Best Blogs for Business and Financial Writers, Ranked

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June 24, 2021

Information is power, and the internet wields a lot of it. As a writer, you want to ensure that your content is not only satisfactory but also authoritative. As a trusted blogger, you need to ask a lot of questions about the information you share with your readers. What are your sources? Are they reliable? Are they subject matter experts? This list of the best blogs for business and financial writers will help you answer these questions and more to deliver the best content to your readers.

Starting a business or financial blog is one of the boldest things a writer can do. The work demands commitment, consistency, innovation and relevant information. You spend hours turning complicated technical and financial information into a consumable product for the lay reader. We have made the choice of best blogs easier for you. Here are your 10 best blogs for business and finance.

Top 10 Blogs for Business and Financial Writers

As a writer, you battle 2 main antagonists: valuable content and the readers' attention span. It is here where the list of the Best Business and Financial Writers' blogs comes in. Our list includes some of the top blogs for small businesses, personal finance, startups, financial wellness and investment. Every writer has a niche, and we try our best to ensure each niche is covered. Why did we choose these blogs? The interesting designs, the user experience and the information were relevant and easy to read and understand. The blogs are not only a good online read, but they also have an excellent social media presence where readers are engaged. Finally, the blogs come in 3D, which means they have beautiful visual content. Here’s our list.

1. Best Blogs for Digital Marketing: Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin is not a new name, but just like fine wine, his blog ages beautifully. Godin is one of the best marketers of our time. He has worked as a consultant for several Fortune 500 companies, and he was also the Vice President of Marketing at Yahoo. An author of books on marketing and innovation, Godin has a wisdom pantry for a blog. Godin always provides something new for you to learn. It does not matter if you are just starting in business or you want to renovate your current enterprise; this is the blog for you. As a writer, you'll notice that Godin's blog does not only offer quality content but also has a unique tone and perspective. His unparalleled ability to connect with readers means that your time on the blog is well-spent. What does Godin focus on? Digital marketing. He shares tips on everything from permission marketing to organic marketing. If you are a writer who targets startup founders and small businesses, Seth’s Blog is right up your digital alley.

2. Best Blog for Business Assistance: Small Business Administration

Set up by Congress in 1953, the Small Business Administration (SBA) seeks to help, advise, assist and protect small businesses. The site provides a wide array of comprehensive information regarding small business operations, requirements for becoming a government contractor and funding tips. The SBA blog is within the main site. Its blog provides a valuable source of information for writers who specialize in advising businesses or are online consultants. The most reliable writers cross-check their blog information against government-generated information, especially with regard to licensing, taxes and financial regulation

3. Best Blog for Financial Wellness: The Money Habit

Are you a writer who tries to help people stop their bad spending habits? You should consider  subscribing to The Money Habit blog. JP, the author, retired at age 28 with over $2.25 million to her name. She definitely knows something that many of us don't. Together with The Money Habit, she has created a money plan to help everyone address their money habits. Her primary aim is to help readers curb overspending and nurture savings. She is not judging anyone here but wants us to conserve our energy, forget our mistakes and focus on the process. As a writer, you will be able to conserve your writing energy once you master the Money Habit. The blog also touches on matters to do with investment and paying fewer taxes.

4. Best Blog for Innovative Digital Marketing: Gary Vaynerchuk's Blog

Who doesn’t know Gary Vaynerchuk? He is a digital marketing guru who turned a brick-and-mortar wine-selling business into an online phenomenon. His major tool is the internet, and he has used it to build a business empire worth $60 million. Today, he is an author, YouTube sensation, blogger etc. Vaynerchuk is unique in one big way. His authenticity leads him to call out mistakes for what they are. So if you are a writer who loves a no-nonsense approach, read more of Gary’s blog pieces. You can also watch his YouTube videos if you are looking for content that motivates startups or warns of mistakes to avoid.

5. Best Blog for Consultancy: SCORE

SCORE is a blog supported by the SBA. This blog doesn’t just churn out run-of-the-mill articles. The entire blog has a network system of 10,000 volunteer mentors. SCORE offers low-cost or, at times, free consultancy services to entrepreneurs who need them. Since it is a blog that helps entrepreneurs just starting, SCORE is rich in resources that cover a wide range of topics. You certainly learn from the best, like Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. The mission of this blog is to nurture vibrant small enterprises via education and mentorship. SCORE definitely scored since it has helped over 11 million entrepreneurs to date.

6. Best Blog for Startup Growth: Mixergy

Mixergy is a blog started by Andrew Warner. What is so special about him? Well, he has been outstanding in the startup industry and has over $30 million in yearly sales as proof. Mixergy bills itself as a site where “the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through interviews and courses.”  The blog gives readers actionable tips on how to implement the techniques taught. Some of the best sources of this blog are interviews with top businesspersons and entrepreneurs. Writers who specialize in startup development or growth stages will love this blog. Want to further your knowledge on business or finance topics? The courses section of this blog should shed some light. The main topics that have performed well in Mixergy are startup marketing and product development.

7. Best Blog for Female Founders: Women on Business

We live in the era of equal opportunity, and if you specialize in women's enterprise, Women on Business is a key resource for you. This blog seeks to nurture women-led businesses. Subscribers learn how to create feasible business plans and how to set up accounting, hiring, insurance and other human resource departments. The main topics covered here are female empowerment, startups, entrepreneurship and marketing. Women on Business was established in 2007 and has become one of the leading blog platforms for female business owners globally.

8. Best Blog for Startup & Entrepreneurship Tips and Tricks: Cloudways Blog

Do you love to provide your business owner readers hacks or write about startups? Do you look forward to having a tip or two for your readers? The Cloudways blog offers just the content you are looking for. It is resourceful when it comes to e-commerce, marketing and startup development. The blog has detailed and in-depth posts. It has something for everyone, be it a budding business or an entrepreneur who wants to expand. Still wondering if there is more? Cloudways offers inspirational startup stories that will motivate you and your readers

10. Best for Diverse Small Business Information: All Business

What do you call a collection of entrepreneurship and business blogs? All Business. This business and finance blog touches on product development, startup marketing, investments, and general business topics. The main reason why All Business stands out from the rest is because of its diversity. It covers widely varied business areas. An insightful publication that gives you a taste of everything at a glance, All Business is a must-subscribe for the financial writer. As a blogger, reading All Business will give you more to indulge your audience.

Keep Your Pencil Sharp with the Best Blogs for Business and Financial Writers

As a writer, you need to keep up with industry trends. You may wonder why we did not mention some of the more conventional sites such as Forbes or Entrepreneur or even Benzinga, but we aim to keep you up to the minute with the freshest trends, and these blogs are disrupters in their own right. A fresh, innovative outlook such as that provided by Gary Vaynerchuk or Seth Godin brings a refreshing take to tried-and-true knowledge. As a writer, seek greener economic pastures. The information is out there, but you want to continually ask, who delivers it best?

These business blogs focus on content and on the kind of results that drive business success.  Articles from these blogs highlight mistakes and missteps to prevent you from repeating them. Innovation and new thinking are encouraged. Business and finance blogs focus on a little bit of everything for stakeholders.Looking for more great blogs, podcasts and other resources? Check out Benzinga: Ranked to find more best-of-the-best content.