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April 30, 2021

It seems everything we do today has input from a device that uses the internet. Whether you're among the tech-obsessed and can't wait until we reach the singularity or you're due for a good Google spiral into how your iPhone works, the web offers an endless list of blogs to explain the ins and outs of tech. 

Get started now with our list of the 8 best blogs for tech in 2021.

It seems everything we do today has input from a device that uses the internet. If you need to brush up on what makes the backend of your device work, the web offers an endless list of blogs to explain the ins and outs of tech. 

Get started now with our list of the 8 best blogs for tech in 2021.

Blog 1: Wired


Wired is a nerd’s delight. The publication stands out for its quality, and Wired’s founders intended the publication to assume the status of Rolling Stone for the digital ecosystem.

Wired tackles all sectors in technology influences, including business, culture and security. If you wish to know what gadgets are coming out soon and what to expect from them, Wired is the place to be. Its writers do great reviews of new gadgets and even old ones.

Wired also stands out for long features, where it tackles trending tech-related stories in-depth. 

You can also check out its popular podcast Get WIRED. It delves into the myriad of ways that technology is changing human life across all faculties.

Best Tech Blog for

  • Educated tech enthusiasts ready for top-tier premium content
  • Anyone working in the tech industry

Blog 2: Computer World


Computer World is more than just a news site for the IT world. This blog is an ideal destination for anyone looking to enjoy the technical side of tech. The publication traces its roots to the pre-internet era, covering topics related to the data processing industry. 

But Computer World – often known as CW – expanded its audience after going digital. You’ll see content like how to repair your Microsoft Office with a step-by-step guide on how to get technical. You can also learn more about topics like how to switch tech jobs during a pandemic.

The versatility of the Computer World attracts a legion of readers from all over the world. Through Computer World, enterprise tech users can get guides on dealing with day-to-day tech issues, while tech enthusiasts can learn how to exploit mobile, desktop and web applications skillfully. 

Best Tech Blog for

  • Professionals are working with enterprise technology
  • Tech noobs who wish to gather useful information
  • Tech enthusiasts looking for technical guides

Blog 3: Hacker Noon 


Hacker Noon boasts technologists as its primary audience. These are people who eat and sleep technology – from programmers to blockchain enthusiasts. The blog is unique because it presents itself; the color scheme and layout of the site look like a coding IDE (integrated development environment). 

Since its inception in 2013, Hacker Noon has hosted unique and personal content on technology. The platform is among the best tech blogs where readers are also writers. From 2019, the company expanded from publishing to include software development.

The beauty of Hacker Noon is the organization of content. Articles appear under tags such as #programming, making it easy for you to spot what you want. 

Best Tech Blog for:

  • Nerdy technologists love to share their experiences while learning from others

Blog 4: Techdirt.


Techdirt covers mostly legal challenges in the tech space. The blog takes a look at the underbelly of technological progress, and provides updates and commentary on sticky issues like data privacy. 

Techdirt has an active comment section where readers engage on emerging issues as reported. And Techdirt’s editors do not shy away from taking a stand on controversial topics. In the latest case, the blog ran a story applauding Darnella Frazier, the young girl who recorded the confrontation that led to the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police.  

Best Tech Blog for:

  • Tech enthusiasts with interest in the interactions between technology and society

Blog 5: Pando


Pando is a blog on a mission. The site aims to speak “truth to the new power.” The new power, in this case, is the power of tech giants such as Twitter and Facebook in an increasingly social-media-reliant world. 

The blog publishes stories that critique the emerging status quo. One of the blog's most recent and popular stories talks about a rising robo-realism in the face of the pandemic. The author argues that people should worry about robots because they threaten working people who rely on the income to subsist. 

Best Tech Blog for:

  • Technologists who worry about the dark side of technology

Blog 6: The Verge


If you have ever wanted a platform with top-tier newsworthy tech content that’s not behind a paywall, The Verge is the place. The Verge operates the same way as Wired, but all of its content is free. 

The Verge categorizes its content into 5 major sectors: tech, entertainment, podcasts, videos and reviews. Recently, the publication began to produce science-focused content with a bias on artificial intelligence and related topics. 

Vox Media – a reputable news media – operates The Verge since its founding in 2011. The Vergecast is a popular weekly podcast that airs and discusses tech highlights of the week.

Best Tech Blog for:

  • An average reader is looking for the latest news in the tech industry
  • Experienced technologists should find The Verge useful, especially the Reviews section

Blog 7: The Next Web


The Next Web organizes and delivers the information with editorial standards and quality of Wired. Most of the topics that this publication covers belong to the cutting-edge section of today’s technology. 

The Next Web departs from regular tech blogs with content that highlights expert insights. Its writers tackle trending stories from a technical perspective to enable you to look deeper under the headline. 

Beyond tech content, The Next Web runs various tech-focused events every year in different parts of the world. TNW Conference is a popular annual event that attracts thousands of attendees from all over the globe. 

Best Tech Blog for:

  • Tech professionals looking for expert perspectives on trending tech stories
  • Tech enthusiasts who are curious about what the professional side of the tech world is talking about

Blog 8: TechCrunch


TechCrunch is a business tech publication. It highlights the biggest stories about tech businesses. Additionally, TechCrunch disseminates analyses of prevailing tech trends, new product releases and general tech news. 

The publication started operating a few years after the dot-com bubble and remains the No. 1 destination for comprehensive news about new technology and new companies in the tech industry.

The team behind the publication is dynamic and quick to change sails depending on the direction of the wind in the tech sector. When smartphone apps became a thing, TechCrunch dedicated space to analysis of new apps and what they could bring to the business industry.

Best Tech Blog for:

  • Readers who are hungry for news on tech startups
  • Nerds looking for the latest gizmos

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