocate for operating a vehicle while under the influence of any substance, errors in judgement can occur on both your part or the part of law enforcement. Guilty or innocent, being convicted of any crime can derail you, costing you thousands of dollars and putting your life on hold.

If you find yourself charged with a weed-related DUI or DWI charge, you need a lawyer with a good handle on cannabis law like the attorneys at Cannon Law. You can schedule a consultation with them here

Though Finnerty Law Offices Inc practice many types of law, including business litigation, intellectual property, business formation and more, one of their main areas of expertise lies in cannabis compliance. 

Finnerty Law Offices Inc understands that the cannabis and hemp industries are rapidly developing with equally rapidly developing legal standards that must be met. As a cannabis company, maintaining compliance and adapting to new regulations and laws has to be integrated into your overall business plan. Finnerty Law Offices Inc will guide you through any or all of the following areas:

  • Business formation and governance
  • Preparation and litigation of commercial transactions, contracts and leases
  • Administrative representation
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Labor and employment advising and litigation
  • Intellectual property advising and litigation
  • General counsel 

Visit Finnerty Law Offices Inc here to set up an appointment.

Best Defense Attorney: Rudoi Law

If you need a defense attorney for a marijuana-related charge, look no further than David Rudoi and his legal team at Rudoi Law. David Rudoi’s track record speaks of his expertise as a drug defense attorney, handling cases involving narcotics possession, narcotics trafficking, medical marijuana, prescription drug charges, first-time offenders and drug sniffing dogs.

Rudoi has a reputation for taking on cases other attorneys rejected as lost causes -- and winning. He’s highly rated on forward-thinking legal tech platforms like Avvo, which uses technology to simplify the process of obtaining legal representation for the everyday person. Rudoi is known for his dedication to his client’s freedom but also their well-being -- he will aggressively defend you while acting as a steadying hand, keeping you calm, positive and focused throughout the duration of your defense. 

Rudoi Law can assist you with your criminal, cannabis, hemp, drug or dui defense needs. Contact them at 248-935-9047 or visit them here anytime, 24/7, as soon as possible to get a head start on your defense.

Browse More Cannabis Attorneys & Firms

We could go on forever listing every great cannabis attorney and firm out there, but we know you’re too busy for that. The above mentions are all solid choices to get you on your way to finding the right representation, but it’s not all we’ve got up our sleeve. Benzinga also offers cannabis entrepreneurs an amazing resource with the BCN if you want to do some more research. Here, you’ll find valuable information and methods of contact for over 8,000 businesses, individuals, services, platforms and so forth operating within the sphere of the weed industry.

The BCN is basically a one-stop-shop for building your professional cannabis network. In addition to finding your attorney, you can connect with financial firms, payment processors, dispensaries and more.

Why You Need a Cannabis Attorney

A good cannabis attorney is absolutely vital to protecting your cannabis, CBD and hemp business. In fact, a good attorney is necessary for any growing business, but when your operations exist in a rapidly growing industry beset by unclear or differing legal standards, it crosses over from a want to a need. 

Your cannabis attorney can help you structure your business in a way that is both legally compliant and optimizes your profits, protect you from and defend your best interests through litigation, register and protect your intellectual property, adapt your business to new laws and regulations and more. 

Your cannabis attorney should also be the first person you reach out to any time there are legal issues with your business. As you have seen on TV many times, “you’ll hear from my attorney” or “speak to my lawyer” is the best thing you can do. And, when you have an attorney on retainer, you can reach out to them immediately and get instant support.

We can’t overstate how important it is to get a good cannabis attorney on your team in the earliest possible stage of building your business. Find the one best suited to your needs on the BCN.

Protect Your Growing Cannabis Brand

It’s never too early to enlist the help of a solid cannabis lawyer as you build your business. From structuring your business plan to staying legally compliant to defending you from litigation, an attorney specializing in marijuana-related businesses is the ace in the hole you need. 

Benzinga’s roster of the best cannabis attorneys is a great place to start your search. Or, browse through more options over on the Benzinga Cannabis Network.